Does Garfield need human intervention during tooth replacement?

       When Garfield’s teeth change at home, parents see Garfield’s teeth loose. In this case, do our parents need to help Garfield change teeth artificially. Or wait for Garfield’s own teeth to fall off?

       Generally, Garfield may begin to change teeth at 4-6 months, which may cause short-term anorexia. However, parents should not worry. After tooth replacement, our master and son will regain their appetite and change from the original 26 teeth to 30 teeth. There are two more upper and lower molars, which means Garfield has begun the permanent tooth stage. You can identify whether Garfield’s teeth change through observation. For example, Garfield’s mood will be a little more irritable than usual, and then open her mouth, you can see that his gums are red and swollen. This is because new teeth will grow out. If you look at Garfield’s teeth, you can find that there are two new teeth beside some of them, which is the new and old friendship.

       During the tooth changing period of Garfield cat, the owner should always pay attention to Garfield cat, prepare some easy to chew food in advance to protect their new teeth, and pay attention to give Garfield cat some calcium tablets for calcium supplement. It will not cause calcium deficiency. Pay attention to check the deciduous teeth often. If the deciduous teeth do not fall off clean, it is easy to cause malocclusion. In this way, the residue of food will be accumulated, which is easy to breed bacteria, which is bad for the teeth. Therefore, Garfield should brush its teeth regularly.

       Therefore, normally speaking, Garfield’s teeth fall off and grow teeth during the period does not need our parents to artificially intervene in this matter, only need parents to prepare the food suitable for the period of tooth replacement.