Did the cat vomit red fluid?

       Indigestion, your cat for months, cats under three months should drink milk powder oh. If it has been three months, maybe cat food is not suitable for cats. What kind of cat food do you give him?

       Whether the cat is eating cat food for the first time or changing it suddenly is due to the cat’s normal stress reaction.

       You can give the cat to eat meow, want probiotics to regulate the intestinal tract to see if it can improve vomiting.

       Only vomiting, no diarrhea, no fever, gastroenteritis, mummy love, Changwei Bao can be. At this time, do not feed more, you can clear the stomach and intestines.

       Diarrhea, vomiting, no fever, may be parvovirus, need to go to the pet hospital for diagnosis, can also be confirmed with test paper, pet hospital closed, with Yunnan Baiyao and Mami love.

       Diarrhea, vomiting, fever, may be feline fever, need to be diagnosed in pet hospital.

       Red is blood, stool is black, blood will dye the stool black, gastrointestinal bleeding symptoms, you have not fed a very small bone, it may be broken by a small bone.

       It may also be gastric ulcer. There was no symptom of vomiting yellow water in the morning before. If there is, it is likely to be gastric ulcer. Because my dog had a stomach ulcer.

       I suggest you send to the hospital if you have the conditions to diagnose the cause. If it’s a gastric ulcer, you can buy it online and grind it into powder before meals. In the future, pay attention to less food and more meals. Don’t be too hungry. Soak the cat food and feed it again. Give less food and more food each time.

       No, it’s not small.

       Go to the hospital immediately!

       My cat also vomited like this two months ago, went to the hospital to do gastroscopy, is a large area of gastric ulcer

       I have taken stomach medicine for a month, but I haven’t committed it again

       Another: the cat’s tolerance is very strong, so when the cat has abnormal reaction, it is usually more serious. Online help, often can not accurately determine the cause of disease, so it is better to see a doctor in time

       Vomiting is just a symptom, not a name of disease, but vomiting is a common disease in cats. Sometimes cats vomit once or twice today, and they will be full of energy tomorrow. Sometimes they will vomit very little, but they will become more and more listless. So when you need to take your cat to the hospital, let’s try to solve your thorny problem.

       “*” behind vomiting “– blockage of hair ball

       As we all know, cats are very clean animals. There are many small barbs on the cat’s tongue, so when licking the hair, you can clean the dust and dirt on the body, and also can clean the hair that has fallen off, so as to avoid the formation of hair knots and reduce the possibility of skin diseases. After exposure to the sun, hair also produces vitamin D. licking hair can help cats absorb calcium. From the behavioral point of view, another advantage of licking hair is to relax. Cats keep licking their hair, which is a sign of tension. By licking their fur, they can understand the external environment and eliminate the smell they don’t like, which can relieve the pressure.

       So if your cat loses a lot of hair, if you don’t take care of his hair every day, or a new member of the family comes to the house, or you live away from home, the pressure is doubled, which leads to excessive licking in hair, forming indigestible hair clumps, which can’t enter or pass through the intestine and be discharged from the body, the cat will have normal physiological reaction. Vomiting is to vomit the hair ball out Some cats will go to the grass to find vomit grass to eat.

       Generally, the food that you spit out at this time is undigested cat food, or it is just retching. This kind of vomiting does not cause the cat’s appetite. It does not take long to eat after vomiting. It also has normal urine and urine, and there is no sleepiness or poor mental performance. It just vomites twice every three or five times.

       Then the most convenient choice to solve this problem is to buy a hair cream to feed him. Huamao ointment is a kind of ointment that can soften the hair, soften the gastrointestinal tract and taste better. If the cat doesn’t want to eat it, you can put it on the cat’s nose and let him lick it. Of course, it is suggested that the owner should go to the hospital to buy it for the first time, so that the clinical symptoms of your cat can be specified If it’s right, then you don’t have to go to the hospital, and then you can buy hair cream or hair ball cat food regularly for him to eat. However, the author has also encountered cases in which the owner thinks that the cat vomiting is a normal phenomenon, do not care, listen to it, and finally cause the hair ball to block the intestinal tract and have to have an operation.

