Do earmites stink? Do cats smell when they have them

       Drip some pet ear oil is very effective, adhere to the drip, each ear drip 2-3 drops each time, and then massage the root of the ear, only to hear the sound of water, and then massage for about 1 minute, do not wipe it, let it swing by itself, or just like that. It’s better to have one in the morning and one in the evening if you don’t have time. If you don’t have time, you’ll get better in ten days and a half months, and it will be more convenient.

       Ear mites do have a taste, is not the dog always scratch, seems to itch and pain?

       Go to the pet store or go to the Internet to buy a special medicine, wipe it for a period of time, but be careful when applying the medicine, because it seems that the dog will be very painful… I was bitten several times when I was giving medicine to my dog_ <%£©

       First, drop the ear drops into the ear, not too much, just enough to moisten the earwax, and then use a cotton swab to gently wipe out the dirt, not too deep. Be sure to wipe it when the light is good. Don’t rush to wipe it out once. Wipe it several times. After that, put the cotton ball into the ear with hydrogen peroxide, not too much. As long as it doesn’t flow out, the cotton ball should be able to plug the whole ear for easy removal, If not, wipe it with a cotton swab. Then use ear drops and wet gauze into the ear. Treat it several times. Don’t take too much medicine. Don’t let it flow into the ear. Go to a professional hospital and keep it in good condition

       The obvious difference between cat’s ear mites and common earwax is that the ear mite will make the cat’s ears have a strong odor. At the same time, the cat will itch, shaking his head or scratching the ear with his claws. Even if the dirt produced by the ear mite is cleaned, a lot of dirt will still be produced the next day. Therefore, in addition to cleaning the ear, we also need to use ear washing liquid which can kill slowly.

       The ear canal stinks and has dirt. It often scratches the ear, shakes and shakes the ear. These are the symptoms of the ear mite

       There are a lot of ear mite drugs, buy a bottle of medicine, adhere to it every day, and it will be reduced for a few days

       The Velcro I bought last time is very good. The nozzle is very useful. I remember that when I take a bath, I should pay attention not to sprinkle water into the ears. Clean the inside of the ears regularly and remove the extra ear hair. These are very important

       Dog’s ear wax to a certain extent reflects the health of the ear. The normal ear canal has only a little light yellow earwax, which will not give off a bad smell. If you find that the dog’s ears are very smelly, you need to pay attention to it. The dog is likely to suffer from ear mites, and the secretion of ear mites will appear black or brown. If the ear wax is red or the pus is spilled, it indicates that the ear has been developed Inflammation, is a more serious situation, need Wang Xiang ear drops, and with some anti-inflammatory drugs to deal with.

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