Dog fever after non-stop walking – dogs with canine distemper, walk unsteadily how to do

       How long did you insist on treatment before? Generally, canine distemper needs treatment and recovery for 2 months ~ ~ ~ ~ to be honest, this disease belongs to once the treatment is not good, it is repeated… The probability of cure is very low… The convulsion is too severe, give me some stability. Can make it a little more comfortable ~ ~ ~ if convulsion pain, you can also use acetaminophen injection to relieve it~~~~

       At that time, the doctor of Qingdao didn’t use Chinese medicine to control the symptoms. I hope the doctor has not used the medicine to control the symptoms ¡£

       Huanglian 6G, Scutellaria baicalensis 10g, gardenia 10g, Alisma 15g, liquorice 10g, Bombyx batrytica 6G, Folium Isatidis 10g, gentian grass 10g, Shengdi 20g, Danshen 20g, dannanxing 10g, Gouteng 6G, Isatis indigotica 15g, pinellia 6G, forsythia 15g, honeysuckle 10g

       Decocting method: add 4 bowls of water for half an hour and boil for about 45 minutes, that is, boil into a bowl of water, feed 15-25 ml each time, three times a day, I’m 8 hours a time. I suggest you ask someone to boil it outside. If your dog doesn’t know how much weight it weighs, it should be 15ml each time

       Whether it is canine distemper or not, it is best not to enter the hospital for treatment, because there are too many kinds of bacteria in the hospital, even if there is no disease, we have to leave quickly You let it hospitalize ~ ~ this is not very good. Another thing is, although the situation is in the late stage, I feel that its spirit should be OK. The medicine you feed is very good. Keep on doing this, don’t stop taking medicine. It takes a month to a half to cure canine distemper. Finally, we have to use Gong Gu. It’s better to continue the treatment. It will be better to accompany it. You have to trust the doctor, because at this time, if you don’t, there will be more trouble, and you can’t deal with it.

       Are you sure it’s canine distemper?

       If you get canine distemper, you can’t have normal appetite! Your body temperature can’t be normal! Your temperature will be high!

       Wet nose also means normal!

       Did you go to the hospital?

       Personally, I don’t think it’s dog plague. If it’s really dog plague, it’s really late in 10 days. It’s very difficult to cure it

       But your dog’s symptoms are not like canine distemper

       Go to the hospital. That’s insurance

       To the late stage, treatment is very difficult, you can only feed it to eat Angong Niuhuang pills or antelope horn powder, treatment smoke.

       Other needles have been helping it hit, you can buy the thymus titanium produced in South Korea, the best, the treatment of canine distemper effect is very good. If there is plasma for treating canine distemper, it can also be transfused to save lives.

       Canine distemper to the late stage, the biggest symptom is to smoke, mainly the virus into the brain, caused by the spirit of the reaction.

       Don’t give up until the last minute. If there is no way to treat him, I can’t see that he is suffering. Euthanasia is also a good way for them, but don’t use any excuse that you don’t want to see them die, throw them away, or leave before they die.

       It is also a kind of happiness that they can leave under your watch.

       come on.

       Medicine can not be taken indiscriminately, especially the current western medicine, its side effects are very serious. Taking too many kinds of anti-inflammatory drugs and measurement may also cause serious consequences such as durability. Be careful! I don’t know how old your dog is and how healthy he is at ordinary times? So it’s not easy to give any advice. Let’s take my family’s “remote” as a case to briefly explain: a small member of my family named “Yaoyao”, who likes to hang out most on weekdays. He was about two years old. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with “dog plague”. The whole family treated him as a child, so he was very nervous. I rode two or three kilometers a day and took it to hang water. The doctor didn’t prescribe any medicine at that time. At home, it was also full of vomit and diarrhea, and didn’t like activities. However, the only good thing about it was that it usually had a good physique. Even in the bad circumstances at that time, it still ate and drank, and never missed a meal. It lasted for more than 20 days, and it gradually improved. In retrospect, I was afraid. At that time, my family was helpless. However, we did two things right, that is, we often fed him water every day, and constantly cared and encouraged him. The power of spiritual comfort is also applicable to dogs. Please don’t forget. In addition, it is to actively cooperate with doctors to reduce the inconvenience and pain of dogs. A little experience is not a good way. As a pet friend, I just hope it can help you and your dog. I wish you a speedy recovery! —-Four eyed cat, May 17, 2010

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