Cute cat breeds Daquan – what are the breeds of cats?

       I feel that cats and cats are fluffy and cute… But I can recommend some of my favorite breeds to the landlord. Ha ha, the British short haired cat has a fat face and a cute, blue gray short hair. Jinji cat, from its young age, is very furry, very adorable, and has a very God’s eye, known as a cat with eye liner. Himalayan cat, the combination of fat Persia and thin Siam, hairy super cute, is my very cute cat. Scottish Fold ear cat, round head, small ears, fat also super cute. In fact, when it comes to the most lovely, everyone’s feelings are different

       Cat is a lot of varieties of Oh, in Baidu search: cat varieties Daquan, you can.

       Solid colors: such as white (easy to dirty), black (not easy to dirty, but I don’t feel like white is cute), yellow, etc

       ¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­ The face is flat and lovely. To be very docile, very good, very lazy kind, Persian cat is the most suitable

       Too much, I go to Baidu search, can search a lot of Oh!

       Kittens are pretty cute.

       It depends on what type you like, such as fat and lazy Garfield, British short, blue cat and so on. These are all big fat owners that can be raised.

       Those who like baifumei can choose puppet cat, which is completely in line with baifumei. They should have appearance and value.

       Those who like to be domineering can choose leopard cat and diaoyongtian predator.

       Those who like to interact more with people can choose Siamese cats, carry things around, walk cats out, and everything is possible.

       “What are the breeds of cats?” In view of this problem, the small editor has sorted out a selection of questions and answers for your reference~

       As for the wonderful answer of netizens with ID of “jiaoti Zhencheng”, everyone praised and supported him

       At present, the more common cat species on the market are as follows: Chinese civet cat, Persian cat, lemaya cat, jinjila cat, British short hair cat, American short hair cat, exotic short hair cat, North American short hair cat, Siamese cat, Canadian hairless cat, sugolian fold ear, highland fold ear, Bengal leopard cat, Russian Blue Cat, Egyptian cat, Maine cat, Berman cat, Norwegian Forest cat, Saudi Arabia Cat, cat, cat, cat, cat, cat, cat, cat, cat cat cat. The Persian cat is also known as the long haired Thai cat. Eyes of moderate size, almond eyes, sapphire color. The reason why they are called Balinese cats in history is that when they walk and stop, they are like Balinese actors shaking their beautiful fur, hence the name, which has nothing to do with Bali.

       As for the wonderful answer of netizens with ID of “shujinshajia”, everyone praised and supported him

       Persian cat, Siamese cat, folding ear cat, Russian Blue Cat, etc. These are very noble and beautiful cats, with lovely and unique appearance. For example, the most special feature of folding ear cat is that it has a pair of folded ears. In addition to these cats, some cats are also very cute and charming. For example: Himalayan, British, American, exotic, Norwegian, Maine, Devon, Islander tailless, * * bobcat, Singapore cat, puppet cat, Somali cat, perm roll cat, Colat, Bombay cat, siberian cat, Turkey Angola, Havana brown cat, American shorttail, scoo, ginger Pull cat, American hard haired cat, Egyptian cat, Berman cat, East Chini cat, Turkish Van Cat, KONIS curly cat, Oriental short hair cat, key color short hair cat, Burmese cat, ragged cat, Shandong lion cat, charter cat, Abyssinia cat, Canadian hairless cat, Bali cat, OSI cat, American curly eared cat, etc.

       Let’s take a look at what the netizens with the internet name “Nanbu quanmei” say:

       Compared with Siamese cats, Balinese cats are not too grumpy and their calls are softer. The key color must be a uniform single color, that is, dark seal chocolate that matches the color of the nose and toe pads. The back is light yellow brown, with warm milk color on both sides of the body, and lighter color under the body. Although the darker the cat and the key color are more popular, the longer the body hair, it can isolate the cold and hot temperature that affects the color depth. Therefore, the color of the key color will never be darker than that of the seal key color Siamese cat. The milky white of the body contrasts with the deep-sea leopard brown on the key color. The eyes, like all the key colored long haired cats, should be deep blue. Very energetic, but pay attention to the selection of kittens, because the kittens look very cute, especially the key color, but pay attention to the adult cat’s face will become very black, not as small as only a little dark.

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