Do wild cats like to fight? Why do cats fight with wild cats

       It was a fight. I had a fight with a stray cat. I helped it to scare the wild cat several times. The wild cat was very arrogant. It was not afraid to drag it. Haha, if you saw the wild cat’s arrogance, I think you might be angry and killed the wild cat’s heart. Therefore, if my cat can’t beat the wild cat, I have called downstairs every night, and the noise has made the neighbors angry, It’s the one in my house calling,

       Siamese cat

       If there is more than one cat or other pets in the family, there may be cat fighting. There are many reasons for the cat fighting, such as fighting for territory, food or the pet of the owner. The owner should find out the reason and correct the fight between cats.

       1¡¢ It’s raising more than two male cats. It’s not a big problem as a child, but when it comes to oestrus, they will fight for territory and fight with female cats. Cats are very regional and possessive. Sometimes they fight to the death. Although the loser will always bow to the throne, the winner will never let go of the fight once and for all.

       2¡¢ It is to play too much, because the cat will not control its own strength when playing. When it is out of control, its claws hurt the other party unintentionally and cause a fight. However, this kind of fight will not cause resentment and resentment, even if it has been fought, we will play again next time.

       3¡¢ Some cats are very protective and often attack other cats or even their owners for a little bit of beloved food. In addition, some cats often attack their owners’ ankles for no reason. This phenomenon often occurs in families with only one cat, especially the kittens aged 3-5 months. The main reason is that cats lack playmates and toys, and they are lonely and bored for a long time.

       In the cat’s view, its attack is just a kind of play or physical exercise, but it is a kind of injury that is hard to bear for people. This kind of aggressive behavior of cats will gradually decrease with the increase of their age and education. Some owners are even amused and intimate about the cat’s ankle attack. We must stop this kind of behavior of cats. Otherwise, the cat has developed the habit of biting people, which will make the guests embarrassed and worried.

       When a dog fights with a cat, it is usually the dog who provokes the cat first. Dogs have the nature to bully smaller individuals, just as big dogs often bully dogs. That’s right. Generally, dogs bully cats. But when they are similar in size, they don’t provoke dogs. In fact, cats of similar size don’t provoke dogs very much, except for fighting for food or protecting their pups. But their attack ability is much better than that of similar dogs. Generally, dogs give up after their noses are caught

       “Cats and dogs are enemies by nature” seems to have become a final conclusion. There are even fairy tales about cats, saying that dogs have been wronged because of the sinister treachery of cats, thus laying the seeds of hatred. In real life, the scenes where cats and dogs meet are not so good. Either the cat glares at the dog, or the dog bares its teeth and barks at the cat.

       This hostile attitude of cats and dogs has attracted the attention of scientists. Dr. R. of an animal research institute in Israel has studied the problem.

       One of the subjects the doctor chose was a German short haired cat and the other was a Spanish long haired dog. Both of them are of the same age, less than two years old. It’s just the time to be lively and active. They have been living with their own kind since they were born. They have never met each other.

       Dr. R put them in the same lab and let them adapt to each other. Before long, the two little guys began to have a closer contact.

       However, the problem follows. The long haired dog vigorously wagged its tail and put out a paw – a dog language meaning “come and play with me” or “give me something to eat.”. But the short haired cat didn’t know what it meant. On the contrary, it was very angry because the long haired dog’s “wagging its tail and extending its paw” means exactly the opposite in the cat’s language, that is, “go away, or you will be ill treated!”

       The short haired cat was alert and ready to fight. After a long time, I found that the long haired dog didn’t take it seriously. Perhaps to ease the atmosphere, he took the initiative to express his “good intentions” to the dog, making a comfortable “snoring” sound, meaning: “let’s play together.”. But this sound in the dog’s words is provocative, meaning, “don’t bother me, or you will die.” The long haired dog couldn’t stand it and immediately began to bark.

       Dr. R then used many cats and dogs to carry out the experiment. The results showed that the hostile complex between the cat and the dog was not born. The old grudge between them was caused by the misunderstanding of their language translation, which could not be explained. It can be said that “the more you speak, the more confused you are”.

       In fact, there are also examples of dogs and cats getting along harmoniously. That is because they have lived together since they were born. Each other has mastered a “foreign language” and there is no misunderstanding in communication, so that the past can be completely resolved. In addition, people can’t impose their will on animals. Dog owners hate cats, while cat owners don’t like dogs. This kind of emotion will be passed on to the small animals around us, which will make them hate each other unintentionally.

       1. Grab resources

       In order to grab all the resources they think they belong to (such as food, nest, cool corner of refrigerator, pet of owner, etc.), cats and dogs may fight.

       Of course, this kind of situation also can appear frequently in the same kind.

       2. Different personalities

       When human beings get along with each other, there are many conflicts caused by different personalities. It is the same for cats and dogs.

       Dogs are friendly, cats are generally cold and alert.

       In case a very friendly dog always wants to play with the cat, and the cat does not move, maybe the next second, the cat will catch the dog with a claw and run away with its tail.

       Well… Maybe it’s just that the male ticket has been teasing you in your aunt’s period in various childish ways. It’s almost the truth, eh.

       3. Historical origin

       Cats and dogs are originally wild. After human domestication, they have gradually become domestic cats and dogs.

       Their ancestors are predatory animals, often fighting for food, so cats and dogs will fight may be brought about by the bone of the hostile relationship.

       For dogs, cats are more wild because they are raised late at home.

       Because the communication habits of the two are different: the dog’s tail is a sign of kindness, while the cat’s tail is a sign of love; and a cat’s purring sound means that it is very comfortable and enjoying now. And the dog purrs is ready to fight

       There are a lot of behaviors that cats and dogs do the opposite.

       Cats and dogs behave differently.

       A dog’s tail is a sign of kindness, while a cat’s tail is a sign of love;

       The sound of purring indicates that the cat is very comfortable and enjoying. And the dog purrs is ready to fight

       There are a lot of behaviors that cats and dogs do the opposite

       But now it seems that cat and dog fights rarely happen.

       There are a lot of dog owners here. Later, I gradually found that the stray cats near my home also learned to wag their tails to each other..

       There are many people who like to keep kittens and dogs together from childhood to cultivate their feelings.

       They are as friendly to each other as their own

       Some cats have learned to sweat with their tongue like dogs. They are so cute~

       I have a cat and a dog in my family. They get along very well. They play with each other every day. When the cat comes back, it is very fierce and always looks like an attack. When it is ripe, it is easy to get along with. Don’t worry about it

       Hope can help you oh, your adoption is my greatest honor

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