Do cats have to be vaccinated? Do cats have to be vaccinated?

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       Vaccination is the basic guarantee for the health of cats, and also can protect the owners and cats from infectious diseases. Although many cat owners feel that it is unnecessary to vaccinate their cats. They even say that they have been keeping cats for more than ten years and have never been vaccinated, they still live well. But in fact, vaccination is very necessary, and it’s good for people and cats.

       Cats, like humans, are vaccinated to prevent a variety of diseases. There are two types of vaccines given to cats: conventional and unconventional. Conventional vaccines are suitable for all cats, while non conventional vaccines are suitable for cats at certain health risks.

       Generally speaking, if a cat is a stray cat adopted from the street or a cat from an adoption center, the environment in which it lived before may be very bad, and it may be infected with some infectious diseases. In order to prevent the occurrence of diseases, it is necessary to take unconventional vaccines, such as cat leukemia virus vaccine.

       For the conventional vaccine, kittens can be injected for the first time three months after birth, in the condition that they are fully healthy. After that, it will be injected once a year as an enhancement. In order to prevent the vaccine effect from expired, it can be injected one month in advance in the next year.

       Unconventional vaccines are usually given once. In addition, it should be noted that rabies vaccine can be injected once, and there is no need to take it again after the next year, but the premise is that the cat has been living indoors and has no chance to contact the outside world.

       Extended data:

       In winter and spring, a large number of bacteria and viruses begin to breed and breed, and the immunity of dogs is reduced. It is a high incidence period of “canine distemper” and “parainfluenza” in pet dogs, which is more likely to cause infectious diseases such as “parvovirus” and “adenovirus (infectious hepatitis)”.

       Such as fleas, lice and other parasites and infectious hepatitis, if the pet dog accidentally infected with these diseases and not treated in time, it is easy to create cross infection between adults and pets, causing various diseases.

       Some children especially like pets. They will hold their pets when they sleep, which greatly increases the risk of infection. Children and the elderly have low immunity. It is not recommended to contact pets for a long time.

       The vaccination period is one year. Pet owners should remember to take their pets for vaccination every year. In general, a centralized epidemic prevention will be carried out in spring. If there is an epidemic, it will be strengthened in autumn.

       Reference: People’s Network – remember! Vaccinate pets against rabies every year

       In principle, adopted kittens must be vaccinated, which is for the health of themselves and others.

       1. Vaccinating a cat can ensure that its owner will not be harmed by the bacteria in the cat’s life.

       2. After being vaccinated, cats can protect their kittens’ health.

       3. Vaccination is a must for adopting pets, which is a relevant requirement.

       Cats must be deworming and vaccinated.

       1¡¢ Precautions for vaccination

       (1) Animals must be healthy before they are vaccinated.

       (2) For the newly raised animals, they should adapt at home for at least 10 days, and can only be vaccinated if there is no abnormality.

       (3) 14 days before the vaccination, the animals could not receive high immune serum, monoclonal antibody, immunization, etc.

       (4) The dog vaccine can be used for pregnant dogs and lactating dogs, while the cat vaccine can not be used for pregnant female cats.

       (5) No bathing or swimming is allowed within one week after vaccination.

       (6) One week after the initial immunization, the animals could go to public places, and cats could not contact with respiratory pathogens.

       2¡¢ Benefits of regular deworming:

       (1) Regular deworming can prevent pets from suffering from parasitic diseases.

       (2) Since some external parasites, such as fleas and ticks, are carriers of many infectious diseases, regular deworming can prevent pets from suffering from related infectious diseases.

       (3) Regular deworming can prevent family members from suffering from parasitic diseases and related infectious diseases.

       (4) Regular deworming can improve the effect of vaccination.

       need. Vaccination is the basic guarantee for the health of cats, and also can protect the owners and cats from infectious diseases. The young cats should start to vaccinate the vaccine after 2 month old full time, and the core vaccine is three times. The core vaccine is a specific disease vaccine that protects cats from high incidence rate and high mortality rate, usually called cat triple. They should be vaccinated once every four months and then once a year. At the age of 1 year old, adult cats were given cat triple therapy once more and vaccinated with rabies vaccine and cat triple therapy.

       Is there any bleeding? If bleeding, immediately go to the wound with water, while flushing, while squeezing out the blood, and then repeatedly wash with soap on several times. If there’s no bleeding, it’s not a big problem. The above measures are taken when the cat is domestic and vaccinated in a year. If it is a wild cat, it must be injected. My family has a dog, and he has bitten him, but I have not been given an injection. There is a way to judge in foreign countries that if you bite your cat and dog and do not die of rabies within 10 days, you will not get rabies, because they will die if they get rabies.

       If domestic cats have been vaccinated against rabies every year, they don’t have to be vaccinated if they are scratched.

       1. Explanation of rabies: rabies is an acute infectious disease caused by rabies virus. It is common to both human and animals. It is commonly seen in dogs, wolves, cats and other carnivorous animals. People are often bitten by sick animals and infected. The clinical manifestations included hydrophobia, fear of wind, pharyngeal spasm and progressive paralysis. Because of the prominent symptoms of hydrophobia, this disease is also known as hydrophobia. Rabies virus belongs to the canine viruses of the family Rhabdoviridae. It is a single stranded RNA virus. Animals transmit the virus by biting each other. Rabies in China is mainly transmitted by dogs, and domestic dogs can become asymptomatic carriers, so the seemingly “healthy” dogs do great harm to human health.

