Crossbreeding of cat with folded ear and tabby cat – Chinese cat with cat with folded ear!!

       First of all, cihuamao is a native cat in China, which is not worth money

       In addition, they are genetically defective. Although we look like they are very cute, they suffer a lot in the later stage. A friend of mine bought the folded ear, which is more than 3 years old, has a single testis, and the skeleton is atrophied. It is very painful

       If you want to breed Mimi, I really hope you’ll think about it. Cihuamao is not worth money, and bimi has genetic defects

       If you like, adoption can replace * * and if you like famous cats, you are advised to buy them in regular cat houses

       Cihuahua cats are usually brown or black in color, but they are short and have silver color, that is, Silver Tiger spots,

       And the common Silver Tiger spot is short.

       The pattern of cihuamao cat is generally strip-shaped, that is, fish bone pattern, while the short and beautiful cat has not only fish bone pattern, but also circular line pattern (i.e. butterfly pattern or standard spot).

       Cihuamao adult is a round face, short face is a wedge-shaped face.

       The stripes on her forehead are in the shape of M

       Silver Tiger spot fold ear cat more money

       I’ve got more than 2000 here. Look at your local prices

       =-=Yes, yes. Five children in a litter. What do you want to do? Don’t tell me that you can afford 7-8 cats? If you want to eat good cat food, you have to be royal? 7-8 eat only royal royal bag, also 390 a bag

       Will your spouse accept it in the future?

       If you don’t accept these strings of children, how to send people?

       What does the other party do? Will it be raised or abandoned?

       If these seven are not sterilized, you will have to have several more nests in the future

       The kitten goes out not to be sterilized, if the owner does not have common sense, conscience string the child again how to do

       There are a lot of stray cats. Why don’t you like to have a family cat? It’s because you don’t want to increase the number of stray cats. You like your children’s children

       But there are so many cats in a litter that you have to think about where the kittens are going

       If you want to have a child with a broken ear, I suggest that you still find a child who has been bred by a female parent or an English short one. If you leave a child for other paid adoptions, you will also have a good death

       If the Chinese people have a bad attitude towards the buns or the native cats, no one will be cheated when you are sold as pure breed. If you are cheated, you will not find it back, and you will talk about you everywhere

       Think about it. Your children are responsible for them

       People of insight support large-scale clearance of cats, and there are similar programs in many countries:

       (1) Australia plans to eliminate 2 million outdoor cats by 2020 with robots, lasers and £ .

       (2) In order to save their beloved birds, the people of New Zealand killed opossum, stoats and weasels on a large scale.

       (3) American people also hunt and kill all kinds of wild animals, such as the North American gray wolf, which kills livestock and pets; and the national animal, bison, because they can transmit bacteria to cattle, they are attacked. American pioneers killed 1.4 million cats in a year.

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