       Foreign body behind vomiting

       The curiosity of young cats is very heavy. The coils of thread, plastic bags, feather products and sponge mats with the smell of their owners are all the targets for them to chase and play. It is the nature of cats to hunt. In the process of playing, they will bite the “prey”. The plastic bags, feathers and sponge blocks will be eaten by them. The thread with needle may be hooked by the tiny teeth of the kitten Or the barb on the tongue can’t spit out. Instead, they swallow more and more deeply because of the discomfort of the mouth. These small pieces of things and the cat’s fur that the cat licks in every day form lumps. If they are small, they can be discharged from the body by feeding hair removing cream or edible oil. If the symptoms do not relieve after feeding, you will have to take them to the hospital.

       In this case, your cat’s appetite will become worse, eat less or even do not eat, mental deterioration, do not want to play, do not want to run, this is a very abnormal behavior of young cats, vomit not only cat food, but also water, yellow mucus, in this case, please take your cat to the hospital, let the doctor check, palpation and gastroenterography X-ray examination, gastroendoscopy, The diagnosis rate of most of these diseases is very high. The next treatment plan should be made according to different cases. This kind of disease is most afraid of delaying the treatment time. Therefore, parents can not choose to observe at home because of the pain of the cat. If the foreign body has formed a blockage, the longer the blockage may be, the more serious the blockage will be.

       The best solution is for parents with kittens at home. Please pack up these fragmentary things, and don’t eat them. The author has encountered cats who swallow hairy crab rope, and cats who swallow needles with thread into their stomachs. Finally, they all have to open the knife to get things.

       If unfortunately they eat, quickly take Xiaomao to the hospital.

       1. It is possible that it is caused by eating the pork in the pot. It needs to be checked before you know it

       2. You don’t need to do anything. What you have to do now is to observe its mental state carefully

       3. Just eat cat food and water before recovery. Don’t feed anything else

       4 add that don’t change the brand of cat food in about two months. This is not a good thing for cats. Fix a good brand. It’s better to use natural food

       I fainted, vomited, brown and green, which is understandable,

       Red is better understood. It must be gastric mucosal bleeding

       Although I don’t know exactly what caused him to vomit, the gastric mucosa is bleeding

       Should restrain gastric acid, hemostasis, as to which antiphlogistic wait for a definite diagnosis to discuss again, how can you still take gastric motility medicine???

       Do you think blood is not enough, add a little gastric acid, and then wriggle and rub severely? It’s illogical

       It’s either acute gastritis or gastric ulcer, and the lightest is drug allergy,

       You press his stomach, see if it is painful, basically there is a problem, gastritis or ulcer to do endoscopy to know

       First of all, considering the recent medical treatment of pets, it may not be possible to control the parasites as soon as possible. You can buy some Yunnan Baiyao and dilute it with water, and then use a syringe to directly inject it into the pet’s mouth. Help stop bleeding. Pay close attention to the pet’s mental state, don’t misjudge the symptoms. As long as the mental state is not particularly depressed, it is not life-threatening. After the pet recovers some physical strength, carries on the vaccine injection, eats some anti parasite medicine to be possible. You can also buy some children’s antiemetic drugs, mashed and mixed with Yunnan Baiyao.

       When a cat eats red food such as foreign bodies or tomatoes and peppers, acute enteritis caused by food, stomach bleeding caused by virus, and gastrointestinal damage caused by parasites, the cat will vomit red liquid. If the cat’s spirit and appetite, stool are normal, you can use Changwei Bao to regulate the gastrointestinal tract for the cat, which is effective for vomiting and diarrhea. It can protect the intestines and stomach. Cat diarrhea is more serious, try to let it empty, or less feed some good digestion of food, so as not to increase the burden of the stomach! In addition, in the cat diarrhea recovery, it is best to do a stool test, check coccidiosis, if infected with coccidia, also can cause diarrhea, stool with blood. If it doesn’t get better, send the cat to the hospital as soon as possible.