       2. The harm of rabies: as the mortality rate of rabies is almost 100%, it is a great threat to human life, so it is very important to deal with the wound actively and effectively and vaccinate.

       3. First aid measures: after being bitten by a sick dog, the wound should be washed immediately. The key is the method of washing. Wash the wound with gauze at least for 30 minutes, and then wash the wound with water. If there is no possibility of infection, wash the wound with water. For serious bite, you should go to the hospital immediately.

       Wash with soap, wipe some iodine on it, do not need to take any needle. The so-called rabies vaccine is like this. If the cat does not carry rabies virus, how can it infect you? Therefore, the cats kept at home are basically clean, just wipe iodine, it’s really OK:) if the cat often goes out, if you are worried about being caught and broken, you can take anti rabies needle (it’s your own yo), in addition, you can take your cat to get anti rabies injection once a year, so you don’t have to worry about it. It’s a small matter. Don’t think about it seriously. Professor Zushuxian, an epidemiologist at Anhui University, is a well-known person in this field. As a scientist, he criticized the prejudice that dogs and cats spread virus everywhere. At present, rabies has almost disappeared in China, especially in cities. Through vaccination and careful home care, dogs and cats are very safe for human health. What’s more, cats are usually vaccinated with cat triple vaccine, which is to prevent cats from getting nasal branch, feline plague, calicivirus, etc., but not to prevent transmission to human beings


       It is very necessary to vaccinate cats. Cats can prevent many kinds of diseases after vaccination. In the process of raising cats, vaccinated cats can also protect their owners’ health. Therefore, it is necessary to vaccinate cats.

       Extended data:

       Cats are quick and good at jumping. Eat fish, mice, rabbits, etc. The reason why cats like to eat fish and mice is that cats are nocturnal animals. In order to be able to see things at night, they need a lot of taurine, and the body of rats and fish contains taurine. Therefore, cats eat not only because they like fish and mice, but also because of their own needs.

       As a natural enemy of rodents, cats can effectively reduce the damage of crops such as rodents. The shape “Miao” of cats shows the general agricultural life in ancient China.

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – vaccine

       Be sure to get vaccinated.

       Cats can’t go without vaccination. It is very necessary to vaccinate cats. Cats can prevent many kinds of diseases after vaccination. In the process of raising cats, vaccinated cats can also protect their owners’ health. Therefore, it is necessary to vaccinate cats.

       The time for cats to vaccinate varies. For the more common vaccines on the market, kittens can be vaccinated after three months of birth.

       Extended data:

       After the first vaccination. After the injection every year, this can effectively prevent disease. The right time should be chosen when vaccinating. In order to prevent the vaccine from losing its effectiveness, it is better to vaccinate one month in advance the next year.

       For less common vaccines, one shot is usually enough. For cats kept indoors, one shot of rabies vaccine is usually enough.

       In a sense, the history of human reproduction is the history of human beings fighting against diseases and natural disasters. The most important means to control infectious diseases is prevention, and vaccination is considered to be the most effective measure.

       Facts have proved that the smallpox virus, which has threatened mankind for hundreds of years, was completely eliminated after the emergence of vaccinia vaccine, which ushered in the first victory of human beings against the virus with vaccine, and also more firmly believed in the role of vaccine in the control and elimination of infectious diseases. Since then, more than 20 kinds of vaccines have been used in the prevention and treatment of human diseases.

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – vaccine

       My cat is not vaccinated. At the beginning, I just wanted to save the money for the vaccine. As a result, I started to spit Ascaris after raising it for more than four months. I ran to the hospital three times and spent six or seven hundred dollars. As a result, the cat still hasn’t been saved. So it’s better not to take chances. If you get sick, you will suffer. And my cat is domestic, and has never been out of the house. So it’s important to say three times, we must fight, we must fight! If the cat grows up and has feelings with you and then gets sick again, you will spend more money and energy than those vaccines, which may not be able to survive. This is my lesson and advice. Don’t let anyone who loves cats regret it later

       As long as you don’t let him out and raise him at home, it’s really unnecessary. Because the cat will feel more or less unwell after vaccination. He’ll have a fever three times a month. Different cats behave differently and may be allergic to drugs or something. Although the probability is very small, I don’t think it is necessary.

       But it must be sterilized. There are too many online statements. LZ, you can check the information yourself. It’s good for cats and people.

       My family is now six months old and adopted by a stray cat. I’m just a student, but I have the ambition to go abroad, so I have to vaccinate my cat because I need a vaccine certificate when I leave the country or even go out of the province.

       If you settle down and don’t raise them, there’s really no need to fight. This is a very familiar pet hospital boss told me.

       I hope it can help you~

       After rabies vaccination, the vaccine is not 100% effective. And rabies vaccine has great side effects on humans. Rabies vaccine can seriously harm people’s IQ. To prevent rabies, relying on rabies vaccine is not the right way of thinking. To prevent rabies, it is necessary to establish a healthy and healthy way. Dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, which can spread rabies, should not be pets.

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