Chocolate Siamese cat price

       Siamese cat is a world-famous short haired cat, and also a representative breed of short hair cat. The Siamese cat’s earliest body shape is relatively short and fat, after a long time of evolution, has become the standard Oriental slim type. The pure Siamese cat has fine bones, soft muscles, no fleshy body, short and glossy hair, which can be called the “slimmest” cat species in the world. Siamese cat has long body, moderate size, compact skin, no fat attached under the skin, and elegant gait. Its cheek is very thin, its eyes are clear, and it has two colors: blue and light green. As long as it stands naturally, its tail is always high, which is the most significant genetic characteristic of Siamese cats. It has a very jealous cat’s voice.

       Siamese cats are distinguished by their light colored fur, and the colors are mainly applied to the face, ears, limbs and tail, which are very eye-catching. The ideal Siamese cat is of medium build, streamlined body, long limbs and long tail. There’s no excess fat on your body. Siamese cats are sensitive to cold and like to live a comfortable life. Hair care requires combing once or twice a week. Take a bath a few days in advance when attending a cat show.

       Siamese cat, also known as Thai cat, is a world-famous short haired cat. Its character is strong, active, witty, understanding, and likes to be with people. It is a good breed of pet cat. Many people also want to raise it. How much is a Siamese cat? How to raise it?

       1¡¢ How much is a Siamese cat?

       2¡¢ How to keep Siamese cats?

       The hair of Siamese cat is short and small. The breeder needs to comb the cat’s hair every day. It can be done by combing the cat’s hair with a professional pet or gently stroking it with the hand. Helping the cat comb the hair every day can not only tidy the cat’s hair, but also effectively enhance the feeling between the cat and the cat, so that the cat can trust, trust and obey him more. Siamese cats love to be clean and lick Their hair is easy to swallow too much hair. Once the hair accumulates to a certain amount, it is likely to cause the cat to spit out yellow water and hair balls, which will harm the intestinal health. Therefore, Siamese cats should feed some pet probiotics after vomiting or vomit the hair balls. This is a kind of pet probiotics specially used to regulate the intestinal health of cats.


       Which is the key color of Siamese cat

       Which is the key color of Siamese cat

       Siam cat profile:

       Breed name: Siamese

       Country of origin: Thailand

       Body type: medium sized cat

       Hair length: short

       Which is the key color of Siamese cat

       There are four kinds of CFA standard coat colors recognized by CFA of the United States, which are seal key color, blue key color, chocolate key color and lavender key color. So these four colors are more expensive than other colors, and the rest depends on the body shape.

       What do Siamese cats think about purity

       Therefore, uniform color can be seen at the bottom of the filaments.

       Selection of Siamese cats

       What kind of cat food do Siamese cats eat

       It is better to buy cat food for Siamese cats in pet hospitals to ensure product quality or supermarket acceptance. Do not buy cat food in vegetable markets. Cat food there is cheap, but the raw materials are plants. Siamese cats will suffer from heart disease or more serious diseases after eating for a long time. Cats are carnivores. The raw materials must be meat and necessary nutrients.

       Classification of Siamese cats

       Like the red key color, they are new varieties of fine color, also known as “cheese color key color” in foreign countries.

       This kind of cat had deep striation in its early stage, but now it has been basically eliminated. It is closely related to Siamese cat with red key color. Seal hawksbill color key color Siam cat’s call is louder than the general Siamese cat, is born loud voice.

       Hawksbill pattern is derived from hawksbill short haired cat. After screening, it retains the body characteristics of Siamese cat. Like other hawksbill turtles, there are almost only female cats.

       Price of Siamese cat in different regions:

       Price of ordinary adult Siamese cat in Bangkok

       Price of pure breed Siamese cat in Bangkok

       If it’s a match, it’s tens of thousands

       Because Siamese cats are very common in Beijing, and many stray cats on the street are Siamese cats.

       Shenzhen Siamese cat prices are not high

       Price of Siamese cat with different key colors:

       How to check the kitten

       Feel the texture of the kitten’s fur, whether it is smooth and tangled, and look for fleas or other pests.

       The kitten’s ears should be clean and dry. Make sure the ears are not full of wax.

       The third eyelid should not protrude; the eyes should be clean and bright; the nose should be moist.

       Healthy kittens have pink mouth, white teeth, and no gingival inflammation.

       Lift the cat’s tail for signs of diarrhea. ***It should be clean and free of faeces.

       Touch the bottom of the cat’s belly with one hand. Abdomen should be slightly round, not hard. Find out if there is a lump (hernia phenomenon) and then let go of the cat to see if it is lame.