Do you have a dog at home that can raise Su mu? Which one is suitable for raising at home???

       You know, a lot of people like to keep Siberia and Alaska, but they need to grow their hair in a cold climate so that their hair can look good. Do you know that many city dogs have? Hair is falling very much = of course, this is from a more professional direction to see!

       It’s OK to raise the border or Su mu. If you want to be bigger, please Su! Of course, puppies always bite! Sue’s quietness is a little better than the border! Of course, don’t rule out the dog’s character!

       What’s more, you should also pay attention to the fact that keeping a dog is to take good care of it, and it doesn’t bother you. If you don’t worry about it, you can bring happiness to your material life, right?! Su Mu is more clever, which is known to all! If you take Su Mu and the border as an example, it’s almost possible that Su is a little bit more difficult to manage. You have to take into account the bathing and other aspects. When you were a child, you need to go to insects and other work. Money must be spent! I am Su Mu personally, but I think if you want to be more lively, you can choose the border! Have a good time since childhood! Don’t keep a dog in Alaska. It’s not what you think!

       The Scottish shepherd dog is not very self-conscious and quite lively

       The border is also the same Bai, but can be better than the small Duha

       My Xiao ha used to bite something when he came back to Dao

       But now, if you’re afraid of biting, you’d better put it where he can’t get it

       If you have to bite and change, I think Su Mu is more in line with your requirements

       You can have a dog. At the beginning, an old dog may make a lot of noise with the dog, but the dog won’t often fight together. If it’s a dog and a cat, they should quarrel every day, because dogs and cats are not natural enemies. They often quarrel. My family has an old dog

       With a little dog, they will be noisy at first, and then they will not quarrel, get along very well

       Usually at home is not a lot of time???

       Jinmao, Su Mu needs a lot of exercise every day! If you don’t have time for it! It’s also a torture to them!

       All you need is a watchdog. You are not suitable for a golden retriever. Although its large size and bright bark may frighten some intruders. Basically, its character is very friendly to human beings, polite and willing to carry anything for you, including a burglar’s flashlight.

       If you or your partner tend to be picky or clean, you are not suitable for a golden retriever. Whether you brush every day or not, the golden retriever still has hair loss all the year round, especially in the spring. In addition, they have the habit of playing with water like a child. If you have a pool or a river near your home, you can see your dog from gold to mud, wagging its tail and hugging you.

       Or if you live alone and want a cat or dog for company, but you are not always at home, you are not suitable for a golden retriever. Because golden retrievers are owner centered, they don’t like to live alone. Whether it’s Jinmao or Su mu, the cost of living is 500-800 yuan a month. If you are sick, it will be more!

       Xiaojinmao is very naughty, you know?

       Big dogs are more destructive than puppies,

       Jinmao was very naughty when he was a child,

       It’s common to bite flowers and furniture,

       They like to dig out sofas and scratch the walls,

       Maybe it’s bbnn all over the place when I come home from work,

       Pieces of newspaper all over the place……. Can you put up with it? Will you try to find the right way to correct it?

       Are you married? Do you have children? If you don’t have children, are you ready to have children?

       If you don’t have children,

       So, in the process of giving birth to children, where is the position of golden hair?

       Do you like sports? Can you take golden hair out for exercise every week?

       Even if you have a car,

       But if you don’t like sports,

       Can you meet the amount of exercise of golden hair?

       Can you make sure you get up and walk it every morning?

       Can you get up early and walk it every day before you go to work?

       Do you go home on time in the evening to walk your dog?

       Who takes care of the dog when you are on business?

       If you go on a business trip for many days,

       Who will take care of the dog for you?

       Big dogs are troublesome. Can you stand it?

       It’s more troublesome for a big dog to bathe than a small dog,

       Bend over and wash for 30 minutes,

       And 50-60 minutes to dry;

       Jinmao has many diseases that are easy to get. Are you prepared?

       Golden hair is prone to skin diseases,

       The treatment of skin diseases is very long,

       Do you take a week off because your dog is sick?

       If a dog gets sick, it needs to be looked after at home,

       Can you take a week off to take care of it?

       Will you take care of it when it gets old?

       It will grow old, too,

       It’s too old to move,

       Will you continue to take care of it?

