Dog ear mite with white vinegar – give dog vinegar bath can go mite

       Dog mites can be used mite Qing a, specialized treatment and prevention of dog scabies, Demodex, ear mites. All breeds are available, including Collies. It can kill adults and eggs. Spray the spray nozzle at the affected area of the skin and spray it with moist spray. It can also be used with skin care medicine bath. The effect will be better, and it will be more effective to treat some fungal and bacterial infections secondary to mites.

       Many dogs have been infected with mites, which can be transmitted, and not only between dogs. Dogs infected with mites can cause serious skin diseases. Determine pet dog infected with mites must be timely insecticidal treatment, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable.

       How to treat: if there are mites on dogs, you should first disinfect the environment thoroughly with bacteria, and then treat them with special insecticides. You can use pet Ai Qing, which is a spray, which is very good for treating all kinds of insects, lice, scabies and ticks on dogs. In addition, it can also play a preventive role. Once a month, it can prevent mites, Continuous use of three to five days can be used to kill mites.

       In combination with external use of mingruining mite removing ointment to repair skin infection. Basically, slight mite infection can be improved in about 2-3 weeks, and in severe cases, it will be improved within 4-6 months.

       Border Collie

       If a dog has any discomfort, it is usually expressed by action, so we should pay attention to some movements of the dog in the breeding process, and we can know whether they are healthy through these actions. If we often see dogs scratching around their ears with their claws, we should pay attention to it. It is likely that the itching in the ears of dogs may cause them to do so. The reason for the itching may be that the ear hairs are not cleaned in time or there are ear mites, so how to deal with the ear mites in dogs is what we need to know.

       Otonychus is a disease in dogs, which is caused by urticaria. Urticaria mainly exists in the external auditory canal of dogs. It takes 18-28 days from the beginning to the end. It will cause a series of symptoms such as ear itching during the survival of the mite. When a dog is infected with itchy mite, the owner needs to wash the dog’s ears. First, drop the ear washing water and gently rub it. After that, let the dog dry the ear washing water, and then wipe the inside of the ear with a cotton stick. After wiping, drop the ear mite agent into the ear and gently rub the ear.

       What we need to do is not only to know how to deal with the ear mites in dogs, but also to understand what causes them to have ear mites. A large part of the reason is that we don’t clean their ears in time, which gives them a good living environment. Therefore, for the dog’s ears, we should clean them up in time to ensure that they are fresh and clean, so as to effectively avoid the growth of ear mites.

       When you see dogs often scratch their ears with their claws, often shake their heads, rub their heads against the table, and look at their owners with pitiful eyes, they are not selling cute babies. They are not feeling well. If you smell some sour smell in the dog’s ears, you can conclude that the dog has ear mites.

       1¡¢ Clean the dirt on the dog’s ear in time

       When the owner finds that dogs often scratch their ears with their paws and it is hard to look at them, they can go to their ears. Usually, they will see some black brown cinder like dirt in their ears, which is the aggregation of ear mites, ear oil, garbage and secretions. If you want to eliminate the ear mites, you should first clean up the earwax and prepare some cotton, cotton swabs and pet ear cleaning liquid. First use cotton with pet ear cleaner to wet the dog’s ears inside and outside, so that the hard dirt and earwax become soft, and gently wipe it off.


       Let the dog fixed do not move, gently drop pet ear cleaner into the dog’s ear canal, knead for another minute, and then release, let the dog shake his head, throw out the dirty things inside. Ear mites are very stubborn and have a long life cycle. The owners should insist on cleaning up the mites in the sky to remove them completely.

       3¡¢ Do a good job in hygiene and isolate dogs

       Keep your dog in a small separate place to play and sleep, because ear mites are contagious and should not be passed on to healthy cats or dogs at home.

       Must do indoor disinfection work, the dog often stay in the place and ground spray disinfectant, good cleaning, this can also avoid dirty things into the dog’s ears, prevent the recurrence of ear mites.

