Do Siamese cats make money?

       Yes, as long as there is enough water and food, the cat can live on its own. Please note: be sure to buy a professional Cat Toilet for your cat. Put litter in the toilet. Remember to clean it every 2-3 days.

       Siam also known as the dog of the cat, very easy to raise, basically not very sick. It’s sticky and cute. If you raise it, you will understand…

       Siamese cat, also known as Thai cat, originated in Thailand and belongs to short hair type. It was first raised in Thailand’s royal family and large temples. It was once a “secret treasure” of the palace. Siamese cats are streamlined and slender with slender limbs, trunk, neck and tail. Siamese cats are lively and active, intelligent, quick in action, elegant in temperament and extraordinary in appearance. At present, Siamese cat is the most popular representative of purebred short haired cat. Siamese cats are perhaps the most famous species in all lineages. At the end of the 19th century, leopard spotted Siamese cats were given to Britain and the United States as diplomatic gifts by the Royal Thai Parliament. Its upbringing has aroused public interest and the number has been growing. Siamese cat, also known as Ximu cat and Thai cat, is a world-famous short haired cat, and also a representative breed of short hair cat.

       Many people like Siamese cats, so Siamese cats are suitable for home? Now people keep cats not for catching mice, but for holding them in their arms. Is Siamese cat suitable for keeping cats at home? Keeping cats and dogs requires different ways and methods, but they will get used to the habits of cats and cats, so that everyone can live in a very comfortable life together Do you recommend whether the cat you like is suitable for keeping at home.

       Just looking at the appearance of Siamese cat, we like it very much. Some people worry about whether this kind of cat is not easy to raise at home and dare not make the decision to raise it.

       Many people think that the pet Siamese cat has the wild nature which is difficult to tame, so they all adopt a kind of free wild breeding method. However, pet experts tell us that the best way to keep Siamese cats is to keep them in captivity at home. And raising Siamese cats indoors is more beneficial to Siamese cats themselves.

       First of all, indoor pet Siamese cats, due to good living environment, scientific diet management, so the life span of Siamese cats is generally longer, many Siamese cats can live to about 15 years old. However, free range Siamese cats have a very short life span due to the damage of the external environment or diseases, and some cats can only live to 1-2 years old.

       Second, Siamese cats raised indoors can be taken good care of by their owners. They can take a bath and comb their hair regularly and clean the cat’s nest. Keep your cat away from fleas, lice and parasites. And often go out of the cat, in order to avoid the harm of parasites, the owner also regularly to the cat deworming, which also increased the difficulty of feeding, bring more trouble.

       Third, Siamese cats raised indoors are less likely to be infected with feline leukemia and feline immune deficiency, and Siamese cats are less likely to suffer from food poisoning.

       Fourth, indoor Siamese cats will not fight with other cats or large animals, and will not be hit by cars when crossing the road; therefore, indoor Siamese cats will face fewer risks.

       For many families, Siamese cats will be sterilized, and the pets who have been sterilized will become more obedient and more docile. In the family life, reduces the family member’s trouble. On the contrary, tame Siamese cats will bring more joy and fun to family life.

       Five correct ways to raise Siamese cats

       1. Siamese cats are very sensitive to cold, so the cat nest of Siamese cats must be in a warm place. Finally, it can be sunny in the daytime and can not blow cold wind at night. The cat Prince is very picky about his cat’s nest, so the settings in the cat’s nest must be comfortable enough, otherwise the cat may not want to sleep.

       Siamese cats are very clever and can learn things quickly. Therefore, owners should not waste the talent of cats. They should often train Siamese cats, such as somersaults and things. Siamese cats are also willing to learn these skills.

       3. Because Siamese cats have very beautiful fur, they also love to be beautiful. We should be very careful when we take care of Siamese cats’ fur. To catch fleas for Siamese cats often, and to bathe cats at intervals, these are daily necessities. The most important thing is to comb their hair every day, so that they can feel refreshed.

       4. Siamese cats like to make eye contact with their owners, so when they express their love, they can touch and look at them with affection. Siamese cats will understand. Moreover, Siamese cats like to be held and stroked by their owners, so owners can often hold Siamese cats to increase their feelings.

       5. Siamese cats love to fight, so when cats enter the house, they should be isolated; if there are new pets coming home, they should also be quarantined, because it is often the aggressive Siamese that causes trouble.

       The life span of Siamese cats is generally 10-20 years. If they are sterilized, they will live longer, but they can’t exceed 20 years. Keep a pet to give it a little more care, so that its life is longer, Siamese cat looks good, if you keep it, you should take good care of it.

       I have two, I am also a student. If you want to raise a cat, you should raise Siam. You have a good character and cling to people. You can use cat litter. Therefore, you don’t urinate anywhere. Moreover, you don’t have any smell. Dogs stink. My cat has just finished the vaccine. I bought a bag of 40 cat food. The cat can eat it for less than a month. The litter is worth dozens of yuan. It has been used for two months, but it has not been used up. The cost of vaccine is less than 400 yuan per year for two cats. By the way, my cat has been given injections for the first time this year. I took the anthelmintic along with the injection. I chose imported 40 tablets, and there are also domestic ones. More than 10 yuan. It depends on you,

       If you don’t have much time to accompany her, you’d better buy a companion. My family is a male and a female, so that the cat will not be alone and has a good character

       But Siam, especially the male cat, was very naughty when he was young. When he was 23 months old, he always bit me when he didn’t buy him a companion Now I don’t bite me when I have company, and I don’t feel bored when I go out for a day.

       If sterilization is done later, there will be more than 100 male cats and more than 200 female cats. Anyway, this is my price. I’m in Beijing. I’m in a cheap pet hospital called cherry blossom garden animal hospital

       There are also cats who ate soft cat food three months ago, and then they eat dry cat food. Many people say that they can eat it after three months. I think it should be less mixed. After all, I’m afraid of cat laxity when it comes to meat. There must be no milk to drink, can not absorb will be lax, if you have the conditions to buy pet milk powder, like goat’s milk, a small can of more than 30.

       Cut your nails regularly. If not sharp, don’t see the pink area. There is meat attached. You can buy a pet nail clipper. The one I bought is about 30, which is very small, but it can be used all the time. Good use

       My family also came to Siam brother, pay attention to what, the first is to pay attention to the health of the home, because Siam is very active, especially like to run around, so we should pay a little attention to the health of the home, and then we can take it to the pet hospital for deworming and cat fighting in about two months. When we go to the hospital, the doctor will tell you, in addition, Siamese cats are very lively, which I call my family It’s a monkey. You have to put away the fragile ones and the small things. In fact, there are all kinds of toys. If you knead a paper ball, he can play all day. In short, he is a lovely guy. By the way, kittens can expel insects by themselves in the hospital after 4 months, which will save economy. Generally speaking, flean expels insects in vitro. Bayer, Germany, once a half a year, my family has fed Royal cat milk cake for more than two months. In addition, we can feed Junbao nutrition cream. You can search for it. The package is Siamese, like toothpaste, and cats love to eat it. I hope the cat is OK

       Easy to raise, good character.

       This kind of cat doesn’t like to be lonely and cling to its owner. It belongs to the cat who likes to be coquettish. If it is ignored, it will scream until the owner comforts him. It is a very lovely cat who is eager to be cared for.

       Siam (Xi ¨¡ n) is a world famous short haired cat, and also a representative breed of short hair cat. Ethnic history Siamese cats originated in Thailand (hence Siam). More than 200 years ago, this precious cat was raised only in Thailand’s imperial palaces and monasteries. It is a noble who stays at home.