Does it affect pregnant women touching cats – is it harmful to touch cats during pregnancy

       Nowadays, many young women like to keep cats and dogs, but when they are ready to get pregnant, they worry about Toxoplasma gondii. In fact, almost all mammals and birds can infect Toxoplasma gondii. According to a survey conducted by the American Cat Association, cat feces are less likely to infect Toxoplasma gondii than eating raw meat.

       It’s harmful because cats have Toxoplasma gondii.

       The harm of Toxoplasma gondii in pregnant women: women have been infected with toxoplasmosis before pregnancy, which is not harmful to the fetus; however, if women are infected with toxoplasmosis for the first time during pregnancy, it will cause danger to the unborn.

       Pregnant women can transmit Toxoplasma gondii to the fetus through the placenta.

       If a woman suffering from toxoplasmosis has a blood sowing period during pregnancy (i.e. Toxoplasma, swallow shaped body and sharp body activity), the fetus must be infected. 80% of all fetuses were latent chronic toxoplasmosis patients and carried for life.

       There are also some patients with polypathic toxoplasmosis. Very few of them become stillbirth deformity and mental retardation.

       During the lactation period, because of the fact that * * is “immune to disease”, although Toxoplasma gondii is found in breast milk, it is not a big problem for * * to be vaccinated with live vaccine every time she is fed milk.

       ***It can grow as usual. But the symptoms vary in severity. The activity of Toxoplasma gondii was the strongest in women with toxoplasmosis. Women’s menstrual blood often contains a large number of Toxoplasma cysts, which is not a small source of infection and should not be ignored.

       It’s OK. You can rest assured. Don’t listen to the old man’s words. It’s not reliable. The scientific saying is like this. Although keeping a cat may lead to some parasitic infections, virus infections, fungal infections, especially toxoplasmosis infection, because Toxoplasma gondii infection may lead to fetal infection through the placenta, leading to premature birth, abortion, stillbirth or teratogenesis, but this does not mean that this situation will certainly happen in cats. First, not all cats are parasitic with bows Second, if people who have owned cats generally have antibodies against Toxoplasma gondii in their bodies, as long as they pay proper attention, the possibility of being infected by their own cats and cats with toxoplasmosis leading to premature birth, abortion, stillbirth or abnormal fetus is still very low.

       Fear of Toxoplasma infection??? Read more books, cats can only excrete infectious eggs once in a lifetime. You should feed the cat raw meat every day without deworming for a long time. After the cat is infected, you should eat her stool every day. Eat it while it is hot. It will increase the chance of infection. Moreover, it is very likely to be killed by the body immune system after infection. So you should try your best to make your body immunity worse Egg development.

       As long as the scientific breeding of cats is cleaner than people, you go out every day to contact so many bacteria, touch so many people with infectious diseases, touch the door handle, you don’t worry about a cat that accompanies you every day??? Funny

       In fact, the possibility of toxoplasmosis transmitted by cats is quite low. As long as you don’t feed it directly with your mouth or touch its excreta, you don’t have to worry about it. Cough may be just a cold or something, or it may be just a psychological effect. It’s OK. Direct contact with cats is not so easy to be infected by cats, so pregnant or can contact cats. But if you don’t worry about it, take your cat to get vaccinated.

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