Do you need to wash your hands when you touch a teddy dog? Does it matter if you touch the dog and wash your hands right away

       If you touch a stray dog or a domestic pet dog, the bacteria on the stray dog must be more than those at home. It is normal to wash your hands immediately after the dog is touched or before eating. This is not a big problem. Moreover, the bacteria on the dog generally cause little harm to the human body. Even if it is accidentally eaten into the stomach, the body will also take these fine particles Bacteria out of the body, you are not to lick the palm, hope to help you, hope to adopt

       Can you sterilize it? Maybe you can carry some fine Bai stains on your hands. It’s better to kill the bacteria. It’s more terrible to see the bacteria missing than to see the stains from Dao. You should also pay attention to hand washing. If you need a hand sanitizer with antibacterial effect, you can also buy aloe antibacterial hand sanitizer. My family is using this hand sanitizer at present. It is clean and the hands after washing also have a light fragrance. Hand sanitizer is milder than soap, and pump head design will not cause waste.

       Of course. It’s easy for dogs to get dirty.

       First of all, lice don’t talk. Now there are many stray dogs in every part of the society. Dogs are easy to contact with dogs, and then they will be infected with all kinds of dirty things. Cross infection is more likely to get dirty.

       Then there is the dog’s body more hair, you know, the air quality is very bad now, there are a lot of haze everywhere. Hair will absorb all kinds of smoke and dust, and then you will be easily infected when you touch the dog.

       Not only dogs, but also cats and other hairy animals, small pets and so on, are easy to produce all kinds of bacteria.

       All kinds of bacteria can easily grow on the dog’s urine. Therefore, it is highly recommended to wash hands more.

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