Docile cat blue eyed – what kind of cat is blue eyed?

       The characteristics of the cat you said are probably in line with Russian blue cats. Most of the fur colors are gray or gray blue. The color of the eyes is not necessarily blue. There are cyan, green, green, gradual green yellow, yellow, and orange red. Historically known as the achaenge blue cat, it was almost extinct during the Second World War as ships were brought to England to breed in the 17th century. Russian blue cat is long and thin, with big and erect pointed ears and small and round soles. It walks as if on tiptoe. The body is covered with short silver blue glossy fur, with a slender body and light gait, showing the noble demeanor of a school of cats. (a little bit more)

       There are other types: Siamese cats (mostly blue eyes), civet cats (cute looking kittens), Scotch fold eared cats (a little fat + little ones + small folded ears = cute), and man Island cats (gentle cats without tail or short tail).

       The breed is blue eyed white cat.

       1. Blue eye refers to the cat with blue eyes and white coat, which originated in 1880’s. Cats had blue eyes two months ago. That’s because they have a membrane in their eyes. The membranes are blue. Only when they grow up, they will become the original pupil color according to the color and variety of the coat.

       2. White cats may have yellow, blue or amber pupils. If you want to judge its breed according to its pupil color, you have to wait. Blue eyed white cats are divided into Chinese country cat, domestic cat, lion cat, Persian cat and so on.

       The characteristics of blue eyed white cats are as follows

       1. Blue eyed white cat is gentle in character, soft in hair, short in limbs and short in neck.

       2. 60-80% of blue eyed white cats are deaf and 20-40% are normal. Mandarin duck eyes are 30-40 deaf, 60-70 is normal.

       3. One of the manifestations of the deaf in blue eyed white cats is that they are lazy, unable to respond to the outside world, and unable to avoid the danger behind them.

       White blue eyed cats are mostly native cats, which you don’t think strange. Generally speaking, blue eyes are Persian cats. This is the wrong bird.. This is what people who have never seen a cat would say. You can see the big pie face of Persian cat. It is possible that you can’t tell Garfield and Persia. These two kinds of cats are the most similar in appearance. All white cats have beautiful eyes, and there will be blue or one side blue and one side yellow. But these are definitely not Persian cats. These are all native cats, if the hair is very long It’s very thick. It could be Shandong lion cat

       It doesn’t have to be a specific breed. There are many breeds of cats with blue eyes or variations.

       Blue eyed white cat, ancestor for Angora cat, Persian cat. It originated in the 1880s. Docile habit, ears in head position. “Blue eye white cat” is a general term for the cat with blue eyes and white fur. It can be either a native cat or a breed cat.

       Many cats have blue eyes

       There’s no breed. There’s a breed of Persian (not all blue, yellow, green, orange red) British cats. The main color is blue eyes

       Himalayas must have blue eyes, Siam is the most beautiful blue eyes

       Blowing water casually is called Linqing Persia, which is not from Persian system at all

       There is a genetic problem with blue eyes and white hairs, called white genes, especially those with blue eyes

       In the later stage of breeding in China, the successful pairing of blue and yellow eyes solved this problem

       Persian cat

       Persian cat, native cat also have blue eyes, and Siam cat Berman cat, jinjila cat, snowshoe cat, sphinx cat.

       Persian cat was born in 1860 after more than 100 years of selective breeding in Britain, based on the native breed of Afghanistan and the Angolan cat of Turkey. Persian cat is the most common long haired cat. Persian cat has a lovely face, long and gorgeous back hair, elegant behavior, so it is known as “Prince of the cat” and “Princess”. It is one of the purebred cats loved by cat lovers in the world and occupies an extremely important position.

       Siam (Xi ¨¡ n) is a world famous short haired cat, and also a representative breed of short hair cat. The race originated from Siam (now Thailand), so it is named Siamese cat. More than 200 years ago, this precious treasure was raised only in Thailand’s imperial palaces and monasteries, and was a staunch aristocrat. Siamese cats can better adapt to the local climate of their owners, and their character is strong and active, witty and flexible, with strong curiosity and understanding.

       Berman cat, also known as the holy cat of Myanmar, is said to have been raised by monks in ancient Burmese temples and regarded as the patron saint cat. It was introduced into Europe in the 18th century and gradually evolved and shaped. Berman cat has a long body, and its coat is mainly light golden yellow. Its face, ears, legs, tail and other parts are dark, brown or dark gray, and its four claws are white. Colors are divided into seal, blue, clove, chocolate, red, cream and tortoise shell. All colors can be added with Bobcat pattern.

       Jinjila cat is originally the name of a kind of velvet mouse, whose ancestors are Angora cat and Persian cat. Jinjila is the first pure artificial breeding, after years of careful breeding, a special species. The country of origin is in the United Kingdom. The characteristic is that the color of the hair tip is not as clear as that of the silver gradually layer cat, belonging to the lighter color cat. The hair is thick, long and smooth. Gentle personality. It was bred by Persian cat deliberately. It is commonly known as “artificial cat” in the cat industry. Regela was first introduced as an independent species at the Crystal Palace cat show in 1894. They are the nobles in the cat. They are gentle and gentle in temperament, smart and quick, understanding, less moving and quiet, and have a sharp and soft voice. They love to be coquettish and elegant. They are born with a spoiled attitude and give people a gorgeous and noble feeling. It has always been loved by cat lovers all over the world and is the representative of long haired cats. Jinjila has shorter limbs and is slightly smaller than Persian cats, but appears more dexterous. Jinjila’s body is covered with thick and glossy hair. In Europe and the United States and other countries, the color system is more common. After years of artificial cultivation, the color system has developed a lot of varieties.

