Disadvantages of Royal cat food – what are the advantages and disadvantages of large or small size cat food?

       Feel the small particles of cat food, they do not chew directly on the swallow, long-term like this is not good for the stomach?

       The adult cat granules of weisipao are the same as the kittens

       Do you have any bigger cat food? When they’re finished, they can get a bigger one.

       My two cats are two years old, and the other is less than one year old. They are still two or three months old.

       At present, we have to accommodate the kittens. The kittens and the adult cats mix together. Kittens have more Kitten Food

       My cat is very picky, and the taste can’t be repeated. One kind of taste will change after a month. Therefore, my cat has eaten all the brand cat food. The comparison is as follows:

       1. Weijia: the taste is ordinary, but cats are easy to get urinary stones, and there are too many pigments; Weijia’s wonderful fresh bags are easy to make my cats have diarrhea, and eat them once and for all.

       2. Xiyue: too few taste varieties and too bright colors. It’s easy for cats to get bored. It’s OK to eat once in a while. If you eat it for a long time, the cat will carry it.

       3. Royal: our cats and cats now regularly eat Royal cat food: picky and sensitive system cat food, normal body cat food, smooth fur cat food and household cat food. The cat’s reaction is not only normal, but also symmetrical and energetic. However, large bags of cat food to eat the last, easy to taste loss, the cat can not bear.

       4. Imus: the taste variety is single. At the beginning, cats like it. After a long time, it will not work.

       Oviga: the taste is very bad. My cat doesn’t even smell it. Without a bite, it’s sent to the wild cat downstairs.

       6. Biridge: slightly better than oviga. My cat ate for two days. And send the kittens downstairs.

       The granules are too small for the cat to swallow directly, which is not good

       Because the process of cat food chewing is equivalent to cleaning teeth, just like brushing teeth, otherwise you will get oral disease

       It’s nothing to the body

       I don’t think the size of different brands of cat food is different. On the basis of safety, try to choose a bigger one

       Fumo granule is very small in cat food. It can’t be eaten for a long time. It’s necessary to change the big granule to train the cat’s teeth at intervals

       Advantages of large particles: prevent oral diseases

       Disadvantages: when a cat chews, a lot of crumbs will fall out. He doesn’t eat the scraps, which causes waste. Some cats don’t like to chew or their teeth are inflamed and can’t chew, it’s hard to swallow them directly

       Advantages of small particles: it is convenient for cats to eat and not waste. It is suitable for young cats, old cats and toothed cats

       Disadvantages: easy to get oral disease

       I think these are the main points

       In addition, some cats like to chew, some cats like to swallow, regardless of particle size

       Cat food is expensive because of the natural food and the taste of the cat, not necessarily for the health of the cat. If the cat gets oral disease, they can sell the dental calculus series

       The nutrition of cat food is relatively balanced. In addition, the food eaten by ordinary people is salty for cats. If cats eat it for a long time, it will cause kidney disease, which is incurable disease for cats. Second, people eat more soft food, which is easy to stick to the cat’s dental gums, resulting in gingivitis and halitosis, which is still an unsolved problem in the world.

       Low grade cat food: Weijia and joy. I don’t recommend these two kinds of food, because they contain inducers. Cats will not be interested in other food after eating it. In addition, these two kinds of cat food are also salty, which will increase the risk of kidney disease. If you can’t buy it locally, Weijia is the first choice of the two kinds. Adding too much pigment to Joy’s cat food is not safe at all.

       Cat food with high cost performance: Nestle’s miaotole and noble cat food, both of which are added with beneficial nutrients for cats and cats. The former is nutritionally balanced, and the latter is added with an oil from ostrich body. If eaten for a long time, it can brighten the fur. Many cat houses are also using this instead of Royal cat food.

       Medium grade cat food: EMUs, the advantages are basically a combination of medullo and nobility.

       High grade cat food: Royal cat food and lingcai. There are more than ten kinds of Royal cat food. His cat food is classified in detail. There are different kinds of cat food for different cat situations. It is professional in cat food, but it is also the most expensive one.

       It is much cheaper to buy cat food online, such as * * and paipaipai.

       Cats eat mice is good for health, but mice are carriers of Toxoplasma gondii. If you eat too much wild food, cats and cats are easy to have all kinds of parasites, which is not harmful to cats and cats, but it has an impact on people holding cats. For example, Toxoplasma gondii can cause fetal malformation, and I will not say the harm of rabies.

       The Royal cat food is good or not. I only know it after feeding my own cat. Now there are many sprayers on the Internet. They say this is not good and that is not good. In fact, none of them has ever raised a cat. Therefore, it is suggested that the cat owner buy less and try to see if your cat likes to eat it. This is relatively safe. I hope you can adopt it.

       Generally speaking, it’s OK. After all, it’s such a big brand. The price is not low. The domestic price is quite high. But I still tend to buy Champions League cat food. Why? Because of the same price, the European Champions League is imported from Belgium. In Europe, it is the same level as France’s original products. The cost performance ratio is so good that I secretly like it. If you don’t believe it, look at the list of raw materials and all kinds of nutritional guarantee values, and make a high judgment!

       Well….. I didn’t look for the ingredient list of this brand of kittens, and the online store didn’t show it. People’s Champions League is packaged in dozens of countries all over the world, with the same origin and one quality, so there are more than 20 languages on the package. But the company you are talking about is obviously made in China, and the one in China is specialized in selling Chinese market. Why is there a lot of foreign language on the package?

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