Chinchilla’s paws are red and swollen

       Can it be a little frostbite that caught a cold? It’s possible. If it’s still like this in a few days, you should take it to a doctor to make sure what the problem is. Its claws are so small that it’s hard to swell up. It must be inconvenient to move. The weather is cold. Pay more attention to keep Kitty warm.

       I hope your little Tomcat will get better soon. Hehe¬°¬§

       First, nails are too long. Because the living space box, there is no place to grind claws.

       In addition, in the new running wheel, keep d running and running. Long nails cause joints to fill with water

       Second, is it possible that the sudden swelling of the hand is due to a fall.

       Chinchilla is very skinny. It often falls from high places and makes a lot of noise.

       Apply ointment

       Third, give her vitamin granules for small animals. Excessive edema

       Cut her nails,

       Maybe it’s long claws. He exercises too much and is a little inflamed

       But it’s OK. It’ll be fine in two days

       You said he had diarrhea…

       Don’t feed him fruit with water or other snacks

       If you want to feed it, it has to be fruit

       In addition, it is easy to get sick in summer. It is recommended to feed only

       Water should be changed every day

       It can only be cooked water~~

       It’s better to have pictures. How old is the cat? How does the face swell see, can be hit where? There are three possibilities: one is combing hair, one is scratching, and the other is skin disease. The most common dermatosis of chinchilla is fungi and dust mites. The fungal hairs will be removed, and the skin can be seen with scurf. My chinchilla can also bark at night, there is a more normal coo coo coo, there are also loud calls. It’s not a big deal. I don’t know what is the specific situation of your home, you can observe and have a look, if depilation, it is a fungus.

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