Chinese country cat in foreign countries

       Forty thousand years ago, it was a time when mammals flourished on earth. There was an animal called saber toothed tiger. It can be said that it is the earliest ancestor of the cat. It was extinct 20000 years ago. Now we can only see its fossils in the biological and Geological Museum and imagine its frightening appearance.

       It is also said that the common ancestor of cats and dogs is an animal that was extinct long ago – Ancient cats and beasts, and it is likely that the ancestors of many animals, such as bears, weasels, raccoons, foxes, and little American wolves, are also such animals. According to the results of archaeological discoveries and the analysis and study of paleontology, this animal lives in trees and has a similar appearance to cats and dogs. It has a large body, a long tail and short legs. It can stretch its claws freely like a cat.

       Domestic cats are evolved from wild cats. The ancestors of Asian domestic cats are Indian desert cats, and the ancestors of European domestic cats are African Bobcats. Some paleontologists have found a large number of wild cat bones in the ancient strata of southern Europe and North Africa, so it can be inferred that the cat was a well-known wild animal in the Pliocene glacial period.

       Nowadays, there are a lot of cat owners. Not only are many purebred cats popular, but also our native cats are loved by many people. China’s native cat has a general name called Chinese country cat, so do you know which varieties it has? The following small editor of the Borch network will take you to learn about it.

       1. Cihuamao

       A variety of Chinese civet cat that has been naturally eliminated. People are most familiar with the story of “cat cat for Prince” (Song Dynasty), but the introduction of civet flower in China is far before that. 2003cfa China Great Wall Cat Club applied to the world to show the cat as a unique cat species in China. After seven years of hard work, it was approved at the CFA Houston board meeting on February 8, 2010, and cihuamao officially entered the CFA. The international name of cihuamao still uses the Chinese name and pronunciation of “Chinese Li Hua Mao”. Since then, China has its own native purebred cats.

       2. Tabby cat

       It is native to the United States. Copper brown background, with pure black stripes, and there is a circle of shallow copper ring surrounded. The neck is slightly short and muscular. The hair type is short and thick, and the texture is stiff. Independent, lively and alert. It has strong ability to catch rats and is loved by the people. With the classic tiger pattern and different shades of red tortoise shell, both must be clearly visible. The palmrest is red or black. The characteristic of the species is hawksbill tiger spotted cat or “hawksbill tiger spotted cat” probably only has female tiger spotted cat. After thousands of years of natural elimination and the formation of the natural tiger spotted cat species.

       Tabby cat

       3. Sanhuamao

       Generally speaking, the so-called three flower cat is black, red (Orange), white three colors of the cat, also known as three. By the way, foreigners like to define the orange hair we see as red, so they have the name RED TABBY or red Persian.


       4. Cow and cat

       The so-called cow cat is usually referred to as black and white flowers. It’s called because it looks like a cow. Cow cat is a common domestic cat (Chinese pastoral cat species), all belong to hybrid blood. Many breeds of cats can produce black and white flowers after crossbreeding due to the color of their fur. Therefore, many dairy cats now have some noble blood. Because it is a hybrid, cow cat’s price is generally not high, but it is still popular with people.

       Cow cat

       There are some dog lovers and cat lovers who ignore the health of others for their own hobby.

       These people are called Dog slaves, cat slaves.

       In order to deceive others to keep cats and dogs, dog slaves and cat slaves will deliberately use pseudoscience to maliciously conceal the harm of keeping cats and dogs.

       Dog owners and cat owners not only endanger their own health, but also harm the future generations of mankind.

       The hypocritical and shameless dog lovers and cat lovers are inhumane and full of animal nature!

       The Chinese country cat is called cihuamao when it goes abroad.

       China’s cat breeding started late, so the status of Chinese local cats in the world is very embarrassing. Our common small native cats are very different from those common in other countries. They can be called one breed, but they are called Chinese country cats because of the name’s abolition.

       China’s rural cats include: Sanhua, white cat, black cat, black and white flower, and yellow beaver. These cats also have different looks and great differences.

       At present, there has not been a single breed of Chinese country cat, but I believe that with the Chinese people’s attention to cat breeding, China’s rural cat will be gradually subdivided.

       Chinese civet cat; China civet cat is the only native Chinese natural breed recognized by the world at present. At this time, CFA China Great Wall Cat Club achieved its success after six years of unremitting efforts. Cihuamao is a breed that has survived thousands of years of survival of the fittest. They are similar in appearance, but more powerful. This kind of cat’s independence, self-confidence are relatively strong, but very loyal to the owner, high dependence.

       Cihuamao, a Chinese standard breed, has now been certified by CFA. The ancient hybrid of Linqing lion cat and now all the long haired cats in mandajie have this blood line. Mandarin duck eye is a feature of this breed. There is also the legendary Jianzhou cat, which is now a common cat on the streets. Generally speaking, this kind of ordinary cat is called ordinary domestic cat at home and abroad…. There are other ways to distinguish them according to the color of their fur, such as three flowers, dark clouds and snow, swallowtail cats, and so on. As for the stray cats on the street, they are basically of various breeds. I have also seen a cat with short and long hair. The local cat pedigree is not short. This kind of fur color is basically a string of species

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