Does dog eat pig feed rise fast – can dog eat pig’s full price feed?

       We have pets here are to take rice and meat to them to eat! Fresh and healthy! Different tastes every day! We give it whatever we eat! Meat! You don’t have to buy feed! Dogs like meat! Cats like fish! I don’t understand why I feed them. I feel like I’m giving them snacks Very unhealthy

       Pig feed with antibiotics as a growth promoting agent, pigs are generally raised for a few months, long-term consumption of antibiotics is not easy to show the harm. If the pet dog eats antibiotic feed for a long time, it is easy to gain weight; the second is that the flora of digestive system is easy to be disordered and has problems; the third is that it is easy to have drug-resistant bacteria, and once the dog is sick, it will not be easy to cure.

       It’s better not to feed pigs to dogs, because dog food is composed of protein, energy and premix. Protein feed of course refers to protein such as soybean. The main difference between pig feed and dog feed is egg. Is the main pig feed for fattening or for dogs? Food is mainly for the health of the baby, so for the health of your dog, don’t poison the dog. If you eat pig feed, the dog will grow bigger, because it provides more elements.

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