Conservation knowledge of Himalayan cats

       It’s not too difficult to groom the hair of a Himalayan cat, as long as it’s done smoothly. Generally speaking, the carding of long hair cat and short hair cat is different. When carding, it is better to put Himalayan cat outdoors or on a plastic mat, so that some fleas and dander can be left outside, so as to reduce the hotbed of bacteria and parasites in the home, and reduce the trouble for their own health.

       Like other long haired cats, Himalayan cats have to be groomed. Himalayas should be groomed daily, and many cat houses don’t bathe them once a week. If you are going to take part in the cat show, you have to implement a more rigorous grooming program for Himalayan cats. Most of the time, because Himalayan cats have been groomed and bathed as kittens, they don’t complain too much about the scheme. Breeders of key color Persians are sometimes accused of breeding extreme cat species with short nose and protruding eyes. Responsible breeders pay close attention to the overall beauty, not just how short the nose is. It is entirely possible to breed beautiful Persia with short noses and no tears. Himalayan cats have no respiratory problems. They are usually healthy and energetic cats.

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