Darkening – what causes a kitten’s fur to turn black after being born into a short silver laminate

       1. The lanugo does not fade

       Generally, the hair of 2-3 graded cats will be some black. These black hairs are their fetal hair, which will gradually turn yellow as they grow. This is a sign that cats are about to lose their fetal hair. Because their fetal hair is about to fade, so the hair will become black after absorbing no nutrition.

       2. Hair damage

       If the cat’s hair feels very dry, it means that the cat’s hair is not healthy and may be damaged, mainly due to the owner’s long-term use of human bath products for bathing. Cats and human skin is not the same, owners do not think that their own bath gel is very good to use for the cat, that will not only wash the cat’s grease protective layer, loss of skin and hair, but also easy to make the cat infected with skin diseases or parasites.

       3. Malnutrition

       Malnutrition of the silver layer will also blacken the hair, it is obvious that the nutrition of hair can not be satisfied. The nutrition of cat’s hair is mainly protein and vitamin, mainly because the cat only eats single cat food for a long time, and it is also inferior cat food. In this regard, the owner should not be too casual when choosing food for the cat, and should not be greedy for small and cheap. For the sake of cat’s health, it should choose a cat with balanced nutrition.

       Extended data

       British short haired cat, plump body, thick short developed limbs, short and dense hair, big head, round face, gentle and calm, friendly to people, easy to raise. Large, round eyes vary in color depending on the coat. As an ancient cat breed, its history can be traced back to the ancient Roman domestic cat. Because of its long breeding history, it can be regarded as a model in the cat family. In addition to the fixed and representative genetic characteristics, British short haired cats also have rich variability, such as back coat color, eye color and so on. More importantly, with a wide history of mating, the cat has a healthier body and a more tame personality.

       Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia – British short haired cat

       Cat genes can carry many kinds of coat color genes, and choose two kinds to perform. But before a month old, the cat’s fur color will be relatively dark, and then slowly fade into a normal color. If the color is still very dark after fading, it is that parents carry a dark gene. The color gene can be traced back several generations, not just by parents or grandparents

       If the cat is less than 6 months of age, some of the hair yellow is normal, these should only be their body’s not faded fetal hair, generally in adulthood almost No. See if the hair root of your cat is white. If it is white, it may just be dirty.

       If the cat’s hair is yellow, the hair is dry and rough, which may be caused by the lack of nutrition. You need to give your cat more protein foods, such as fish, chicken breast, beef, and so on. You also need to give your cat some. Meow. Think. Lecithin to supplement hair nutrition. During the period can also give the cat more sun, often comb hair, can make the skin secrete oil, can make the hair look more beautiful and smooth.

       After that, I’ll go back slowly. My cat has also got ringworm. I gave it Ming ruining, and the effect is good. The doctor said that if it doesn’t use it, it will be injected with some fungus. Good, fast.

       It’s normal to say that there are fungi on the cat, and it’s normal for me to add vitamins to it. I was also passed on feline tinea originally, did not cure oneself good!!! Pay more attention to hygiene, touch it must wash hands, it sleep in the sun, with disinfectant..

       Well.. That’s all I know. Thank you for your invitation.