Does lowena fear heat in summer – is a dog afraid of heat

       I’m not afraid. A cat can know where to make it comfortable. It needs sunshine to supplement vitamins. If you just blindly shut up in a place without sunshine, it will get sick, and will feel shivering day by day. To build a lot of quilts, the cat raised by my aunt downstairs is such a fate. It’s very poor, but we should give it drinking water. In fact, you don’t have to worry about

       More than 40 days! puppy.

       Dogs are generally afraid of heat, its body does not sweat function, only by sticking out the tongue to cool the body.

       The climate is hot, do not take the dog to outdoor activities, as it will only make it more tired.

       Put the dog’s nest in a cool place in the room. If the dog is hot, he will lie down on the cool ground. Sometimes the tip of the nose also touches the ground.

       The dog is still small, don’t give it a bath. Body hair dirty, play basin warm water (low temperature) with a small towel, wet to it to wipe the body.

       Keep in mind that it’s hot, don’t give it milk, easy to grow bacteria and food with meat. It can also be used to change intestines in puppies

       The Samoan Bai, a polar sled dog, can endure the cold air flow of Siberia and work in the snow Dao. Thick and dense trichomes are good protection genera.. So getting Samo in the city is certainly afraid of the heat.. When the sun is strong in summer, it’s better not to take Samo out to play. The water in the body will quickly drain. Even heatstroke.. In summer, Samo likes to lie on the floor because the ground is cooler than other places. He pastes his belly on the ground to better dissipate heat through the contact between the ground and the skin.. Your dog is still small. It’s easy to get cold to the stomach when the weather changes greatly. The intestines and stomach of polar dogs are relatively fragile compared with other dogs. If there’s nothing else to worry about. Summer night allows Samo to sleep in an air-conditioned room.. Samo is not afraid of cold. On the contrary, we should take it out to exercise more in cold weather. My family also has two Samos. Remember not to take him out when it’s sunny in summer. If you want to go out, you must bring enough water. I also have two Samos in my family. What do not understand the place can add me, QQ asked me.

       Samoye is afraid of heat, because Samoye is a polar sled dog and can endure the cold wind of Siberia and work in the snow specialist. Thick and thick hair is a good guarantee, so if you get a Samo in the city, you will be afraid of the heat.

       Samoyed (English: Samoyed) is a member of the fox dog family. It was originally bred by the Samoye people of Siberia. It is characterized by Samoye’s smile. It seems that he is always smiling and likes to be close to others. In addition to his gentle personality, he is also known for his endurance and strength. He was originally used to pull sleds and guard reindeer, and was also used by Western explorers for polar exploration missions. In the 19th century, fur merchants believed that white would be the most popular color and exported a large number of white samoyer dogs to Europe and America. The purebred samoyer dogs seen today are mostly white.

       Samoyer dog has a very attractive appearance, strong physique but no trouble: snow white fur, smiling face and black and intelligent eyes, known as smiling angel, is the most beautiful dog in the world. Samoyer dog is very strong and fast. It is an excellent guard dog, but it is gentle and friendly. It never bothers but can maintain its position. Many modern families like to keep Samoye dogs because they can maintain the relationship between neighbors. Samoyer dogs have a good physique, but they never easily provoke “others”, including other pets and people. In the encounter with other “people”, always Wen Wen Wen quietly stays, as long as the other party does not provoke it, it will never provoke.

       First of all, I’m the only one in Alaska

       1. This dog is a long haired dog. It has serious body odor. It takes four hours to take a bath and dry it. If it doesn’t dry, it is easy to get skin disease. In addition, the air conditioner must be turned on in summer

       2. This dog is so stupid. I regret it now. I don’t care about the house. I don’t come back after loosening the rope. I have a lot of exercise. I go out and run like crazy. My laptop, shoes, curtains, vases and doors are all bitten by him. The training level is too low

       3. The intestines and stomach are not good. It is easy to have diarrhea

       4. This dog doesn’t look after the house, even if it doesn’t protect the owner at all. Even other dogs don’t bark at their owners. Bai grows a big one

       I was one of these two dogs. I was dazzled by beauty. After all, I have a dog for ten years. I really want to change Rowena. Luo Mao is short and easy to take care of. He is born to take care of the owner. It’s not like Allah. It’s more intimate with strangers than with the owner. It’s a pain to have to keep Allah

       I feel like it’s hot, but you don’t need to worry about it.

       My home Daluo (puppies are also the same) to find a cool place, hot days it loves to lie on the kitchen tile floor, reheat on the air conditioning, so the home is not very hot.

       If it is outside, it will run to the nest to hide from the sun. Dogs know how to avoid summer heat.

       If it is tied, don’t let it in the sun all the time, it will heat stroke, take it to a cool place.

       Just prepare enough water for it. Change it every day in case of high water quality in summer.

       If you like to eat fruit, you can give Apple to eat, although watermelon summer, but always feel too much sugar.

       Do not need to take a total bath, 1 ~ 2 weeks once can, too often bad for the skin. You can also take it to swim, but my family Darrow doesn’t like swimming.

       What kind of dog do you have? If it’s a dog with thick hair, it’s really afraid of heat, so you should cool it down by blowing an electric fan and giving it more water to drink. If you have the conditions, you can shave its hair thinner, otherwise you will get heatstroke! If it is a small dog, it should be no problem! ~ it depends on the living environment of its original ancestors!

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