Docile and clingy cat

       In fact, the cat’s character is the same as most people, there is no born bad spleen cat, there is no natural good temper cat! And if a cat is docile or not, it mostly depends on how you treat it. If you starve it every day, don’t give it food, beat it, or keep it in the cage, everyone will have a temper! It can’t be said that it was born manic or something!

       Many stray cats have been bullied, so a large part of stray cats are not too friendly to people. After all, if someone bullied you, would you treat him gently? The truth is the same. Everything is mutual. How you treat it depends on how it treats you. It’s impossible that you treat it badly, but it has to treat you gently and treat you as before!

       Gentle cat everyone likes, and sticky cat words more attractive! And I have several cats, which are picked up from the garbage can. It can be said that I brought them up by peeing and pooping. At that time, they were only a few days old when they were born. I went to buy milk bottles, goat milk powder, and imitated female cats to help them defecate and urinate with wet paper towels! Now they are almost two years old, one by one with big ears. Before I went out, I was afraid that they would run around and disturb the house. They were all locked up.

       Later, they were released. They had not been disordered. They came to me every day when they opened the door. And they are no longer a pet cat, or a Chinese country cat! Later, because of various reasons, I added a British short blue cat. They have no fight, and they are very harmonious tomorrow. They are very gentle and clingy! When I go to bed at night, I wake up in the morning and find that I sleep in bed again!

       Exotic Shorthair

       Garfield is also known as the cat, Garfield is known for its loyalty and stickiness, as long as there is a chance, it will jump on the owner’s lap. Exotic short haired cats are not athletic by nature, so they are really suitable as companion pets. Not only the appearance looks naive, but also the character is very gentle. Fan Bingbing’s favorite cat is the exotic short haired cat. There are several in the family.

       Abyssinian cat

       Unlike exotic short haired cats, Abyssinian cats love sports very much. They are lively, intelligent and like to play. And all members of the family, old and young, can play together. So families with small children can consider keeping Abyssinian cats.

       Persian cat

       The round face of the Persian cat looks very similar to that of the exotic short haired cat, which is also a very gentle breed. If it feels you like it, it will give you the same love. Persian cat is also lazy, not very like sports, but also very close relatives, like to have the owner’s company.

       Russian knapweed

       It looks very similar to the British short blue cat. The difference is that the Russian blue cat has a pointed face and larger ears. The Russian blue cats are sometimes cold, but in fact they are secretly watching humans. Once they decide that you are not malicious, they will be very close to you. Usually like to play, also like to be held by the host.

       Siamese kitten

       Siamese cat is a famous glutinous and talkative cat. It always wants to get the attention of its owner. No matter what the owner does, it wants to get a foot in it. Curiosity is strong, courage is also big, with traction rope can go out at will, known as the dog in the cat.

       Puppet cat

       Muppet cat’s meekness has long been known outside, and its name is also because of its clever personality, quietly lying there like a puppet as cute. Although it is very big, but the character is really quite gentle, and this kind of character will not change in old age.

       Maine cat

       Maine is the largest cat in the world, with a body length of 1.2 meters! Despite the huge size, in fact, the heart is completely a baby. He is gentle and can get along with anyone and animals. It can be trained and can travel with the host. If you keep such a big cat, you will feel safe when you go out.

       Sphinx cat

       Canadian hairless cat, the gospel of the excrement removal officer who is allergic to cat hair. Although looks like et, but the personality is very sweet, not afraid of strangers, find a chance will drill into the host’s arms to warm. Super sticky, often make some actions to attract people’s attention.

       Devon Rex

       It looks like a hairless cat, but it has a short layer of curly hair. Super family, like to stay with people. You will stand at the door of your home to meet the kind of cat, need the Lord’s love.