       Cleaning the dog’s ears thoroughly is the first step in the treatment of ear mites. In some cases, anti-inflammatory drugs or antibiotics may be needed to treat ear problems and infections caused by ear mites, which can be determined after the doctor has evaluated the dog’s condition. Ear mites on the market are mainly cleaned with pet ear drops, each time used directly into the ear canal, gently rub a few times, let the liquid evenly pour into the ear canal, can be repeated several times. Two to three times a day, lasting for about 20 days, until the removal of ear mites, if there are other animals in the house, it is best to isolate each other and use ear drops to avoid the recurrence of mutual infection.

       The so-called ear mite, which means mites in the ear, is a common disease of dogs. So what kind of performance does a dog have on behalf of ear mites?

       There is a peculiar smell in the ear

       Dog ear mites, it will also make the ear stink, if not cleaned up in time, will also secondary bacterial infection, causing inflammation.

       Performance 2, lacrimal gland

       Pet owners should be aware that the ear canal and some facial nerves of the dog are interlaced together. Ear mites can even infect the eyes, causing inflammation, swelling and redness of the eyes, which often leads to the increase of tears. Tear marks are also formed over time. But it’s not that ear mites are the reason why dogs have tears. A common reason is that dogs eat too salty. Therefore, for dogs, choose low salt dog food to avoid tears caused by eating too salty.

       Third, the ears are dirty

       If the dog’s ear canal secretes a lot of black or reddish brown dirt, this is one of the manifestations of ear mites. The ear canal of dog is easy to accumulate grease, dust and moisture, especially in big eared dogs. The drooping ear shell often covers the ear canal, or the long hair near the ear canal can also cover the ear canal. In this way, the ear canal is easy to be infected and inflamed due to poor air circulation and easy to deposit dirt and moisture.

       Performance 4, often shaking head

       Dogs in a certain period of time will always shake their head, the owner should find out the reason. It’s probably caused by ear mites, because dogs itch when they have ear mites, and if you stimulate them, dogs will keep shaking their heads, just like people sometimes feel itching and shaking like this.

       Performance 5. Grasp the head with claws

       Dogs have mites on their ears. It’s obvious and obvious that the performance should be “scratching”. The ear mites will climb out of the ear canal. Therefore, dogs will scratch their heads with their own claws, hoping to relieve the itching feeling.

       Usually, the dog’s ears should be cleaned. Under normal circumstances, the owner should try to clean the dog’s ears every time he or she washes the dog. If the dog has ear mites, he can use pet ear cleaning liquid to remove the mites.

       Little teddy with ear mites, it is necessary to remove ear mites as soon as possible, or it may cause ear inflammation in dogs and affect hearing. The most commonly used ear drops are ear drops. For example, Wang Xiang’s ear drops have a good reputation. The addition of natural plant ingredients greatly alleviates the stimulation of dog ear canal.

       Because the dog ear mite is a stubborn parasite, the following operations should be followed when using ear drops to obtain good results:

       1. Clean up the earwax of Teddy dogs. Since the earwax secreted by the ear mites is hard, it can not be removed by force. Otherwise, the dog’s ear canal will be damaged. Only use Mengwei ear drops to soften the earwax. Wipe the ear drops on the earwax, and then clean it after softening.

       2. The next step is to use Wang Xiang ear drops directly into the ear canal and rub the ear canal to make the liquid evenly distributed in the ear canal. In severe cases, it needs 2 to 3 times, depending on the situation of dog ear mite Teddy.

       3. If there are other pets in the house, they need to be isolated, and each pet needs to be dripped with ear drops to prevent cross infection of ear mites.

       4. Persistence is victory. Because dog ear mite is a stubborn parasite, the elimination cycle will last about 20 days due to different dogs. Therefore, the owner of the dog should be patient to help the dog.

       Don’t give the pet medication, when the hair is serious, it will be miserable, and vinegar will damage the skin.

       Mites can be used to try mite failure, fungal skin disease, the need for treatment, oral and external use, the hair first shaved.

       Fungal infection, when the dog hair off, it is very ugly. To the pet hospital to ask, buy some medicine to the dog bubble medicine bath.

       This is a skin disease. You usually take a bath without blowing, or you often go to the lawn to play without regular deworming. If you do not treat it, it will fester after a period of time.

       Do you have any skin creams like 999 piyanping? You can help it, anyway, the ointment for skin diseases are almost the same, plus the drugs that can be used by human beings, it won’t be too exciting for dogs.