Do British short blue cats shave in summer? How about shaving cats in summer?

       You can shave, not too short

       Too short is not good

       Don’t shave the head

       In addition, cats will be unhappy and do not like eating after shaving. That is because cats feel that they are not beautiful after shaving. Do not think that animals have no love of beauty and no self-esteem! If this happens, you should touch it more, comfort it, and it will be OK. In fact, shaving small animals in summer, they are cool, there will be no harm, but be careful not to hurt them. ^

       A cat with long hair can be shaved

       Go to the beauty salon to make it shorter

       Less beautiful than yourself

       It doesn’t have to be like a dog. Yes, it’s all shaved

       But cats have a strong sense of self-esteem

       So can all cats be shaved like dogs

       It depends on the character and temperament of your cat

       But I don’t think the cat needs shaving

       And dogs can’t heat themselves

       So shaving is cooler

       Cats are not like this

       So don’t worry that much

       Cat fur doesn’t need to be cut in summer. The cat will try to cool itself.

       Cat sweat glands are underdeveloped, unlike human sweat glands, which can actively participate in the regulation of body temperature. They use the tongue to breathe and radiate heat from the skin. However, feline animals have more adequate estimation and planning of their actions, and have less activity in summer, so tongue sticking behavior is relatively rare.

       Secondly, the floor of the cat’s feet is also an important part of their body heat dissipation.

       In summer, we often find the soles of cat’s feet wet, that is, they are sweating. Cats often lick their fur in summer, not only to clean the body, but also to better heat dissipation. Many people shave their pets in summer, which has little effect and even disturbs their normal physiological rules.

       In order to avoid summer heat, pets must clean their feet and abdomen hair in summer to help heat dissipation. If pets are allowed to stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time, they will also suffer from air-conditioning diseases, such as sneezing, runny nose, listlessness, anorexia, etc. in severe cases, their body temperature will rise, and their breathing and heart rate will be accelerated. Therefore, more attention should be paid to reduce the use of air conditioning and timely replenish water.

       People who like to drive their pets out should also pay attention not to lock them in the car alone as far as possible, because the temperature in the car is very high in summer, so it is difficult to send out hot air, which can easily lead to pet heatstroke.

       1¡¢ Why not shave your cat?

       1. The cat’s psychology may not be able to bear, will appear the depression condition.

       In the process of raising cats, many excrement shoveling officials always impose their own wishes on them. They see that other people shave cats and make unique shapes for them. Then they are eager to try and move. Finally, they can’t help but take their own cats to make a shape.

       Do you think cats like this look? In fact, it’s not like this. The cat will even feel disgusted and not adapt to it.

       In particular, after shaving your cat, once it looks in the mirror and finds out what it looks like now, I think your cat will be depressed for a while.

       2. The weather is not suitable for shaving cats

       It’s very cold in winter in the north. If you shave your cat, you can’t keep the cat warm. Moreover, the cat itself is a small animal that is not afraid of the heat, but especially afraid of the cold.

       Originally a thick body of hair can shelter themselves from the cold, but you have shaved it. Do you think the cat won’t be angry?

       What’s more, people can’t stand standing in the sun these days. They should wear sun proof clothes to prevent sunburn, especially for cats.

       The cat will be sunburnt on the balcony.

       So, for the sake of cat’s health, don’t really try to shave your cat~

       3. If you have several cats in your family, it is not recommended to shave all cats

       In the process of getting along with each other, the boat of friendship will turn over when they say it; can you really bear the fight between cats?

       I think one of the most frightening things for most of the excrement shoveling officials is that a few cats fight with each other. Once they fight, the cat’s fur in the house is really flying all over the sky.

       At this time, you just shaved the cat’s hair. It’s very likely that the fight between cats will cause wounds to each other~

       In other words, if you dislike the cat’s hair loss is serious, comb your cat once a day or once every two days.

       It’s not hard, isn’t it tired? In fact, cats like to be groomed by excrement shoveling officers. This will help you to enhance your relationship with cats and ease their hair loss. Why not?

       2¡¢ When can the excrement removal officer shave the cat properly?

       1. If your cat has a serious skin disease, it is necessary to shave your cat at this time

       The most common skin disease of cats is actually tinea felis. If your cat is not careful about it, you can cut off this part of the hair, and then apply ointment to the parts of the cat ringworm.

       But if your cat’s skin disease is very serious, most of the body has symptoms, it is necessary to shave your cat at this time.

       Because when the cat’s skin disease is serious, it is necessary to give the cat a regular bath, and then daub the whole body; even if your cat doesn’t like it very much, for the sake of the cat’s health, you should shave the cat’s hair.

       Otherwise, cats have skin diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Moreover, for cats, the infectivity is very strong.

       2. If you shave your cat, what should you do next?

       First of all, the excrement shoveling officer should pacify the cat and calm the cat’s small mood. Oh, the fish jerky is indispensable. Good food and good drink are waiting for the cat to be angry and depressed. This is the first step to your success.

       Secondly, do not take your cat out for a walk before the cat’s hair has grown or your cat’s skin disease has not improved; because some bacteria outside, or the hot weather outside, may cause secondary damage to the cat.

       Finally, the environmental sanitation and disinfection work in the house of the excrement removing officer must be done well; after all, the cat’s hair is equivalent to its own protective film, and if the protective film is lost, the cat will be easily injured.

       3¡¢ In the process of shaving the cat, what things should the excrement removing officer pay attention to?

       1. If you decide to take your cat to a pet hospital to have a haircut, you’d better choose a few people and go to a suitable time point; because the cat is afraid that strangers will follow you when shaving; if you choose the appropriate temperature, the cat will not catch a cold because of the sudden temperature difference after shaving.

       2. If you plan to prepare your own tools and shave your cat yourself, it is recommended that you start shaving your cat in the morning.

       The environment at home should be prepared. It’s better to prepare an open room, so that you don’t have to worry about the cat’s fur flying around. Moreover, when shaving, it is suggested to ask another person to help you. Because cats are very resistant to shaving. You may not care about it yourself, and you will be in a hurry at last.

       3. When shaving, you must calm the cat’s mood.

       For example, you can shave your cat while touching its nose, ears, and skull shell. This is to ease the tension and fear of your cat.

       The most important point is that if you have more than one cat in your family, you are advised to isolate the other cats. Otherwise, your cat’s psychology will be even more unbalanced, and you will feel: is the excrement officer targeting me? Then I’ll get back at the Spader.


       “It is possible to shave cats in summer, but it is generally not recommended to shave cats. After shaving, there will be some effects, such as the new hair color quality may be worse than before, and the shaved cats are much more likely to have skin diseases than normal cats. Cats may be frightened by shaving and have a stress response

       In fact, shaving in summer can’t help cats get rid of heat and even disturb their normal physiological rules

       Cat’s sweat armpit secretes mouth periphery and meat pad. Although the area is small, it can also help them emit a little heat. However, heat dissipation through sweat armpit is only the most basic function of sweat armpit, which can not completely relieve the cat’s heat

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