Does a cat bath bag work well – what’s better for a cat?

       Don’t use anything casual. You can check the relevant information on the Internet. In fact, the skin cleaning products used by human beings will cause great harm to the skin of animals. The main reason is that the pH value of skin surface is not the same. If you bathe animals with human things, it will easily cause skin diseases such as hair loss, and the skin will become fragile and easily invaded by bacteria, Please buy pet special cleaning products, not expensive, just rub a little foam, like washing your hair. I hope my answer will help you^_^

       It’s better to use special pet shampoo. If possible, it’s better to use sterilized shampoo. Our cats often play outside. We have been infected with cat fever. It’s very difficult to treat it. It’s just that the skin drops hair and turns red. It took a long time to cure it. Now, we’ve been using antibacterial shampoo

       Because it is white hair, I occasionally use whitening soap to make it white~

       Yes, it depends on the cooperation of the owner and the son. To be honest, it’s not clean to wash the cat bag. It’s just convenient. It is recommended to use a large basin for cat washing. The water temperature should be appropriate and the height should not exceed the belly. Knead and wash with hand held water. Do not use shower head. It is easy to make the owner and son nervous.

       If the owner doesn’t like to wash the cat bag, don’t force it. You can try to use it once or twice to get used to it.

       A person to a cat bath to pay attention to a lot, first give the cat nail it, in case the cat crazy, do not know where to catch it.

       Then, after putting the cat’s bag in place, use the nozzle to adjust the water to a lower level and take a shower. The water temperature is about 45 to 50 degrees. When you give the cat a bath gel, you can not use human bath gel. You can give it a try.

       Squeeze the shampoo on your hands and rub it against the cat’s back. Wash the back first and then the stomach. After washing, rinse it. Dry it with a towel and blow it dry with a hair dryer. Otherwise, the cat will catch cold easily.

       After that, please calm the cat’s mood, because most cats don’t like to take a bath.

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