Does the kitten need to be taken outside – does the cat need to walk?

       Comrades who want to take animals abroad have about three steps.

       1¡£ Call the airline for details about the animals. When booking tickets in advance, we should consult in detail whether we can carry animals with us. Some companies can keep animals around as long as they don’t open the cages, but I don’t know if there are any on Chinese flights to foreign countries. Canadian Airlines can bring animals, but they have to buy a ticket twice the excess baggage charge, about 2040 yuan. In the end, they only charge 1700 yuan. Maybe it’s my cat, Feifei, who is small. CA will not fly pets between November and March. It is probably too cold to ensure safety.

       2¡£ Take your pet to the designated animal hospital. When I called the import and export quarantine bureau, a very impatient Mr. Zhang told me that there were only two designated in Beijing. One was the Ornamental Animal Hospital in Madian, and the other was the Agricultural University Hospital, malianwa Agricultural University, Haidian District, Beijing 62893036. There is another one in Datun. It is estimated that it is the Beijing Animal general hospital. The telephone number is 64970591. Although I knew a thing or two in advance, I went to Panjiayuan Angel animal hospital, which is close to my home. As a result, they swore that they could do it, often. Some people went to Taiwan with their immunization certificates, and they didn’t have to go to the import and export quarantine bureau of Jianguomen. I believe it. As a result, I gave Feifei a physical examination abroad. I looked at her ears, her eyes, her fur, her teeth and her appetite. Finally, he took a shot of rabies, a needle of cat triple, and the treatment of ear mites, a total of 200 yuan. I got a blue immunization book with labels for two kinds of vaccines. I thought it was a success.

       3¡£ To apply for the animal health certificate for entry and exit by virtue of the official immunization certificate. The address is Jianguomen, and the telephone number is 65685883. The quarantine fee is 31 yuan (CAT) at the hall on the second floor of the commodity inspection building at 12 Jianwai Street (opposite to Guiyou). After quarantine inspection, give an animal and plant quarantine certificate / customs clearance form, etc., with which you can board the aircraft / pass the customs. Office hours: 8:30-11:30, 1:30-4:30.

       Two days before the cat left, I suddenly wanted to check the situation. So I called Jianguomen and found that only three hospitals, including Agricultural University, could do it. I was very flustered. I called the Ornamental Animal Hospital. A doctor Guo told me that I should have a new injection, but considering that it is not good for the cat’s health, I can change my certificate. So in the past, the registration was 10 yuan and the card was changed for 30 yuan. Without any injection, they only went to the pharmacy where the medicine was prescribed and took the labels of the two vaccines and pasted them on the orange immune card of the new ornamental hospital. They feel that they have their own system. They often change their certificates. Then I went to Jianguo gate and went to window 7 on the second floor. I found that it was the place for customs declaration, followed by two people who declared their leather clothes. Funny. I got a customs clearance form and asked to fill in the consignor, consignee, animal species, port of destination, declared total value (100 yuan), quantity, etc. in English, it was extremely ugly, like earthworm. The other side’s eyebrows are all wrinkled into a twist. As a result, he was ordered to go up to the tenth floor, and a room with a goldfish tank in the corner suddenly opened up. There was a very bureaucratic young man and a kind-hearted middle-aged woman, the official veterinarian. I handed in the immunization certificate and customs clearance application form, the man was very dissatisfied, I wrote a very business health certificate while I printed a very business health certificate, written in English: animal species: cat, animal scientific name: cat, animal type: cat, this is to prove that this one or several animals came from non rabies epidemic area, has been vaccinated, please release. The signature is the official veterinarian XXX. Then, the man had to check my cat as usual, but he couldn’t come out because the cat was very afraid. The male staff member was very impatient, so he omitted the physical examination and put a red seal on it. Then they walked away for a while, and I took the opportunity to flip through their notebooks and found that someone took more than 10000 goldfish to England yesterday (not easy, after a while, 9999, 9998), and two dogs went to Luxemburg. So he took Feifei down the second floor and paid 31 yuan inspection fee. After waiting for the customs declaration form to be printed, he sat on the sofa and waited for more than half an hour. Finally, he got a health certificate in triplicate and a customs clearance form for outbound goods. It should be noted that this health certificate is only valid for 14 days from the date of issue. Therefore, it is not necessary to do it one week before leaving.

       4¡£ Take the dog and cat to the airport to check in, and then go to the airline counter to buy a ticket. Then the cat is transported to a specific pet. In Vancouver, she helped me bring her friend to see her once, and then she arrived in New York safely.

       About means of transport and transport details.

       A¡£ The case should be a special air case, is it easier? The best thing is that the cat can turn around, stand up, sit down and sleep curled up. It can’t be so big that if there is turbulence, it will be thrown like weightlessness, black and blue. I bought one, about 30 * 40, the smallest one, 230 yuan. To meet the IATA standard is the best. The cage should be bought more than two weeks in advance. Generally, it has the opportunity to get familiar with it. Open the cage door and let them explore freely. When they go, they will not be afraid.

       B¡£ Water dispenser. Don’t use a bowl of water, water is necessary, otherwise long-distance travel will dehydrate. It’s easy to toss it out in the bowl. Cats hate wet. Use a water dispenser that can be fixed to the door. If the cabin of the animal is very hot, freeze it in advance. The price of water dispenser is about 25 yuan to 40 yuan.

       C¡£ Food. No food for short trips. Don’t feed 4 hours before boarding to avoid carsickness and nausea. Just put something you eat. A little food in the stomach can help keep quiet. The feeder can be fixed to the cage.

