Does the cat like to drink water at night – does the cat want water

       Berman cat

       Many owners may find that cats don’t seem to like drinking water very much, and cats who don’t like drinking water are very likely to suffer from urinary system diseases, and many owners have suffered a lot from this. In fact, cats are not naturally thirsty because their ancestors lived in deserts and wilderness. In order to adapt themselves to the dry environment, the ancestors of cats learned not to rely too much on drinking water for the body’s water needs.

       If your cat doesn’t drink much water, you need to make a special plan for them to live a healthier life. Most pet doctors advise owners to feed canned cats regularly, because the water content of canned cats is high, and cats can get enough water during meals. It should be noted that because of the high water content of canned cats, cats need to eat more to be full. Owners should not feed cats according to the standard of dry food.

       Of course, canned cats can not completely replace drinking water. Owners should prepare clean drinking water for cats when they eat canned cats. Many cats don’t like the taste because the tap water in urban families needs to be bleached. The owner can give the cat boiled water or purified water. Some netizens said that if a little fresh cat Mint could be added to the water, cats would become more fond of drinking water, and owners would not try it.

       In addition, if it is found that your cat only likes to drink water from the toilet or toilet floor, the owner needs to stop it, because there are many pathogenic bacteria in the toilet water or floor water. Once the cat drinks, it may cause various diseases.

       People who have cats will find that cats seldom contact anyone. Why don’t cats like drinking water? This problem has to start with the life experience of cats. The ancestors of domestic cats come from dry deserts and wilderness. Therefore, what our furry companions inherited from their ancestors today is not only elegant posture and excellent hunting talent, but also a very low thirst drive (i.e. thirst for water). To put it bluntly, it is not easy to feel thirsty.

       Water mainly depends on food

       Cats are less sensitive to thirst than dogs, and they don’t drink as often as dogs do. What’s more, cats excrete high concentrations of urine, which makes them bear a heavy burden. If the cat’s food is low in water, it is easy to suffer from urinary system diseases.

       When cats show signs of urinary problems, they need to be given a high water diet. However, why do we need to mend the situation rather than prepare for a rainy day? The right way is to feed the cats with high humidity canned food regularly before they have problems

       Because of the physiological properties of cats, they are more used to absorbing water from food than drinking water. For example, mice, the most common food for cats, have 70% body moisture. The moisture content of wet cat food can is about 78%, while that of dry cat food is only 5% to 10%. So before you have to flush your cat’s bladder several times a day, take a serious look at canned cats

       Drinking water is also important

       In an adult cat, water accounts for 60 to 70 percent of its weight. The long-term water shortage will have a very fatal impact on pets, leading to serious diseases and even death.

       Although wet cat food allows cats to absorb more water, it is also necessary to provide clean and fresh water in the house. It should be noted that some cats may like to drink tap water, but they are sensitive to the bleach in it, so they should buy some bottled drinking water for them. In addition, some cats like to drink in less clean places, such as toilets, mops, fish tanks and so on, which must be corrected by the owners in time.

       Here’s a tip to help your cat drink more water. That is to buy some fresh cat mint leaves, fill the water bowl with fresh water, and put the chopped cat mint leaves into the water. Then you can sit by and enjoy the craziness of cats drinking water!

       Have you prepared a basin for it?

       Cats, like humans, now have low temperatures, slow metabolism, and require less water than in summer. The two month old kitten can’t drink a few mouthfuls a day, and the rice it eats also has moisture.

       It doesn’t matter if cat food is not cat food, it’s the same to make a meal by yourself, but we should pay attention to the balanced nutrition, and don’t eat what people eat, so it’s not good!!! First, don’t add salt. Second, don’t have coffee and pepper This kind of stimulating food and seasoning, and then we must ensure that sufficient amount of animal food, cats are born meat animals, can not take rice steamed bread as the staple food.

       The cells that make up animals and humans need water to maintain them

       Water is the basic component of all living things. Both animals and plants use water to maintain the most basic life activities. People can live without food for several days, and can not have no water for a day. Therefore, water is the source of life, and water is also one of the most essential nutrients for animals and human beings

       About 50% to 70% of human body weight is water. The water content varies with age, gender and physical condition. The brain contains about 85% water and the blood contains about 90% water. Water is the main component of animal and human cells and body fluids. The body water mainly combines with proteins, lipids or carbohydrates to form a colloidal state. About 50% of the total water content of animals and human bodies is intracellular fluid, The remaining 50% is extracellular fluid, including intercellular fluid and plasma

       Water is not only the medium for absorbing nutrients and transporting nutrients, but also the carrier for excreting wastes. Animals and people complete the metabolic process through the circulation of water in the body. In this process, water also has the functions of heat dissipation of animals and human body, regulation of body temperature, lubrication of joints and internal organs and so on. It is very important for animal and human life. If the water loss reaches 10% – 20%, It is not excessive to say that water is the source of life

