Dog ear inflammation several months are not good – dog got otitis media?

       Dog got more than three months of ear mite is not good, do you have to help the dog to do what treatment measures? So serious, in this way, will lead to dog otitis media or inner ear inflammation, you need injection anti-inflammatory, later do care can.

       When you know that the dog is infected with ear mites, you should take measures in time. If you have delayed for too long, do you take water and alcohol to clean the dog’s ears, which are not suitable for cleaning ear mites,

       First, the water is easy to cause the dog’s ears moist, not only can’t clean up the ear mites, but also provides a good breeding environment for ear mites; second, although alcohol can disinfect, it has certain irritation, which is not good for dogs to reach the skin, so the effect of removing ear mites is ignored.

       Therefore, it is necessary to use special ear care items for dogs. First, cotton swabs, ear drops and ear drops should be prepared. First, use cotton swabs to dip a little bit of ear oil, and then clean the visible ear mites and dogs,

       Generally, you can remove a lot of scale and ear mites. At this time, you can use Wang Xiang ear drops, which are specially used for removing mites and non irritating ear care for dogs. After 2-3 drops, gently soften the dog’s ear root to blend the ear drops with the ear mites in the ear canal,

       Then let go of the dog and let him shake his ear, and clean the other ear with the same method until the dog’s ear can’t throw out dirt.

       Ear mite is a kind of parasite living in the ear canal, which has strong infectivity and repeatability,

       If you take the dog out to play, contact with other animals, or if you touch another pet, and you don’t wash your hands when you come home, you will carry ear mites to the dog, so you will think why the ear mites of dogs are not good after more than three months,

       In addition to paying attention to cleaning, we should also insist on using ear drops for dogs. Generally, we can help dogs clean their ears once a week. On the one hand, it can prevent ear mites from being infected by other animals. On the other hand, it can be used for daily ear cleaning to keep the ear canal clean,

       In addition, also pay attention to help the dog bath, do not let water into the ear, timely water golden ear also to help the dog dry, keep the ear canal dry, this is not easy to breed mites.

       Hope it works for you!

       Dog ear mite is very stubborn, to adhere to treatment for about three weeks, the premise is to use the ear mite products

       To deal with the dog ear mite, we should use Wang Xiang ear drops to kill the ear mites

       First use a cotton swab to clean the dirt in the ear canal with Mengwei ear drops, and then drop the ear drops

       Clean the ear canal for the dog. After washing, dry the ear canal and keep it dry

       When ear inflammation, ear mite infection can be treated with erjingkang. But first clean, and then medication, so that the effect is good, about 7-15 can be cured, serious cases can be combined with antibiotic treatment. The ears of dogs and cats are L-shaped and have long hair, which is conducive to the growth of bacteria. Under normal circumstances, ear washing water should be used to clean them once a week.

       With mesylate trimethoprim tablets, the effect is extraordinary good, can be said to treat dog ear mite folk prescription, my house dog ear mite a year with a variety of medicine treatment has no effect, use this medicine once good, twice consolidate, grind the medicine powder into the dog’s ear, one ear powder, and then knead the dog’s ear powder. After a week, this method can be used for consolidation once again, and if it is serious, it can be carried out for the third time, and this method will not be cured again

       Cocker dog

       Many owners don’t know about otitis media in dogs, so when dogs show some symptoms of otitis media, owners may not know what’s wrong with dogs. Dog otitis media refers to all or part of the structure of the dog’s middle ear canal inflammatory lesions, dog otitis media can be divided into two types: serous otitis media and suppurative otitis media, which are classified according to the dog’s middle ear exudates. Because otitis media may bring serious damage to dogs, timely treatment is very important.

       1¡¢ When the dog appears the following symptoms, you can doubt whether the dog has otitis media!

       Dogs with otitis media may have the following symptoms: 1. Shaking head, scratching or dallying with flowers; 2. Secretions flowing out of the ear canal; 3. Hair loss of the ear root; 4. Hearing loss; 5. The dog is unwilling to let the owner touch the ear; 6. Temperature rise; 7. Listlessness and loss of appetite; 8. Peculiar smell in the ear canal secretion; 9. Short sleep time, changing sleeping posture all the time, and dogs ¡£

       2¡¢ What is the etiology?

       There are many reasons why dogs may develop otitis media, such as bacterial infections, allergies, parasites, etc. Most owners can’t find the cause of otitis media in dogs, so they can solve the problem more quickly by taking the dog to the pet hospital for diagnosis and treatment at the first time.

