Does anyone have a desert cat? Is it possible to raise them?

       Some people who are familiar with cat breeds should have known desert cats. They are very beautiful and big. Some people say desert cats are more like Pakistani sand cats, but there are many differences between them. According to Xiaobian, many people like desert cats very much and want to raise them. Can they raise them?

       Desert cats have thick desert yellow or brown hair all over the body. What is special than other ordinary cats is that the mouth and nose of desert cats are generally brown red, which looks thick and special. Desert cats are also known as grass cats. The cats from Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang are famous for their large size. An adult Desert Cat, if not counting its tail, must have a body length of about 65 cm and a weight of about 8 kg. Large cats have not run away.

       Desert cats usually feed on rodents, birds and other small mammals. Like other cats, they like to go out at night and sleep during the day. Generally, they are solitary and independent.

       However, if you want to keep it, it may not be very realistic, because desert cats are relatively rare now. In recent years, there has been a trend of less and less. Therefore, it has been listed as a secondary protected animal by the state. Even if you like it very much, you can’t realize your wish.

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