Defecation frequency of american shorthair cats – how to feed American kittens?

       American short haired cats are clean animals, but the habit of fixing the place of defecation is to be developed frequently. ***When the cat nest next to the toilet, which put 3-4 cm thick sand, the top layer put a little with kitten urine or excrement smell of sand. When the cat is anxious and moves around in circles, lead the cat to the bedpan and let it smell the sand in the basin first. In this way, it will defecate in the bedpan and form a habit after several times. If the cat will row in other places, we should avoid reprimand and corporal punishment. Instead, press the cat’s head gently to the feces, show it and say “pull here”. If you repeat it several times, you can get rid of the bad habit of defecating everywhere.

       In the city, the best way to keep a cat is on the toilet. ***Before, put a plastic board or wood board under the toilet seat, and spread appropriate amount of sand, ash, sawdust and other bedding materials on the board. When you find the cat around, anxious, take it to the toilet, and soon it will defecate. When the cat gets into the habit of defecating on the plastic board, gradually reduce the amount of padding, and the cat will gradually develop the habit of standing on the toilet seat to urinate. At this time, the plastic board or board can be taken away. ***In, people had better not use the toilet, put the cushion should be often replaced, generally once a day.

       USA Shorthair

       American short hair cat, English Name: American Shorthair, origin: the United States, is now one of the most domestic breeds. Every owner wants to be the best in raising American short haired cats. In fact, as long as you pay attention to a few points, it is not difficult to raise American short haired cats.

       1. First of all, in terms of food, we must prepare professional and delicious cat food for our American hairy cat. In addition to professional cat food, we also need to prepare fresh vegetables for them. Young and old American short haired cats need special care from their owners. When raising such cats, it is better for owners to add proper amount of vitamins, crazy quality and other nutrients to their food. Because these two kinds of cats have more nutrient requirements, the purpose of adding these things is to meet the nutritional needs of American short haired cats.

       2. Second, although American short haired cats have short hair, like other long haired animals, they also need to be carefully combed by their owners. As the owners of American short haired cats, it is better to comb their hair regularly every day. The time can be 10 minutes or 15 minutes. Combing the hair can not only keep the hair clean and make it more bright and healthy, but also promote the blood circulation of American short hair cats and reduce the risk of skin disease infection. It can also promote the relationship between the owner and the American short haired cat.

       In short, the owners need to master a lot of things to master, as long as the owners can master the precautions of raising American short haired cats, a cute and strong American short haired cat will appear in front of you.

       USA Shorthair

       As one of the top ten most popular cats, American short haired cats are very easy to raise, rarely sick and very dull and cute, but nutrition for American short haired cats is still essential. So what should American short haired cats eat? Let’s make it up.

       Feeding mistakes of American kittens

       Cats like fish best

       Nutrition experts point out that fish can provide cats with good protein and other nutrients, but excessive fish is harmful to the health of cats. For example, tuna (also known as tuna), itself contains a lot of polyunsaturated fatty acids, and also requires a considerable amount of vitamin E to prevent fatty rancidity.

       If cats eat a diet containing excessive tuna for a long time, it may cause yellow adiposis. The cause of the disease is that the content of vitamin E in the food is insufficient, and a yellow substance is deposited in the body fat. The disease will produce a painful inflammatory reaction.

       The key to prevent the disease is to give the cat a complete and balanced diet and avoid overfeeding tuna.

       Cats need milk

       Nutritionists tell us that cats can get the water they need from milk and some of the calories from carbohydrates; but cats can’t live on milk alone.

       In addition, many adult cats are lactose intolerant. They have no lactose enzyme, so they can’t digest lactose in milk, so they can have soft stool or diarrhea after drinking milk for a few hours.

       If dysentery occurs, the gut will not be able to absorb enough water and nutrients. So the cat can drink a moderate or small amount of milk, but kittens are definitely not dependent on milk to grow and develop.

       Cats can be vegetarian only

       Many vegetarians believe that their cats can live on vegetarianism just like they do.

       Although cats occasionally bite the plants at home, that doesn’t mean they like plants as their only food.

       Nutritionists say that if cats only eat cereals or plants, they can’t get all the nutrients they need to maintain their health; therefore, vegetarianism alone can’t make healthy and active cats.

       The main reason is that the cat itself can’t afford taurine and eicosapentaenoic acid, which can only be consumed by animal meat and fat, so cats can’t live on a vegetarian diet.