       3¡¢ Self treatment? Maybe one step short

       Some owners may operate according to the article after seeing some articles on the Internet that have treatment methods. However, it is necessary to remind you that if the therapist does not master certain professional knowledge or operation skills, it may cause harm to the dog, so do not treat the dog at will.

       4¡¢ Keep away from otitis media

       Daily life in some small details can let the dog away from otitis media, owners must pay attention to Oh! For example, when taking a bath, you can plug cotton balls into your dog’s ears to prevent water from entering the ear canal, causing bacterial infection and otitis media. After bathing, the owner should also immediately dry the dog’s hair; for example, the owner should ensure that the dog’s ear canal is clean, etc. In addition, the owner should pay more attention to the dog’s every move, once the dog has any abnormal, to let the dog get timely inspection.

       5¡¢ It’s not that simple otitis media

       There is a disease often at the same time or successively with otitis media, that is, inner ear inflammation, so when dogs with otitis media, owners should remember to take the dog to the pet hospital for treatment.

       6¡¢ Which dogs do otitis media like to focus on

       Cocker, Beagle and poodle are more likely to suffer from otitis media

       Some dogs are more likely to suffer from otitis media, these dogs usually have longer ears and more ear hair, such as Cocker dogs, beagles, poodles and so on. If these breeds of dogs are raised, the owner needs to do a good job of daily protection, so that the dog will not be troubled by otitis media.

       Your dog’s symptoms are inflamed inside, which will make this kind of sound.

       You can’t use liquid things any more. It’s not good for dogs to have wet ears. My dog’s ear inflammation is the use of liquid to wipe the ear, finally more and more serious, the use of ear powder to improve.

       There are ear powder, anti-inflammatory, keep dog’s ears dry, five or six yuan is enough, spread evenly with cotton swab. Take anti-inflammatory drugs when necessary.

       When you take a bath, you should put cotton in your dog’s ears, otherwise it is easy to get water ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ after taking a bath, you should blow dry the dog’s ears, including the ears~~~~

       Is there a scratch in the dog’s ear? Is there any redness in your ears? You can give it pet Er Kang drops.

       [pet Erkang drops]: for dogs and cats with bacterial, parasitic otitis media, otitis externa.

       I used this medicine for my dog. It’s very easy to use.

       However, attention should be paid when ear drops are applied to the wounds. If the wounds are broken, you can use the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ointment to kill bacteria, fungi, Demodex, scabies and other infections that cause seborrheic dermatitis, rash, pruritus and other skin inflammation.

       What I said is not copied on the Internet. I brought the medicine to the computer and told you the curative effect of the medicine carefully. My dog had this disease, so I have these medicines. I hope it can help you

       In terms of symptoms, it’s the middle ear.


       1. Continue to use hydrogen peroxide for local cleaning, but it is better to use normal saline or light saline after cleaning, and then wash. Because hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidant, it is very irritating.

       2. General otitis media are gram negative bacilli infection, you can go to the pharmacy to buy erythromycin capsules. Dogs can also take medicine that people take. But reduce it. The dosage is determined according to the weight. One fifth of the adult dose is enough. Mix the medicine in dog food. The symptoms can be relieved in about three days.

       3. It can also be used locally. It’s still erythromycin, but this time it’s topical. Hydrogen peroxide disinfection, physiological saline cleaning applied to the local.

       Erythromycin is not expensive, the capsule and ointment produced by the best pharmaceutical factory can not be used up to 10 yuan at most.

       I hope these suggestions will work for you.

       Additional answers:

       No normal saline, use edible salt to make light salt water. If no damage is found, keep the parts clean.

       Roxithromycin is an improvement of erythromycin, and can be used. Just trip in dog food.

       Supplementary answer:

       First clean the ears and apply the cotton swab and ear oil evenly into the ear canal.

       If there is any damage, you can daub it with purple liquid.

       Otitis media is usually self-examination, you will find a diluted secretion in the ear canal, and by gently pressing the ear base with your hand (repeatedly), you will hear the sound of water inside. Ear mites have a lot of brown (smelly) secretions in the ear canal, and the dog will repeatedly scratch the ear, irritable.

       For the above two kinds of ear canal disease, simple treatment can be cured.

       Otitis media can be injected with 5 ml hydrogen peroxide into the ear canal to clean the lesions, and then injected 5 ml penicillin solution for treatment.

       Ear mites can be cleaned repeatedly with hydrogen peroxide.

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