Do you know the habits of Angora cats?

       Every creature has its own special living habits and personality. To love them, we need to understand their differences. Just like rabbits and rabbits eat vegetables and turtles need to soak in water, Angora cat is an ancient cat species. Although it has been used to living with human beings after centuries of domestication, we should not ignore its unique living habits.

       Angora cats are very clean, so they often lick their fur. Their saliva acts like a powerful cleanser, but it’s allergic to humans. Because of swallowing hair during licking, it accumulates in the stomach. Sometimes Angora cats may spit out hair balls, which is harmful to the health of Angora cats. Therefore, as owners, they should often comb their hair.

       The Angora cat still keeps the carnivorous habit of sleeping in the daytime and coming out at night. Many activities such as rat hunting and mating are often carried out at night. The most active time of Angora cats is at dawn or dusk. Most of the time of the day is spent lazily resting or sleeping. The daily sleeping time is 12 to 16 hours, with an average of 13 to 14 hours. However, some Angora cats sleep for 20 hours.

       Sometimes, the police Gora cat urinates everywhere, while the female Angora cat roars and barks in the middle of the night. It is commonly known as “monkey Angora cat”, that is, the estrus of Angora cat. Originally, it was generally believed that the estrus of Angora cats is February or August, but there is no absolute time. Experts believe that non pregnant female Angora cats are in estrus every 14-21 days. The estrus lasts for 3-6 days, and the mating time is about 2-3 days.

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