       My personal experience of raising dogs is

       1. My family and I love dogs

       2. Since then, your family has added another family member

       3. Is there enough room at home? Jinmao will be very big

       4. Will you and your family spare no effort to clean up for it? It’s every day

       5. As it grows, so will the cost. We should also be prepared economically

       6. Would you like to spare some time for shopping, reading and dining?

       7. It will also be sick, emotional and destructive. Will you take care of it and forgive it?

       8. If you are sure of all the above, then the last one is that it will exist in your life for more than a decade. Under no circumstances will you abandon it?

       Don’t be afraid of what I’ve written so much. In fact, you will find it easy to fall in love with it. It brings you happiness, will let you feel that all the efforts are worth it.

       I personally think of dogs!

       Only a word of love can’t support you to keep the dog to the end! Must have the extremely strong endurance! Or you’ll go crazy! A person who really loves dogs will not be afraid of trouble. I am against those people who are greedy for dogs. Please be prepared to keep dogs. It is a responsibility to keep dogs!

       If you want Bai to be quiet, you’d better recommend Jin Mao Du. Generally speaking, Jin Mao Ji Zhi doesn’t call Dao in the first place, but Su Mu is hard to say, because my version is the right to raise Su mu. I only hear the news outside, or something in the house changes places, and I start to keep calling

       About training and breeding, these two kinds of dogs are similar, in the game, are very involved

       But when it comes to shortcomings

       Jinmao’s biggest shortcoming is that she is too gentle. She is so gentle that she is led away by a bad person. She doesn’t know that she still feels that she is a good person

       As for Su mu, the biggest drawback is that it’s difficult to cure the mites. Ivermectin can’t be injected. Many mite repellent products can’t be used. My little mite has been struggling for about 4 or 5 months now, and it hasn’t been good. Moreover, the domestic Sumu is not very good, and there is almost no pure one

       But then again, as long as they like it, it’s OK

       It is strongly recommended to raise copy golden hair. I have raised Su Mu’s head several times.

       Su Mu is good at training and raising, and is more beautiful, and easy to get sick, but love beautiful and loving you, it is right to choose it.

       Golden Retriever is a golden retriever. It is gentle, quiet, intelligent and friendly. It can be trained to track hunting. Those who know the goods will know the value of your dog.

       As for the price, it depends on the dog’s words. The price of good products is high.

       Generally speaking, the average golden fur Sumu is 1000-3500800-3000, and the private dog is cheaper,

       Pet shops are expensive, but the quality is guaranteed.

       This also depends on how you feel about the dog. If it’s a dog, your price is a little high, so the price of a big dog can be considered.

       According to your own preferences, there are multiple conditions

       Husky is the most lively… Love to call… 8 is very energetic, you should have a lot of time to take him to exercise… Such as running 5 kilometers a day

       Su Mu is also 8 wrong, very beautiful, character is also 8 wrong, Mao is a little difficult to take care of, also need someone to accompany

       Jinmao is now a lot of people, and people are also close, the biggest drawback is to see bad people also called 8, thieves come to your house, but also play with thieves

       If you want to keep a dog, you should take into account your favorite personality and family conditions… 8. You should be impulsive. These dogs need a lot of space and time to accompany him

       As for the price, it depends on the dog

       Look at your Bai ideas

       Jinmao is a little bit more “Du popular lover” and has a good personality. So don’t look big. You don’t like to shout and you don’t have the ability to attack back. At present, Jinmao is more popular. The market price is 2000-3000, and the competition level should be over 10000

       Su Mu is very nice to the host, but not cold and warm to strangers. However, because it is very beautiful, it is also popular. In fact, it is more suitable for you to raise xileti than to raise Su mu. However, both of them (Su Mu and xileti) love barking, which is likely to disturb the people.

       But Jinmao, who doesn’t understand dogs, will be intimidated. Su Mu is a little better, and this point is dominated by joy.

       If you live in a restricted City, you’d better choose Su Mu and xileti

       If not limited, choose golden wool

       If you can’t, you can buy one for each

       Neither of these dogs is suitable for Bai. ~ Du

       First of all, large dogs need a lot of exercise. If you are busy and don’t have time to accompany them, they will fall out at home, and the destructive power of large dogs is far less than you can imagine!

       Secondly, large dogs in small time super exuberant, golden hair can drag sofa! If you’re not at home often, can you imagine going home at night?

       Also, large dogs in puppies when BB and NN are very large! Moreover, it is very difficult to form good habits in 4-5 months. If you are absent all day, you will see the ground full of

       If you only want to have a big dog, the pine lion can consider being independent and quiet

       There are many small dogs to choose from

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