Dog fever any fast cooling – Dog fever how to cool down

       My dog’s small is to eat cat dog warm Ling, or dog overlord, basic three days cure. Pet hospital in order to benefit is not injection, do not give you to take special medicine, because you know the name of the drug can buy their own medicine. I bought a box of two kinds of medicine at the veterinarian’s station for only 25 yuan, and I can’t even use one third of them. Keeping a pet can always keep one box. I don’t need to go to the hospital at all. It’s good to find and treat two early

       Don’t worry, the dog’s disease, must have its own antibody to reduce the fever, fever is not terrible, not good on the fever, this is to sacrifice the performance, when the body temperature is sick, is the embodiment of the loss of vital characteristics, do not force fever, pay attention to keep warm, adhere to treatment, as long as the autoantibodies have a reaction, then the fever will soon go down

       More effective.


       1. Wipe the foot pad, stomach and ears with alcohol (once every 2-3 hours)

       2. Wrap ice in a cloth and put it on your belly (take it off for about a minute and put it on after a while)

       3 cold bath: soaking in cold water can help reduce body temperature. As long as the pet is in good condition, the pet owner can let him soak in ice water for five to ten minutes.

       4 towel wrap: for smaller dogs, soak in cold water

       First of all, we should limit our diet appropriately. Food can be suspended and replaced with high calorie and easy to absorb canned food. The commonly used ones are hills’ A / B and beef essence, which are both very digestible cans. In addition, some people suggest using chicken breast meat, boiling and chopping it before giving it to eat. Water must be limited a little more, and once or twice a mouthful is enough.

       As long as the dog’s fever is less than 39 degrees, we need to prepare a warm place for the dog to rest. The most important thing is to wear more dog clothes, properly correct and pay attention to the sleeping environment and habits. Don’t catch a cold in sleep. Take a bath and pay attention to the temperature difference.

       God, you go to the drugstore to buy a box of gentamicin sulfate injection, for the baby to drink, it will be better, gentamicin sulfate is for the body anti-inflammatory detoxification, before my baby was sick, I went to the infirmary, the infirmary people gave me a box of gentamicin sulfate injection * *, said that no matter what the dog’s disease, drink it, this is specially for detoxification, for the body’s anti-inflammatory, I have raised other small exercise In winter, I have a cold and a fever. I went to the clinic and bought gentamicin sulfate injection. After drinking for 3 days, I saved my life. You can ask the medical staff in the clinic, can I give this to the dog? You talk about the situation of the dog, it is true, you open the bottle, pour it into a small bowl, touch it with your hand, make sure that there is no small broken glass, and then feed it to the baby. Three meals a day, one meal, one meal do not interrupt, even drink 4 or 5 days, will be good

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