       Yes, Muppets are born with blue eyes.

       Feeding instructions:

       Muppets are strictly indoor cats. Do not let them out for free. Stray cats, dogs and birds may hurt them.

       Muppets are gentle and clever, but they are also cats. The cat is very proud and coquettish, will also run away from home in a fit of anger, and behaves badly. Therefore, the owner should pamper it properly, but not completely let it go. Otherwise, the cat’s bad habits can not be corrected, and it will not be corrected over time

       Puppet cat, also known as the brador cat, is a cat with the largest body size and weight. The head is V-shaped, the eyes are large and round, the coat is thick, the limbs are long, the body is soft, and most of them are tricolor or double. Muppets are gentle and quiet, very friendly to people and have strong patience. They are often mistaken for lack of pain. Muppets are most suitable for families with children because they can tolerate children’s scratching.

       Muppet cat’s ten advantages: 1. Muppet cat’s hair is naturally soft and smooth, almost does not knot, the demand for fur beauty is very little, so usually do not need to worry about them. 2. The puppet cat never sticks out its nails when it is held by people, so it will not hurt the family. 3. Puppet cat is very quiet, lazy to jump up and down like other cats, and only likes to accompany its owner quietly every day. 4. Muppets love human beings from the bottom of their hearts, never resist being hugged, and like to stay with their owners. 5. The call of puppet cat is very nice, gentle and pleasant. I like it many times. 6. Puppet cat is very tolerant. Even if you do something it doesn’t want, it still purrs to express happiness. 7. Muppets get along well with puppies or other pets. They are not afraid of big dogs and will not hurt small pets. They are even willing to take the initiative to approach and take care of other pets in the family. 8. Muppets are safe with children. They are gentle, calm and friendly, and will not pose a threat to children. 9. Muppets are one of the most intelligent cats. What they are forbidden to do twice or three times is usually never done again. 10. Muppets are one of the most beautiful and elegant cats. They will become a beautiful and elegant scenery at home and become your pride.

       Persian cat

       Persian cat (alias: Persian; Himalayan, English Name: Persian), is the most common and typical breed. It was born in 1860 after more than 100 years of breeding and breeding in the United Kingdom, based on the native long hair cat of Afghanistan and Angolan long hair cat of Turkey or Armenian region. Native to the United States, Persian cat has a lovely face, long and gorgeous fur, elegant behavior, so it is known as “Prince of the cat” and “Princess”, so it has a high price. A purebred Persian cat can cost thousands of dollars and is one of the favorite cats of cat lovers in the world.

       Living habits

       Personality characteristics

       Persian cat is gentle and elegant, responsive, considerate, quiet and noble temperament. The sound is fine and adaptable to the environment. But in summer, I hate to be hugged by others. I like to sleep on the floor alone and proud of a cat. I often feel that my dear Persian cat has a master instead of my own.

       Persian cats give birth to 2-3 pups in each litter. Their hair is short at birth, and long hair begins to grow after 6 weeks, and long hair can only grow after twice hair changing. Because of their long and dense hair, they do not like to be held in the arms in summer, but like to lie on the floor alone.

       Licking behavior

       Kittens in many cases, love to lick the body, self-cleaning. After meals, it will wipe its beard with its front paws, lick it with its tongue after urination, and lick its hair with its tongue after being held. This is a kitten in the removal of odor and dirt on the cat’s tongue has many rough little protuberances, this is the most appropriate tool to remove dirt. Among the domestic animals, cats are the most hygienic. You can see that cats wash their faces with their paws every day. And, every time in the fixed place to defecate, after defecation, should use claw to cover the excrement. The habit that cats like to clean is an important reason why people are willing to keep cats. The grooming and grooming of cats is entirely for physiological needs. If the cat licks the fur with its tongue, it is to stimulate the secretion of sebaceous glands, make the hair bright and smooth, not easy to be wet by water, and can lick a small amount of vitamin D, promote the normal development of bones, but also make the hair fluffy and promote the function of heat dissipation.

       Nocturnal behavior

       The Persian cat still keeps the habit of ambushing in the daytime and coming out at night. Many activities (such as rat hunting and courtship) are often carried out at night. The cat’s most active time of the day is at dawn or evening, and most of the day is spent lazily resting or sleeping. According to this habit of cats, the feeding time should be in the morning and at night, because at this time, the cat’s various functional activities are very vigorous, but eat more and digest well. The time for cat mating should also be arranged at night to ensure a high success rate. This habit of cats is not welcomed by cat owners in most cases. Especially in urban families, the call of female cats courting at night and the fighting noise of male cats are very annoying. The frequent activities of cats indoors at night may wake people up. Although this is the nature of cats and can not be completely overcome, it may be corrected to a great extent after the reform.