       For example, the average daily urine volume of adults is about 1500 ml / D, 800 ml from skin and respiratory tract, and 100-200 ml feces, totaling about 2500 ml

       Therefore, in addition to eating, normal animals and people need to drink about 1500 ml of water and about 6-8 cups of water every day to meet the needs of animal and human metabolism

       Since water is so important to human beings, the quality of water that people take every day is a crucial issue. It is directly related to the health of animals and people. There are a lot of records both at home and abroad. Whether it is longevity village or endemic diseases in some areas, the reasons are related to local drinking water. Good water brings health, and polluted water brings diseases, Drinking healthy water is not only harmless but also beneficial to human health

       Why do animals and people drink water? The importance of water to animals and people

       Water is the source of life for animals and human beings

       2. Water can transport nutrients to every cell of the body and export waste to the lungs and kidneys for excretion

       3. The main components of blood, hormones and antibacterial cells

       4. Water is the most important element in the chemical reaction, digestion and metabolism of the body

       5. Water can protect the cells of the body like a cushion and the function of lubricating joints

       6. Water. It can replenish the body at any time

       7. Water helps to improve constipation and maintain cell metabolism

       Water can regulate body temperature

       9. Please drink more water and drink at least 2000 cc per day

       10. If you want water to play its best role, it’s better to cooperate with sports

       The biggest problem of newborn baby cats is feeding. If they can’t, they will die. Healthy dairy cats for 0-7 days are fed after sleeping every day. They may eat milk for 8 hours a day, and milk every 3-4 hours for about 45 minutes each time. Therefore, if it is artificial feeding, it is necessary to feed every two hours to ensure the total amount of milk for cats. Cats over one week old can be fed once every 3-4 hours.

       Cats and cats will also know their own changes, some cats know that they have been sterilized, will know, so often take it out of the balcony or something, let it contact more anger and sunshine, more with it, do not let it feel alone.

       If you continue to see the veterinarian, it is important to see if you are not ill (in fact, cats and dogs will also have mental illness). It is important to pay more attention to company.

       And see if the food doesn’t like to eat.

       See this title, do you have some doubts? Simple drinking water still has knowledge, isn’t this cat’s? You’re wrong. You’re facing meow! Drinking water is very particular! For example, your cat once had a urinary system disease, you will now say headache, and then hope that magic can let your baby take the initiative to drink more water! Expensive drugs, single prescription food feeding make you love your cat, the recurrence of disease makes you feel hopeless cure, for your family meow people, spend 10 minutes listening to me nagging.

       Small counseling bag, very uncomfortable, hold urine to want to urinate~

       Adult cats, especially obese male cats, are very prone to lower urinary tract syndrome. The quality of life of cats with such problems will become worse. They often go to the toilet and urinate frequently, and they will scream bitterly. They have no appetite and are sick. If you urinate, your cat’s life will be in danger. The cat not only has to bear the pain, but also needs to pay more time and energy to take care of the cat, worry about the baby’s health, and even be a little worried. What can be done to prevent the lower urinary tract syndrome? In fact, a very simple way is to increase the amount of drinking water, increase the amount of micturition of the cat.

       I am fat, I am proud, I am the host flower***~

       The best way to solve this problem is to find out early, increase the amount of drinking water, increase the amount of micturition of cats. If your cat has been to a doctor, the doctor will definitely recommend you to use the prescription food of urinary tract for a long time, or suggest that you should take diuretics and other urinary treatment drugs to the cat for a long time, but it will also remind you to increase the amount of water for your cat. Therefore, whether it is to prevent or treat the urinary system diseases of cats, drinking water is the key.

       Some cat owners will be helpless to say that my meow is not drinking water, he does not seem to have this demand, I have no way. Well, it’s true that cats are much less active drinkers than dogs. This is because cats and dogs belong to two different kinds of animals. Studies have shown that cats’ ancestors lived in desertified areas and were carnivores. They could get enough water from their food. Therefore, to some extent, cats are thirsty, and they don’t drink water with them It is related to the species and habits of animals.

       The first thing to add to their drinking water is to remind the meow that it’s time to drink water. In fact, it’s very simple to put a basin of water in the room where you call meow frequently, so that he can drink whenever and wherever he wants, so that he won’t suffer from thirst because he can’t see the water.