       If you want to say that cats stick to people or not, it depends on the degree of care of their owners. There are also many bloggers who pay attention to them. The native cats are also very clingy. My own is beautiful short, is also super sticky, is really like a dog, people go where they go, not only that, but also always stay in your line of sight, when watching TV in front of the TV, watching the computer when blocking in front of the computer, brushing a tooth, she also want to jump on the stage to watch you, not to mention in the evening, bought three or four nests, no one She was lucky enough to snatch pillows with me every day. That’s enough. Every day before going to bed, she had to rub from the left side of the neck to the right side, and then from the right side to the left side. She was forced to wake up several times in the middle of the night. She was basically lying on your neck, her face was close to you, and she couldn’t wake up. Every day I will sit at the door waiting for you to get off work, and then lie down and ask for touch. Catch your favorite toy in front of you and let you watch her play.

       It should be my mother’s cat. It’s a little Meiji born by my sister’s big cat. After the full moon, it has been sold in the pet store on consignment. Later, no one bought it and was brought back to my house. It may be because she left the cat mother when she was very young in the pet shop, so it was very clingy. It was the only kitten that survived. My mother took good care of it. There were other things in the family A beautiful short is born in her mother’s nest. Her sister comes to my house after the full moon. She explodes in high cold and likes to bite people. The two brothers and sisters have totally different personalities.

       Once the cat reaches a certain age, it will be vigilant. The bigger the cat is, the more difficult it is to get along with. If you like to stick to people, you’d better start raising them from the kittens who are about one or two months old, and consciously cultivate their sticky and docile character! For example, with food induction training, he listens to the name and then gives rewards! Can not chase the cat or often take the initiative to approach, easy to develop a fear of people like hiding habits!

       Puppet cat.

       Puppet cat is very clever, and good at pleasing the owner, always inseparable around the owner. The cat is very quiet, but also playful and enjoys participating in daily life at home. Puppet cat is extremely gentle and lacks protection. Therefore, it must be kept in boudoir as a pet and not allowed to go out.

       Puppet cat is very big. It will become soft when holding it. You can hold it, so it’s called puppet cat.

       My family is Garfield. If you want to keep Garfield gentle and sticky, you should keep male. Garfield is a male cat. But it’s a little expensive. The purebred Garfield costs thousands. My third brother is the only blue cat in Wuxi. The price is tens of thousands. I didn’t want it. I took the eldest. My family is in estrus. It will take 9 months to mate

       People who like small animals are kind-hearted

       People who like cats have a little princess in their hearts

       When talking about cats, people always think of “high cold”, but in our life, we can see that the cats of “other people’s houses” are always so docile in our circle of friends

       I’d like to catch it and suck it. If the baby cat can’t hold it

       So if we want to keep a cat, what kind of cat should we choose?

       Let’s share some cats with good personalities

       No1: puppet cat

       Puppet cat’s appearance is one of the best in the cat world. Its eyes are big and round, and sometimes it gives out blurred small eyes. Its limbs are long and fleshy, and its body is very soft.

       most important of all!! Puppet cat is very gentle and quiet, basically will not be angry, very friendly to people, very sticky (Super Sticky kind).

       Most suitable for girls to raise, it is not too much to be called “fairy cat”

       Stickiness degree:

       level of appearance:


       Degree of hair loss:

       Love calling degree:

       NO2: exotic short haired cat

       Foreign short haired cat commonly known as Garfield, Garfield is known as loyal and sticky, as long as the opportunity, will jump on the owner’s lap.

       As a result of nature does not love sports, so it is particularly suitable for home-based girls to raise, and Garfield is particularly gentle and quiet

       If you’re not careful, you become Garfield’s pet

       Lazy is also Garfield’s nature, but if you can be her good friend, you will be the most blessed person in the world!

       Stickiness degree:

       level of appearance:


       Degree of hair loss:

       Love calling degree:


       A look at you can melt your heart

       Scottish folding ear cat has a natural good character, particularly sticky, like sleeping with people, particularly lazy, not scratching people, not biting people.

       The most important thing is, you can bully her, she will not hate you, always so good to you (but so cute, you can’t bear to bully her)

       Scotch fold eared cat can get along well with other animals, and you don’t have to worry if you have other animals at home

       Stickiness degree:

       level of appearance:


       Degree of hair loss:

       Love calling degree:

       No4: American short haired cat

       Short is now more common in China, the character is really super warm.

