Does ginger need a haircut on her buttocks?

       Most of the parents like cats because of their fluffy hair. Jinjila, in particular, is a combination of the advantages and disadvantages of many cat breeds. Does the hair need to be trimmed?

       For breed cats, the intestines and stomachs of most cats are not particularly good, especially prone to diarrhea or indigestion. The characteristic of this kind of stomach is that it is easy to pull out very soft and thin stools. In addition, jinjila is a long haired cat. When going to the toilet, it is easy to stick the stool on the hair of the buttocks. This is the most difficult thing for jinjila It’s something. Because of this, it is a huge project for cats to regulate their intestines and stomach.

       But because of its long hair, it is more difficult to deal with the activity of defecation. Once the stool is pulled out, it will easily stick to the long hair. If the parents find it in time, it is OK to say that if it is not found in time, jinjila may leave traces of defecation on your sofa and bed. What’s more disgusting, it’s possible that when you hold jinjila, you’ll get a hand of Baba, and you’ll vomit all night long. Therefore, it is generally suggested that the owner should trim the buttocks of the doll cat regularly, and trim the hair near the cat’s anus, which can effectively avoid the cat’s poop sticking to the cat’s body.

       So parents should not be lazy. If they find that ginger’s hair is long, they should remember to trim it. Not only long haired cats, but also short haired cats have this probability, so don’t try to save time. Or at the end of the day when you’re cleaning up your home, you’re going to doubt your life.