       D¡£ Don’t give a sedative injection. Tranquilizers and sleeping needles are generally only effective for two to four hours. However, it is only proved to be effective on land without side effects. Therefore, IATA suggests that sedation should not be given for fear that it may affect the self-help ability and escape possibility of animals in crisis and dangerous situations.

       E¡£ Familiar things accompany. Put one or two things that she usually uses. I put Feifei’s toy rabbit into the cage and put the blanket she likes. It is said to help keep calm.

       F¡£ label. Write the flight number, owner’s name, contact information, cat’s name and other information with eye-catching black pen outside the cage to prevent the situation. Don’t lock the cage, just put on the buckle, in case of emergency, the flight crew need to open the cage to rescue something.

       At present, I only think of so much. You can check the IATA website (if necessary). Finally, I hope that friends who want to go abroad take their pets, because it is very difficult for adult cats and dogs to leave their owners. Once separated, psychological trauma is very serious, let alone not be a very difficult thing. We should take them away as far as possible with an attitude towards their families and children, and fulfill their lifelong commitment.

       In fact, if the distance is not too far, I don’t think it is necessary to airlift

       1. You can give your cat some sleeping pills (a little) and then put it in your bag and take it on the long-distance bus. Or you can also feed some wine. Anyway, it can make it sleep well. But the condition is that you can only take the car. If there is no through train, you can only reverse

       2. Please also consider whether you really want to take it with you, because cats are animals that are hard to accept new environment. They like to live in the places they are used to. Consider whether your cat can adapt to the new environment. Some cats may run away from home because of their ordinary families

       I’d like to introduce some experience to you. A kitten for a month and a half can’t be fed too much. The cat’s appetite is very small. However, although the cat is young, don’t feed the food that is too hot and tastes too heavy. When feeding, you should first chew it. If it is too hard, he won’t eat it. When you are older, you can buy some cat food. My wife has never fed any professional cat food, so the price is not high I can do it for you. Kittens don’t take a bath too often. They are easy to get sick. Remember to blow dry them in time. The habit of taking a bath regularly must be developed. The cat may not be used to bathing in the early stage and will move around. It will be fine when it gets used to it. As for delphax, it does not need any medicine. If the medicine is not used well, it will affect both cats and people. As long as you keep the environment clean and take a bath, it’s OK. Also need not be too good lotion, kittens with mild point can wash clean good, of course, expensive long hair cat is not the same, need professional, pay attention to must blow dry, otherwise the weather is hot, easy to get cyst. Short haired cats will be easier, less troublesome.

       The cheap delphax is Miechongning, which can’t be used by kittens. It’s very dangerous. It can be used when you’re two weeks old. There are several bottles of it. It’s cheaper. It’s a good brand. It’s very well-known. The drop is expensive, about 40

       When fleas are found, it is not too late to drive out the insects

       First of all, cat food, baby cat, milk can not be given, easy to loose or even die, cat nest, summer rattan nest, winter cotton nest, comb bath gel, used to comb hair and bath, bath once a time, not vaccinated cat triple vaccine cat can not wash, very easy to get sick, 2 months old can be vaccinated cat triple vaccine, Intertek about 60 injections, after 21 days of vaccination again, it After that, you can immunize them once a year. The cat scratch board can prevent them from scratching furniture, cat litter and cat toilet. Of course, they are used for excretion. For details, you can add 5761719 to ask me

       I’m a student, too. Does your cat have lice? You’d better wait for the cat to grow up, or the drug may poison it. I remember a kind of lice elixir, but three or four yuan. But be sure to mix the water in proportion. I didn’t use Royal cat food, because we are students and not rich. But it’s necessary for cats to eat cat food, because the food we eat contains too much salt. The cat can’t stand it. Not only is the fur not smooth, but also urine stones. You can buy that kind of bulk cat food, six yuan a catty, the cat can eat a month (half a month old cat).

       Angora cat

       Dog owners take their dogs for walks almost every day. Some owners even take their dogs out 2-3 times a day. However, we seldom find that people walk cats. Do cats not need to walk, or do they not like to be walked at all?

       Like dogs, cats have to exercise enough every day, but although cats are companion pets, their wildness does not seem to disappear completely, so they prefer to walk alone rather than be led by others. Many owners will also buy equipment such as traction rope for cats, but many cats will become abnormal after wearing them. Some cats can’t even walk. Therefore, the owners have to give up the plan of walking cats.

       In addition, many cats have been brought home by their owners since childhood. They have never seen the outside world. If they are taken out, they are likely to be frightened. Then they quickly find a place where they feel safe to hide, and the hiding place may not even be found by the owner. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, cats dare not take their cats out easily ¡£ After going out, some cats will stay in the arms of their owners and refuse to go to the ground. After many times, the owners will think that the cats do not like to go outside and will not bring them out.

       In fact, as long as the conditions permit, the owner should take the cat out more. Because the cat and the dog have totally different personalities, the owner must remember to put on the traction device when walking the cat. Otherwise, as long as the blink of an eye, they may disappear from your eyes and never come back. If cats really don’t like to go out, then you don’t have to worry that they won’t have any exercise at home. When you see the rolls of paper pulled out, newspapers torn, sofa and curtains caught flowers after work, you will know that they are not idle at home.

       Does the cat need to walk

       Variety is really important

       Some more extroverted breeds, such as Siamese cat, Abyssinian cat, leopard cat and so on, will be more receptive to this behavior, but this does not mean that all individuals of these breeds like to go out.

       If you choose these breeds just to meet the needs of walking cats, please let the kittens go. It’s not good to have dogs!

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