Does cat eat milk powder or nutrition cream – what is cat nutrition cream?

       A: This is the understanding of kitten nutrition cream. It is mainly to help cats supplement nutrition. Because food tonic is good, but the effect is slow, there are also individual differences in cat absorption. So many parents choose to use nutrition cream to help their cats get nutrition.

       In addition, studies have shown that no matter what stage of growth cats are in, they can add appropriate amount of nutrition cream to increase nutrition and enhance resistance. And when it comes to what kind of cream cats should eat? Which brand of nutrition cream is better?

       First of all, this should be judged according to the cat’s own nutritional status. As the saying goes, what is lacking and what is replenished is the king’s way. Therefore, parents can see what kind of nutrients their children lack, and choose to supplement them accordingly, so that the nutrients or the nutrient cream with rich content will do.

       Take a very simple chestnut. If the cat owner of your family lacks nutrition, but his stomach and intestines are not very good and often suffers from indigestion, you can try the fresh meat probiotics nutrition cream upgraded by guten. It is made of fresh tuna white meat and specially added with probiotics and prebiotics. It can not only supplement the nutrition needed by cats, but also solve the problem of digestion and absorption in the intestines and stomach of cats.

       Of course, there are many types of nutrition cream. Pet friends should be more cautious when purchasing. After all, not all of them are of high quality. It is good to choose famous brands and word-of-mouth formulas as far as possible. It is also safe to use them. There is also the family meow small owner itself is relatively fat, try not to eat, careful fat Ao.

       Let’s take a look at which cats need to eat the cream:

       1. It is necessary to supplement vitamins and minerals for cats who are picky for a long time, are not good to eat cat food, or eat people’s rice, and have a single diet structure.

       2. For the body is not good, weak cat, because the diet is small, easy to cause malnutrition of the cat.

       3. Because the disease needs a special vitamin or mineral supplement.

       4. Apparently deficient in certain vitamins or minerals, such as convulsions caused by calcium deficiency and pagan cats.

       5. During pregnancy and lactation period, malnutrition, excessive body consumption and serious nutrient loss of female cats during pregnancy and lactation period make it urgent to supplement nutrition.

       In addition, the nutrition cream can also be used to quickly supplement the nutrition needed by the body of the cats after operation, body deficiency, new-born and old cats, and help cats recover the injured body.

       Recommendation: there are many kinds of cat nutrition cream on the market. However, due to the low entry threshold and lack of relevant strict supervision, the cat nutrition cream is not good and bad. If you are a new cat owner, you may as well consider meow think nutrition cream.

       The nutrition cream provides high-efficiency and high-quality nutrients for pet. It selects high-quality and high-concentration compound vitamins as the main raw materials, and specially adds taurine, amino acids, honey and trace elements formula to meet the nutritional needs of the growth of cats, promote growth and development, enhance immunity, and prevent and control pica. It is the best nutritional supplement for pet growing period, gestation period, weaning period and postoperative rehabilitation period. In addition, if there are young cats, they can be fed with milk powder of meow think cat, which has a better effect.

       yes , we have. There are special nutrition cream for cats and also nutrition cream for both cats and dogs. However, it is recommended to feed cats separately. Cats should eat cat nutrition cream and dogs should eat dog nutrition cream. Because there are differences in nutrition needed by cats and dogs, the two kinds of nutrition cream are more targeted.

       Cat nutrition cream is an adjuvant to supplement the cat’s health. Most of the nutrition paste packages on the market are in the form of toothpaste, which can supplement the cat with amino acids, vitamins, fatty acids, taurine and various trace elements.

       For cats with malnutrition, lactation, surgery and serious illness, it is recommended to feed some nutrition cream to the cat, so that the cat can be more energetic with sufficient nutrition, but obese cats should not be fed any more.

       Before feeding the nutrient cream, read the instructions carefully and feed it scientifically, not too much. It is not that the more you feed, the more nutrition you have, the better; pay attention to the nutrition cream can not be used as medicine, it can only be used as a supplement for daily nutrition.

       The name of nutrition cream, as the name implies, is a nutrient supplement. The function of quick tonic cream for cats is to help cats supplement nutrition. Many excrement removal officials think that cat food will contain the nutrition that cats need, and there is no need to eat nutrition cream. But don’t ignore one point. There are many kinds and brands of cat food on the market. Each kind of nutrition is not the same, and the proportion is not the same. So nutrition cream is very good to make up for the lack of cat food.

       Which kind of nutrition cream is good

       At present, there are two kinds of nutrition cream on the market, which are commonly used for cats and dogs and special for cats. The most common of these two kinds of creams is the first. Although it is convenient for the dog and cat to shovel excrement, this kind of nutrition cream can not supplement the nutrition needed by cats and dogs respectively. Dogs and cats need the same nutrients, but different proportions. Continue to eat dog, can not achieve the effect of supplement.

       Nutrition cream what age period eats well

       Supplementary nutrition is all ages to do, but supplement nutrition should be healthy, if it is already very fat, it will increase the burden of the body. Nutrition should be supplemented in young and old age. Young cats need more nutrition when the body needs more nutrition. Elderly nutrition can prevent osteoporosis, tooth loss and skin diseases, so it is necessary to supplement nutrition.

       How to judge whether a cat needs to eat nutrition cream

       1. Nutrition cream is suitable for female cats with severe nutrient loss during re lactation. After the kitten is born, the mother’s breast milk is very precious. It is easy to lose the breast milk in the mother cat’s body every day. If it is not supplemented, the female cat’s body burden will become greater, the resistance will become worse, and she will be more likely to get sick.

       2. If the cat’s body is small, and its weight, hair and development are poor compared with that of cats of the same age, it may be malnutrition. In addition, consult a professional veterinarian.

       How often do you take nutrition cream

       Take nutrition cream can refer to the usage and dosage of nutrition cream, most of which are once a day. Some of the nutrition cream is toothpaste tube, and some are needle tube. Each has its own advantages, which can be selected according to the actual situation of the cat.

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