Do not comb the cat cleanly – the cat loses its hair and can’t comb it completely. What should I do?

       Fur is a cat’s inevitable problem, unless you change to a hairless cat. If the cat loses the cat is really serious, you should often give him Huamao ointment, otherwise there will be hirsutism and obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract may require surgical treatment. I use red dog hair cream, cats like to eat, the effect is good, and I have never seen a cat spit hair ball, constipation or anything.

       Spend a few minutes grooming your cat every day. Don’t find it troublesome to groom your cat. If you make a habit every day, your cat will feel very comfortable and willing to play this game with you every day. Of course, you will also save time, because combing hair every day can comb out a large number of dead hair, which is the basic method to remove hair, and can also avoid hair knotting. At the same time, it can also play a massage role, promote blood circulation and enhance skin health. Only healthy skin is the key to not shedding hair.

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