Does a mother cat abandon her kitten? – does she abandon her kitten?

       I guess it was abandoned by Bai. If Du is a very small baby cat, give it some milk and drink Dao or cat food for young cats. The weather is warm now and it should not freeze to death~~

       Go online and ask if anyone wants to adopt a kitten~~

       In fact, if the kitten has been injected and pregnant women do not contact its morning feces, it will not be infected with Toxoplasma gondii. My cat didn’t go out since childhood, so I didn’t even give her a needle, but I didn’t help her pour out the bedpan. I didn’t get Toxoplasma gondii. (it’s just for reference. If you don’t feel at ease, you can find someone else to adopt.)

       If you want to keep a copy, you can take the kitten to the pet Bai hospital to check for DU. If there is no hookworm infection, you can keep it. Many Dao’s cats will go to the hospital for examination when they are ready to have their baby. As long as the result is negative, it doesn’t matter. You can also give away kittens, but to a reliable family, oh, kittens have been abandoned by the cat’s mother, and it would be miserable to be abandoned again.

       In addition, do not feed the kitten with salty food, cat’s * * can not filter salt, easy to renal failure.

       Generally, the cat will not take it back. This behavior is that the cat mother judges that the kitten is weak and may not be easy to live. In order to make other kittens survive better, she chooses to abandon it. The owner can pick it up and put it back in the nest. However, the mother cat will not carry it back. It is also possible that the mother cat chooses this kitten and gives up the others. This depends on the mother cat act

       Because the mother touched the kitten, the cat was frightened, and the kitten that had been touched had human smell. The cat mother did not recognize the kitten any more. If she went on like this, she would bite four of them. Therefore, it is recommended to consult your pet doctor immediately. In addition, my kitten was only 2 weeks old when I bought it back, so if your little things can walk away and can make an eye opening, you can try to feed them by yourself. You can go to buy chicken liver, steam it and mash it together with dry rice. Each time a cat feeds a little bit bigger than its little finger. If it eats less, it will scream when it is hungry, and it will increase in a week At present, such a small cat can’t control its food consumption. In addition, Weijia has a wonderful fresh bag for kittens. You can buy this companion if you think chicken liver is troublesome or you are afraid to buy chicken with pestilence.

       Yes, according to research, sometimes the mother of animals is special. He will take the kitten out and not bring him back, in order to give him a chance to exercise. Although this practice will make it impossible for him to see a kitten in his lifetime, for example, when a young eagle is young, his mother will carry him to the cliff and fall down. This is another kind of maternal love!

       The kitten will be sad to leave the mother cat, the cat is very spiritual, but generally after a period of time will be good, don’t worry too much.

       It must be. After all, animals are human, and most cats are spiritual.

       But the mother cat will leave on her own when the cat can live on her own. If the female cat is forced to be separated from the cat, the cat must be more than two months old. If it is picked up from outside, it should be said that meticulous care is the best way to establish a good relationship.

       After three months, the kitten will forget to be a parent. Secondly, the female cat can identify her children by smell. After one month’s absence, the kitten has no smell familiar to her.

       At this time, he didn’t think it was his own child, and even thought it would bring danger to himself and other children, so he would beat the kitten.

       Therefore, if the cat owner wants to give the kitten to others to raise, try to wean the kitten and have the survival ability.

       In this way, not only can we avoid the problem that the kitten is too small to raise, but also can avoid the female cat being too sad to leave the kitten too early. If you don’t want the female cat to experience the pain of mother and child separation again and again, it is recommended that the female cat be sterilized at the beginning.

       Kittens will be sad to leave their mother. Just as people will be sad after parting, so will cats. After many kittens leave, female cats will be sad, especially when kittens are born. At this time, kittens are very weak. Because of their maternal nature, female cats will take special care of kittens.

       But after two or three months, the female cat’s estrogen is not so high. In order to make the kitten’s survival ability stronger, the kitten will not be particularly sad to leave the female cat at this time.

       What to pay attention to when sending away kittens:

       If the kitten is forced to leave, the female cat will be sad, especially when the kitten is just born.

       In order to send the kitten away smoothly, the female cat should help the female cat take care of the kitten after giving birth to the kitten, so that the kitten can grow up as soon as possible. The kitten will be sent away when the kitten is raised for about two or three months.

       At this time, the female cat’s estrogen is not much, so the nostalgia for the kitten is not much. In addition, at this time, the kitten has a certain survival ability, and it is very suitable to send the kitten away at this time.

       When the kittens left for a few months, they were just sad.

       After two months, the effect of estrogen almost disappears. If there is no sterilization, the next estrus will come soon, when she has no similar “maternal” feeling.

       In cat society, when kittens are able to survive, they either leave or are driven away by the female. In the eyes of female cats, kittens are no longer their own offspring, but partners of the same race. That’s why cats who have not been sterilized in adulthood will have their own bloodlines.

       If only one kitten is missing, this is strange for the female cat, but if all the kittens are gone and the female is still secreting hormones, then the female cat will show signs of panic. If the kitten is no longer sucking, the mother is only looking for “the familiar smell that has been there.”.

