Civet cat and blue cat – what does civet cat include

       This problem is too big, and there is no additional points. Let me tell you something about purebred cats. I can’t say it’s all. Because there must be species unknown to human beings! Ha ha!

       Chinese civet cat, Persian, Himalaya, chingira, British short hair, American short hair (Weihe’s model cat), exotic short hair (Garfield), Oriental short hair, North American short hair, Siamese cat, Canadian hairless cat, sugolian fold ear, highland fold ear, Bengal leopard cat, Russian Blue Cat, Egyptian cat, Maine cat, Berman cat, Norwegian Forest cat, charter cat, kratt cat, ha Vanna cat, puppet cat, fanxijuan ear, Angora cat, Singapore cat. First of all, love cats!

       I’ve seen owners who are very beautiful with their meat and meat. I have also seen the breed of cats with skin diseases, skinny, and even abandoned owners. Therefore, the final state of life of a domestic animal depends entirely on what kind of owner it meets. And raising a good cat really costs a lot, as many friends said, the late cost is far more expensive than buying a cat. Breeding breed cats or country cats is sometimes just a random behavior, and there is no contradiction between them. Moreover, many friends who have several cats in their families usually have both breed cats and rural cats, and the pictures are very harmonious and loving.

       I have raised both kinds of cats. In fact, I think there is no difference between the so-called breed cat and the native cat. The high price of breed cat is due to the high breeding cost or hot speculation. The civet cat in our country is also a breed cat abroad. But many aspects, such as personality, will have some differences, which vary from cat to cat and from person to person. Now the small garden is a white cat I adopted. My experience is that my health is really much better than the puppet I raised before. What to eat, the stomach is not so crispy, also not easy to get sick.

       I think the biggest difference between breed cats and country cats is the difference between human genetic selection and natural genetic selection. Each breed of cat is bred after a long period of gene selection. Among them, the choice of characteristics, of course, depends entirely on human preferences. For example, British short, American short, and different short, the recognized standards of “good looks” include round face and thick foot pads, which are not entirely genetically developed by themselves, but are related to human perception that short haired cats will sprout more. In addition to appearance, human beings also select their personalities. Of course, the first requirement is to be more suitable for family support.

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