       Cats can only eat one kind of cat food

       Some of the dry cat food on the market will be produced according to the different needs of cats and cats, such as: hair ball formula, gastrointestinal sensitive formula, skin sensitive formula, tooth and meat health formula, anti urinary stone formula, long hair Persian cat (detailed introduction) formula, etc. different formulas can be purchased according to the different needs of American short haired cats.

       Conservation of American short haired cats

       American short haired cats have short nasal passages, which shed tears over a long period of time, and tend to shed tears around their eyes. Especially for the light colored cat, the tear marks on the face are really ugly. In fact, as long as you pay attention to cleaning every day, you can easily get rid of it. The simple way is to wipe your eyes with a hot towel every day. Or use some starch and boric acid powder for half mixing and then pat it on the tear mark. The powder can absorb the stain and play a bleaching role.

       Another way is to take a teaspoon of boric acid powder dissolved in a cup of boiling water, mix well. Buy a small container and put the makeup remover in it. Pour the solution on the makeup remover, then slowly pour out the excess solution and cover the box. Then take a piece of these cotton pads every day to bleach, remove tears, and prevent the accumulation of tear marks. Remember to change the makeup removal cotton once a week to prevent infection caused by bacteria breeding for a long time.

       For the stubborn stains on the cat’s face, you can use the powder of starch and boric acid powder to remove the stubborn stains: mix the paste with water first, and then apply the paste carefully on the stain to dry naturally. After drying, brush it off and then wipe it clean. Be careful not to let the powder fall into the eyes.

       These powder particles may cause eye ulcers if they fall into the eyes. Boric acid powder is not hard to find. It can be found in most drugstores.

       Both cats and dogs will have tear marks. Not only do maintenance for American short haired cats, but also pay attention to the diet. Do not give cats food to eat, especially chili and salt. These are the main culprits that cause the tears on cats. Therefore, owners must keep in mind that for the sake of the little children in the family.

       Short hair cat can’t be dozens of dollars, don’t be fooled. Oh, there is a film on the eyes of the newborn cat, which is blue. If other people say this is Persian cat, you can’t listen to his nonsense

       I bought a native cat for 30 yuan seven years ago. It’s very nice. I can go to the toilet in a fixed place

       Now I have a native cat, also very cute, is too small, more mischievous

       You can buy a native cat to raise it. It’s OK to eat leftovers. When I was a child, my cat chewed some steamed bread, mixed some rice or something, and didn’t eat any cat food. You can cook fish in white water, remove the big thorn and mix rice for it. You can also buy chicken liver cooked rice for it. Never eat raw


       In addition, when the cat is bigger, it’s better to sterilize it. This can prevent the cat from running away when it is in estrus, and it can also avoid giving birth to more cats, which makes them become stray cats. It’s not me who is cruel. It’s suggested in the website of helping stray cats

       For an American short haired cat with beautiful fur, its care is very simple. As long as you set aside a little time every day, hold it in your arms and gently touch it with warm hands, it is the best care for it. Because this can help it transfer the oil needed by the coat, so that its coat is more glossy.

       American short haired cats accumulate a lot of hair balls in their stomachs, so feeding them regularly can help them clean their hair balls and help them care for their intestines and stomach.

       American short haired cats are very energetic, unlike other cats who are always lazy. So it’s better to have cat climbing frame and other cat furniture at home to let us short consume energy.

       Buy a closed Cat Toilet and litter. Cats don’t need training to go to the toilet. They are born different from dogs. It’s better to buy cat litter with no fragrance and less dust.

       American short purebred minimum 2000 yuan, impure recommendations do not raise, grow up will be very ugly.

       It’s not suitable for two male cats to be raised together, because adult cats have a strong sense of territory. They may be able to get along peacefully when they are young and attack each other when they grow up. Also easy to induce them to urinate everywhere, very troublesome. It is suggested that one of them should be castrated.

       Meishao is a kind of cat with strong skin. First of all, make a good vaccine. Pay attention to the hygiene of diet. The water should be changed every time. You’d better buy high-quality brand for cat food. Lingcai is good. Royal Taiyou. If conditions permit, add a meal of water to cook chicken breast every day without salt. Don’t give the cat what people eat. It’s not good for the cat. It’s very important to expel insects. We all sell them. Remember to create a dry, bright environment, so it is not easy to get skin disease, it is best to ask the cat to bask in the sun. As long as you eat scientific cats have good constitution, they will not have skin diseases.