       Although his appearance is not as handsome as the above several varieties, in fact, he is a gentle big brother who often rubs his head against you and wants you to accompany him.

       Take care of other small animals handy, really your right little assistant.

       Don’t look at him when he was small, grow up fat terrible!!

       Stickiness degree:

       level of appearance:


       Degree of hair loss:

       Love calling degree:

       No5: big cat

       Those who can afford a big cat are the owners of cats!!!

       This question is really not very easy to answer. It’s not just a matter of breed, it’s also about the character of the cat itself, and the people it comes into contact with in the process of growing up. For example, its outstanding people from childhood are friendly, natural character, relatives, on the contrary, will be hostile to people. If you want to ask a purebred cat, the one who likes a round face and a flat face is an exotic short haired cat. Those who like to compare the appearance of standard cats and noble ones are Siamese cats, which are also popular at present. I hope it can help you

       Many friends like to keep cats at home, but they don’t know what kind of cat to choose. Because cats also have different looks, including different personalities. For example, some cats are more mischievous, and some cats are more familiar. When they are raised, they are not easy to be cooked. There are more fierce cats, you gently move him, he may want to come to scratch you. So if you keep it at home, you’d better keep a tame cat. You don’t have to worry about it. It can make you happy and listen to your heart. Xiaobian here is about the ranking of docile cats. Friends who intend to keep cats can come with me to have a look.

       The first one is exotic short hair cat. It is really super cute, with round face, round eyes, and also very watery, with a small nose. It is especially good at looking at you with innocent and ignorant eyes. If it makes you angry, you will feel cured just by looking at it, and you can’t bear to scold it. This kind of cat’s hair is still very thick, so it feels very comfortable. It seems to be a very beautiful picture. Its personality belongs to a relatively quiet type and doesn’t like to be noisy. So it should be very suitable for friends to keep at home. As soon as I came back to watch it work, I forgot all my worries.

       The name of the second kind of cat is a little difficult to remember. It is called Abyssinia cat. It is not easy to read. This kind of cat looks thin and weak, with erect ears and a standard “melon seed face”. Although this kind of cat likes to live on its own and doesn’t like to be with other cats, it’s OK to have a cat owner. This kind of cat is more spiritual. Like a dog, it will listen to the owner’s words. It will be very comfortable to be with such a cat. It’s a cat with rich feelings, and its voice is very good. If you have friends who like to play music, maybe you can try to add its voice to the music works, which may bring unexpected surprise. It doesn’t like strangers, but it doesn’t look aggressive. If a friend comes to visit, it may just stay away. When walking the cat, you can take it to the park. It likes to climb trees. If possible, you can put a basin of trees for it to play with. It should be happy. This is precisely because of this character, it does not like to be held up by others to play, should not like to be bound. Therefore, this should be considered by many people, because cat owners like to hold them in their arms or legs, and they are close to each other.

       The third is the Persian cat. It looks like a proud princess. Generally, princesses are very temperament and knowledgeable. This kind of Persian cat is just like this. It is quiet and won’t make trouble. Its voice sounds very gentle, and its heart warms when it calls. Persian cat’s hair will be longer and thicker than other cats. In summer, it will be more afraid of heat than other cats, so don’t go to hold it. You and the cat are uncomfortable. It likes the cool floor, so you don’t have to worry about it.

       The fourth is Russian Blue Cat, which looks like Abyssinian cat. This kind of cat is a small follower. It will follow wherever the owner goes. Therefore, if you prefer to stick to people, you might as well consider this one.

       This question is really not very easy to answer. It’s not just about the breed, it’s also about the character of the cat, and the people that you come into contact with as you grow up. For example, its outstanding people from childhood are friendly, natural character, relatives, on the contrary, will be hostile to people. If you want to ask a purebred cat, the one who likes a round face and a flat face is an exotic short haired cat. Those who like to compare the appearance of standard cats and noble ones are Siamese cats, which are also popular at present.