       Don’t worry too much when you hear that cats will take the initiative to tolerate thirst. We can also use other ways to attract cats to drink water. After breeding and evolution, many cats are widely distributed. Forest cats and jungle cats have the habit of actively looking for water sources and drinking water. However, they all love and flow water, commonly known as living water. The sound of flowing water can stimulate their senses and arouse their interest in drinking water. In foreign markets, the basin of circulating living water began to appear very early for cats If you find that your cat likes to go to the bathroom to drink water, or is very interested in your tap, then pro, don’t hesitate to buy a mobile water dispenser for your meow ~ flowing water is the love of your meow~

       All kinds of unhappiness, depression~

       However, not all cats eat this set. Some just don’t eat it. The next method can be targeted at greedy cats. Although the cat food is dry food, unless it is a prescription food for urinary tract, other dry food will not make the cat feel thirsty and need drinking water. Therefore, the only way to increase water content in food is to increase the amount of drinking water through the process of eating and taking food, For example, changing the dry food of the cat into the prescription can of the urinary tract, the first prescription can increases the palatability, which is more attractive to the cat than the prescription dry food. Secondly, the moisture in the prescription can is more intense, which increases the cat’s drinking water during the process of inadvertent feeding. However, what I want to remind the cat slaves is that not any kind of can can can be given. Only prescription cans can increase the two-way effect of drinking water and urination of cats. The general canned snacks do not have these effects. The soup in ordinary cans is saltier, and the chemical freshening additives are more, but they will not increase the cats’ desire for drinking water, which also increases the burden of * *, so it is not recommended to use.

       Sad eyes said, I don’t want to drink water, I don’t want to eat wonderful fresh bread, you want to pour me water to drink, I will nest in it and not come out!!!

       Sad eyes said, I don’t want to drink water, I don’t want to eat wonderful fresh bread, you want to pour me water to drink, I will nest in it and not come out!!!

       Some tricky meow people don’t even like to eat canned food. What should we do then? Ha ha, congratulations. The time to fight with your family’s meow is coming. Three words, think of a way! The owner must be the one who knows his cat’s habits best. He challenges the cat’s willpower and forces him to drink water by various means. For example, some cats like to eat fresh shrimps. They can cook prawns at home (without any ingredients), and then take one or two shells and add a large amount of boiled shrimp soup to sink the shrimps deep at the bottom. If you don’t give any food, you can give this bowl of shrimp soup When the cat was in the party, it had to drink part of the water to eat the shrimp, which increased the amount of drinking water in disguise.

       The author has heard from a loving aunt who feeds stray cats that there is another folk formula in the folk. The raw meat from the back of the carp is sliced and fed directly. The cat is fed once a month. Diuresis is very obvious on the day and the next day after use. Most of her stray cats use this method to prevent the problem of lower urinary tract, but this involves food hygiene. The author does not recommend it very much and can try it Do some carp soup, also do not add any seasoning, for the cat may be more hygienic and healthy.

       Do you think that if you just supply enough water, the cat will be obedient and obedient to drink water? Wrong, meow people don’t like to be clean. If his toilet is dirty, he won’t go to it again, so you must clean the cat’s toilet for your cat every day!!! Must clean up every day, diligent parents please clean twice, hold urine will not only cause urine concentration, will also make the cat stop drinking water!

       Some cat slaves will say that our cat toilet is very clean, but he just won’t go. Well, I have to say that your cat is very sensitive and has suffered you a lot. Cleaning up the litter not only needs to remove the caked litter, but also needs to dump part of the litter which is half dry and half wet with strong smell, so that the litter is in a clean odor state. Although we humans can’t distinguish it, but the cleanliness loving meow people are very good I care. If you have or have n (n ¡Ý 2) cats in your family, please prepare more litter basins. N + 1 is just the best condition. There is no space. Don’t use only one litter basin. Cats are not social animals. They require more living space. Toilet is a private space. If a strong cat is marked in the sand basin, it will make vulnerable cats avoid it Urine is the most common problem. Preparing more sand pots will make the powerful cats feel that their living resources are not so tight, and they will not occupy the toilet so that other cats will not dare to use it.

       The harmonious couple of Dobby occasionally need to share a toilet. The mother hates the toilet very much and never goes to pee if it is not cleaned~

       Summarize how to solve the problem of cats drinking water. First, increase the amount of water in the water basin at home, then increase the water flow to attract the cat’s attention. Then, in the choice of food, either scientifically use formula food, or fight wits to challenge the cat’s bottom line. Finally, clean your cat’s toilet, so that your cat doesn’t feel the urgency of living space~

       PS: if it’s unfortunate that your cat has had repeated attacks and is a big fat male cat, then simply increasing the amount of drinking water can’t be used to prevent your cat’s lower urinary tract syndrome. Taking medicine, taking prescription food or having severe urinary tract stricture need manual stoma. It’s better to prevent everything before it happens!

       As we all know, cats are the animals who don’t like drinking water the least. If cats don’t drink water for a long time or drink a small amount of water, it will have a great impact on the health of cats, especially urinary system diseases, and even kidney failure. Therefore, it is very important for cats to drink more water. If your family is not in love with water, it is recommended that you buy a water dispenser for your cat, because the cat likes flowing water, or you have enough time, you can also consider feeding the cat with a syringe, which is just a bit of trouble.

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