       Female cats with this search behavior will soon disappear. It won’t happen at all. Most of the time, this is the owner’s own imagination. The cat looks for the kitten by walking around, sniffing and occasionally meowing.

       Kittens will be sad to leave their mother cats. Animals are spiritual. The kitten must have been very sad when she left her mother. Not only the kitten was sad, but also the mother cat. In addition, some cat mothers would fast.

       Kittens can’t leave their mother three months ago. Because a lot of kittens’ abilities, such as going to the toilet and exploring the environment, are learned from the cat’s mother. The best way is to let the kitten stay with the cat mother for 2 to 3 months, and the corresponding ability will be more mature. If it is a kitten and leaves her mother too early, she will have some deficiencies in parenting when she grows up.

       Of course, if the cat is separated after three months, the adaptation period of the kitten is over. Even if the cat mother is separated face to face, there may be no fluctuation in her heart. Even if she feels relieved, the kitten will treat her owner as her mother and start a new life!

       Cats are different from people. Cats recognize objects by smell. The kitten has just left the mother and went to a new family life. There will be 1-2 weeks in memory of the cat mother. This period of time is to adapt to the new family environment and cat slaves.

       When the adaptation is successful, the kitten will take the cat slave as his mother and live together. If we meet mother cat again, we will treat each other as strangers if we don’t have the familiar smell. That is to say, after adapting to the new environment, the cat slave will naturally become a mother, and you will not miss your mother!

       The female cat is lactating for about three months

       When the kittens grow up, they will find time to feed,

       The female cat, who is often harmful, can’t sleep at night

       And become very anxious

       It’s not surprising to get angry at the kitten

       Wild cats grow up in a “partial wild” environment, and they still have some kind of animal nature. Maybe some kittens are born with deformities that human beings can’t detect. “They are very difficult to survive, but the female cats can detect that the female cats may not want to waste energy to raise these difficult kittens, so they may eat them to supplement the energy lost due to pregnancy.

       It has nothing to do with motherhood,

       In today’s urban environment or the environment where human beings gather, people may not be able to protect kittens. For the female with kittens, the environment is very unsafe, so she will move

       However, because the female cat can only carry one kitten at a time, although most female cats will choose to carry the kitten in the morning or when there are few people, they will inevitably encounter accidents that are seen by human beings and are unfortunately expelled and stolen,

       So there are a lot of kittens abandoned.

       If you can give it a nest of peace of mind,

       This is not the case

       A cat mother’s feeding behavior depends on the smell of the kitten. When a weak cat mother is unable to feed all the cats, it must choose among the babies and bite the weaker baby to save the other children. It is also very important that if the kitten is exposed to the smell of other animals (such as human, whether the person is tiger or rabbit) The cat mother will abandon, even bite to death. It’s not the cat’s mother who thinks it’s not the cat’s. You can check this point. It’s the same with mother tiger. Cats have this behavior. So it’s better not to give back the baby who has been holding the cat away for a while, unless it has very few children, otherwise you will see more such tragedies in the future. Remember it!!!!

       There are many reasons. If a mother cat is kept in captivity, she needs to look for a mate in the wild. Then the birth of cats becomes the most basic survival of the fittest. The male cat will fight for the right to fight for the right to fight. This cycle should be completed in 3-5 days. During this time, the female will continue to ovulate, that is, a litter of kittens, with n different “dads.”.

       The strong male cat gains the right, but there are always several “losers” around, taking advantage of the strong male cat’s lack of strength, secretly with the female cat. So in this process, the female cat is in the process of acceptance and rejection, and all kinds of male cat. After all, the female cat’s physical strength is limited, and she can’t run. Naturally, it’s difficult to deal with so many male cats. The female cat only accepts the strong one.

       As a result, there are not only the offspring of the strong, but also the offspring of the weak. If the whole litter is the offspring of the weak, the mother cat will be abandoned. She’d think these kids couldn’t survive. This is the survival of the good. It’s also an animal.

       Of course, there are also selective abandonment, some cats are born very strong, kittens are also predatory. Strong kittens will fight for milk, weak cats can not grab, will be more and more weak. At this time, the mother cat will not “distribute milk equally” like human beings. If the kitten is too weak, they will choose to abandon it and let the strong kitten survive. That’s why wild cats, as well as the offspring of captive cats, are very strong. Compared with famous cats bred artificially, famous cats are often weak and sickly. It means that famous cats are bred artificially rather than competed by the strong.

       There is also a possibility that when you are a mother for the first time, you are inexperienced and don’t know how to take care of the kitten, and will choose to avoid the responsibility of breast-feeding. In addition, she thinks that the kitten is dangerous. Some cat mothers are very protective of their kittens. Even the owners can’t touch their children. If someone moves the baby, the kitten can’t recognize it as its child. She will think it’s not her own child, and she will abandon it or even bite the kitten because she can’t recognize her own child It’s a prey. It’s a threat to her other children. Therefore, as the owner, we should be more determined. Don’t hold the baby cats because they are cute. This will make the cat mother panic.

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