Does the male cat come back after running out of the estrus? Will the male cat come home after running out?

       My mother cat ran out in heat and came back three or four days later. I haven’t come back for more than 40 days. It may be an accident, or it may be taken away by others. Is it a rare variety? If so, it could be the latter. If it’s a stray cat, it might be a wild cat. My cat is… I suggest you make a cat search enlightenment, so that if someone else takes it away, there is hope to find it back. But for more than a month, there is little hope. If you find it back and sterilize him, I believe you’re suffering too. But you should learn from it and avoid it happening again.

       I always find it in the garage 200 meters away from the door. When I go there, I will answer me. Follow me home. I have to pee all the way. My place is special. In the East, there is a river. Next to the fence, there is a road. It is a straight line. There is a line between the fence and the river The cat likes to go inside. When it goes to the garage, it always walks in the bush. Every time it can’t find it, it just shouts at the garage 200 meters south, and it will respond. Then it comes out and follows me home. But in a short time, it will go there by itself. Unless it has passed the oestrus, it will stay at home for a few days.

       Hello, friend.

       Male cats in estrus, there will be a great chance of leaving. I don’t know what kind of cat you have.

       Generally speaking, it will come back on its own if there is no special accident. But you have to know that once you leave home, there are many unknown dangers outside. For example: being caught by others, in a car accident, etc… Rain and snow will not affect the cat’s activity.

       In fact, I think the most important thing is to put an end to this kind of situation. If your cat can come back safely, I suggest that you take it to have fertility surgery as soon as possible. Only in this way can we really prevent this kind of thing from happening again. (because it’s not every time a male cat runs away, he has such a good fortune that he can return home safely.)

       There are many benefits of cat birth control. Here are five main benefits

       1. Can reduce the incidence of disease.

       Because of the different physiological structure of cats, because estrus and childbirth may cause many diseases. For male cats, it can avoid the problems of androgen tumor and prostate hypertrophy caused by estrus. In addition, frequent estrus male cats are most likely to have urinary tract obstruction, because there are secretions blocked, sterilization surgery can fundamentally solve this problem.

       2. After sterilization, cats will not be infected with sexually transmitted diseases, such as feline sexuality.

       3. Let the cat get rid of the tension, irritability and loss of appetite caused by estrus, and restore the original lively and clever nature. After birth control will be more obedient, sticky. And for the male cat, it will also change the habit of venting.

       4. Avoid breeding blindly and control the number of stray cats.

       5. After birth control, cats can also extend their life span and stay with you longer.

       The above is my personal opinion, I hope it can help you!

       If you’ve ever been out to play by yourself, you must know the way home. However, it’s cold now. This cat looks good. The probability of being stolen is quite large. Even if no one steals it for the time being, the general male cat can run far away. Where does the female cat go, where the male cat goes, and God knows where he can run. But the possibility of being stolen is still very high, unless there is no one to steal it If it is stolen, and the female cat it pursues is not far away from your home, it is more likely to come back. Otherwise, it will lead to such consequences

       Male cats will run away when they are in estrus. They should be sterilized. After running away, they won’t come back. Because cats are territorial animals, the distance within a radius of about 1.5 kilometers is a place for cats to remember their paths and come and go freely. But cats don’t have a good memory, and they don’t use urine to mark territory, so if you run out of this range, you can’t find your way home.

       Take the cat home:

       1. Put the cat in a suitable pet box (e.g. pet air box). If you use wire cages to hold cats, it’s better to cover the cages with cloth covers. It’s very important to bring them back. Don’t use cartons. If you are bringing back an adult cat from a friend’s home, you’d better ask for something familiar to the cat. For example, this cat usually uses the bedpan or cat’s nest or toy. It will feel safer and can settle down in the new place quickly.

       2. When you get home, let the new cat familiarize itself with the new environment: and don’t let it be disturbed by other pets. It’s better not to let the children at home tease the new big cats or kittens. This is especially important if children have never had pets before.

       3. You can put butter on the soles of your cat’s feet. Cats like to be clean, so when cats lick the butter under their feet, they are already familiar with the new home.

       There are many possibilities if you want to go out

       1. It went out to find a girlfriend, to the estrus period will fight with other male cats to rob her. In this situation, we go out more at night.

       2. Eat not appetite, want to go out to find their own. Cats are mischievous…. Go out more at night.

       3. Nothing to go out to play, day and night.

       4. What makes it scared, always want to leave

       It’s normal for a cat to go out. It doesn’t like to be kept at home all the time. In the above 1234

       1. Three situations are sure to go home.

       2. I can’t tell

       Because of situation 2, it may have eaten bad food and died

       Situation 4 is that it is afraid that it does not want to go home, the cat is relatively timid.

       The cat will find its home when it runs out of the heat, but if it is picked up and carried away by others, it will go to a further place and it may not come back. There was a studio in the office building where I worked. There were two cats running through. They were all in estrus. They couldn’t find them after they ran out. They never came back. It’s better to be careful.

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