       Buy a closed Cat Toilet and litter. Cats don’t need training to go to the toilet. They are born different from dogs. It’s better to buy cat litter with no fragrance and less dust.

       Finally, I wish you success in raising a cat.

       1. The price of American short products ranges from 10 million to tens of thousands. The price depends on the products. It’s not necessary to spend money on the impure American short. It’s better to raise a native cat. The price of American short ear folding ear is about 1000 yuan, which is not expensive.

       2. If it’s two male cats, it’s better to be familiar with them since childhood. Tabby cats are gentle and friendly to animals. However, they are only the characteristics of purebred cats. The sterilized cats will be more docile and obedient, but they will be inferior to others in the cat world.

       3. Cats won’t let you worry too much. You just need to feed and clean their stools every day, and occasionally play with them. Clean your ears once a week, wash your dirty body, and cut your nails when they are long.

       4. All cats have the habit of defecating in the litter. You just need to buy a litter basin and put it in the litter, and then hold the cat up to get familiar with it. Next time, it will know where to defecate.

       American short hair cat is famous for its big body, strong bones, muscular development, intelligent and gentle nature. It is a medium and large breed of short hair cat. It has a large round head, plump cheeks, straight nose, and roughly round ears. Its two ears are wide apart, and its eyes are large and round, with intense vitality. The distance between the two eyes is wide.

       The body hair is thick and dense, and there are more than 30 kinds of hair color, among which the Silver Stripe variety is the most valuable. This kind of cat is more homesick, very attached to the owner, like to play with children, good at catching mice, adaptability is very strong.

       American short haired cats have many desirable features. It is strong and flexible, easy-going and loyal to its master. It has a heavy motor nerve and intelligence, sometimes very naughty, and sometimes very regular. Its adaptability is very strong, can live in any family, can flexibly cater to the master’s mind, adjust their own habits to adapt to the master’s habits.

       Extended data:

       Personality traits

       American short haired cat is hard-working, strong and brave, and gentle in character. They are very patient, obedient and lovely. They never lose their temper and don’t like to shout. Therefore, they are very suitable for families with children.

       Its resistance is strong, the same, American short hair cat is also a very smart cat, for the master’s training is often very cooperative. A domestic American short haired cat loves to be caressed by its owner.

       I also cherish my toys very much, and I will invent many different ways to play so that my life is full of fun.

       Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia — American short haired cat

       Characteristics of American short haired cats: slender in proportion, slightly longer in length than in height (height refers to the height from the top of the shoulder blades to the ground when viewed from the side). Body length is from the top of the sternum to the top of the back of the buttocks). Viewed from the side, the body can be divided into three equal parts: from the sternum to the elbow, from the elbow to the front of the hind legs, and from the front of the hind legs to the top of the back of the hip. The length of the tail is equal to the length from the shoulder blade to the root of the tail.

       Habits of American short haired cats: American short haired cats inherit the strength, courage and hard work of their ancestors. They are mild in character and will not be changed by changes in environment or mood. Full of patience, amiable, will not lose his temper, do not like shouting, suitable for the family with children. American short haired cats have strong resistance.

       Extended data

       Cat sleep: about sleeping state, cats spend 14-15 hours in sleep in a day, and some cats sleep more than 20 hours, so cats are called “lazy cats”. However, to carefully observe the way cats sleep, it will be found that as long as there is a noise, the cat’s ears will move. If someone approaches, the cat will wake up.

       Originally, a cat is a hunting animal. In order to be sensitive to the outside world, it does not sleep very dead, so it should not be called “lazy”, because the cat only has 4-5 hours of real sleep, most of the time should be regarded as “false sleep” or called closed eyes. But since childhood and humans have been used to cats sleep more dead, sleep longer.

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – American short haired cat

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Cat

       Features: American short haired cats are inherited from their ancestors’ strong, brave and hard-working. Their personality is mild and will not be changed by the change of environment or mood. They are always full of tolerance, amiable, and will not lose their temper or like to shout. They are very suitable for families with children. Their own resistance is very strong, rarely sick, is the cat with the least medical costs. Habits: for a cat lover, American short haired cats are all powerful. They have all the qualities that a cat should have. Sometimes they are cute, sometimes naughty, sometimes quiet and independent, and sometimes flexible. These extremely intelligent little guys always know what you want to express and know exactly what to do. In addition, their super adaptability enables them to accept all kinds of environment calmly. Play with other cats and even dogs, and playing with children is their favorite.