Do you want a cage for a pet cat? For advice, do you want to buy a cage for the first time

       As a senior excrement shoveling officer, I would like to tell you that once you enter the “cat” door, it is as deep as the sea ~ ha ha~

       First step: please ask yourself seriously, are you really ready?

       Because cats don’t like to be close to people like dogs, they are cold and cold, and their intestines and stomachs are much more vulnerable than dogs, so they have to be picky about food. The most important thing in life is to prepare money. A cat’s daily living expenses include eating + using + playing + medical treatment. It takes at least hundreds of ocean a month. So once you decide to become a pooper, you have to do it all your life Cat service~

       Second step in raising cats: please seriously consider the issue of breed

       First of all, I don’t think the country cat is bad, but I have to recognize that:

       The breed of the cat does determine their habits. Some cats have hunting attributes in their genes. They are more energetic than pet cats. They like to run and jump and are very fast. Some cats are lazy by nature. There are short haired cats and long haired cats. They should be prepared to eat a piece of cat’s fur when eating~

       The third step of raising a cat: is it better to have a big cat or a little cat?

       Many people say that it’s good to keep a cat from childhood, but you must wait until the cat is weaned and then take it home. Because breast milk is the best for a baby cat, but when you get home, you have to continue feeding and hand them over to the toilet. If you have a big cat, you may have a process of adapting to and understanding the new environment. You should try your best to please it, play with it and eliminate it In addition to guard against the heart Oh~

       Step 4: what do you need to prepare in advance? What must I buy?

       Above, are the minimum standard Oh ~ and the best to go to the hospital to do, after you can drive at home~

       So, what are the things listed above, which should be paid special attention to?

       Cat food: what brand of cat food do you want? I recommend natural cat food! Because I was born in biology, you can look at the formula, if those meat powder is best not to choose, if all are fresh meat ingredients, you can choose Oh! What’s more, many people buy full term cat food, not recommended! Kittens, is an important stage of development, skeletal development, visceral development, digestive system development! Therefore, the whole period of cat food can not fully meet the needs of kittens at all stages of nutrition; therefore, it is recommended to eat fresh cat food for kittens from 1 month to 12 months. Although it is made in China, it is really the domestic conscience cat food, which can soak goat’s milk, so it is especially suitable for the growth of young cat’s skeleton! Over 12 months old, eat adult cat food again! Because a lot of people, and I said that their cats are very thin, not fat, in fact, eat the wrong cat food has a lot to do with Oh!

       Cat bowl: it’s recommended to have a heavier one with adhesive tape at the bottom. It is recommended that you buy automatic circulation water bowls and have five cats. They all told me that cats and cats like flowing water. Are there some pictures of your cats in your mobile phones to wash their hands and drink tap water~

       Cat Toilet: I am more sensitive to the taste, so I bought a totally enclosed, * Alice. The only drawback is that it’s too big for a baby cat, and it takes up a lot of space.

       Cat litter: two kinds of products can be used, small milk cat recommended to use bean curd cat litter, reduce urinary tract infection, relatively clean, and the amount of milk cat is not large, can directly flush the toilet, more safe and hygienic; big cat recommended to use bentonite cat litter, anti use, I use Alice bentonite cat litter king, 9 kg, particles larger than other bentonite, dust is small, so it is good oh;

       Cat’s Nest: cats like small space to have a sense of security. Sometimes the cat also likes to turn the nest upside down and buckle it on the ground with its mouth down. It can be used as a toy to play.

       Blanket: many new trial officers, I don’t know, kittens are especially afraid of catching cold. If it’s not easy to get cold, it’s easy to get loose. So prepare a special soft and comfortable blanket. It will take the initiative to lie on the ground, and use this blanket to hold him. He will also be very honest.

       Toys: buy as many as you can. If you don’t want to be caught at home, you can buy more cat scratch boards. In this way, they can have a good time. No doubt, cats like to play with cat sticks best. They can buy a few more toys!.

       Also, nutrition cream, hair cream, cat grass, etc., next time is more detailed to share with you~

       My five cats and I have a lot of fun~

       Shovel Shiguan, I am proud!

       1. Most cats like to be held in their arms, but they have to lie comfortably. But usually cats don’t like to be held for too long. If you hold the cat and touch it at the same time, it will remove its vigilance. As soon as the cat starts to resist, put it down. If you hold the cat against your will, you will be scratched or bitten by it. Be careful when approaching the cat. Don’t reach for it suddenly. It’s better to let the cat approach you. First touch it gently and let it get used to stroking and then pick it up.

       2. Cats can be as troublesome as children when they take medicine. At this time, you need help to hold down the cat. You need to use force on time, but not too rough. Tibetan medicine is generally useless in food because cats can easily find it. Ask an assistant to hold down the cat and you hold on to its head. Be careful not to mess up his beard. Grasp the cat’s head with index finger and thumb, and gently break open the cat’s mouth with the other hand. Put the tablet on the base of your tongue, close the cat’s mouth and stroke your throat. See if the tablets are swallowed. A syringe gun; can shoot a pill into the back of the cat’s throat. To inject a drug; inject with a syringe and slowly squeeze in along one side of the mouth.

       The details are as follows:

       1. Introduction

       Cat, belonging to the cat family, is a more extensive family pet in the world. The ancestors of domestic cats are supposed to be desert cats originated in ancient Egypt, Persian cats in Persia, which have been domesticated by humans for about 3500 years (but not completely domesticated like dogs).

       2. Reproduction

       Viviparous is a kind of general viviparous animal. From the end of winter to the beginning of summer, male cats pee everywhere, while female cats roar and scream in the middle of the night, which is commonly known as “monkey” or “cat calling spring”, that is, the estrus of cats. This problem can be solved or greatly reduced by ligation. Can also use cat mint can make the cat produce “sexual response” characteristics, let the cat’s needs can be expressed, reduce the number of male cats pee everywhere to mark.

       3. Production

       During pregnancy, female cats need to supplement 1.5 times the usual amount of calories and nutrients for the fetus to get nutrition. In the last ten days, the female cat’s sex will begin to grow big and red. Usually the cat will find a quiet place to give birth to itself. At this time, the mother cat will be anxious because of the pain, some will pull out the soft stool, and then the delivery will begin. If the cat has enough nutrition, it can clean the kitten and feed it.

       When the cat is sick, it is easier to put the cat’s food in the basin. 3. If the cat doesn’t have to put the cat’s food in the pot, it’s easier for you to put the cat’s food in the pot 5. Cat water to be adequate, and also to use rope and other fixed, and water containers to clean, so as not to get sick.

       Hope to adopt!

       For cats, it must be much more comfortable to let them out than to keep them in cages! Cat itself is very clean! For the sake of peace between mother and cat, I suggest that 1. Change to a larger cage, in 58 city or market net. People’s network and other sites, looking for a second-hand cage, the price should be cheaper. 2. Put the cat out at a fixed time or play games with you, about 2 hours a day. If the cat poops and pees, immediately criticize and stop the game, close the cage, so that the cat can understand that it will be scolded to take a piss inside, and then slowly extend the game time ~ ~ so that the cat can consciously understand that it is not allowed to go to the toilet outside. 3. At the same time, when playing, you can let mother participate in it, so that mother will like the cat more The cat really poops and pees outside, and it won’t be so disgusted ~ ~!!!

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