Dog nest cough symptoms in Teddy dogs

       Teddy dog is just one of the names of poodle’s many beauty models. In fact, there is no dog of this breed. Because it is very similar to teddy bear doll, the name of Teddy dog is “spreading away”. After Teddy is born, we must give it regular vaccination. Let’s take a look at how much it costs to vaccinate Teddy dogs!

       How much does it cost to vaccinate Teddy dogs?

       When will Teddy get vaccinated?

       Precautions for vaccination of Teddy dogs

       How to buy a domestic Toy Teddy

       Once upon a time, dog farms and dog dealers were so greedy that they brought all kinds of unhealthy toys teddy to the market and sold them to novices who sincerely wanted to have a Toy Teddy company. The following small, canine distemper and other diseases attacked the young Toy Teddy. We all want to stay away from those unscrupulous dog dealers who make money and tend to buy a domestic Toy Teddy!

       Anyway, there’s too much homework to do before buying a teddy toy.

       Lessons to do before buying a teddy bear

       Teddy bears are popular with more and more dog lovers because of its characteristics of no hair loss, no body odor and intelligence quotient (ranking the second). There are more and more people who like teddy bear. The demand is big, and the market is big. The price of real and fake is dazzling.

       In this article, let’s talk about the price of teddy bears.

       Under normal circumstances, the price of a teddy bear is closely related to its bloodline and breed.

       Knowledge ABC of teddy and poodle

       VIP refers to the breed of dog. Equivalent to Jinmao, Chenery, etc. Teddy means beauty. Equivalent to sports, continental Europe, etc. As far as the breed is concerned, without Teddy, Teddy is equal to poodle.

       All VIPs can keep Teddy clothes, but the red ones look more like teddy bears because they are closer to teddy bears in color. And toy VIP because of Petite cute, more easily decorated into this cartoon like shape. Teddy suit itself is a kind of pet clothing, so there is no strict definition.

       The poodle can only be groomed in three ways: Continental, saddle and puppies. Teddy can’t play in the game. Because the Teddy suit imitates the teddy bear’s shape, the guests who are suitable to stay in the Teddy suit usually have short face, round eyes, small ears and high ear position, but these are contrary to the standard of dog breeds. The dog’s head is long, straight, with long nose and long eyes. But it’s obviously not beautiful to trim a poodle into a teddy suit.

       In the breeding of poodle, it is inevitable that there are individuals with head defects. Therefore, for the sake of commercial interests, people deliberately round the head of the VIP, making it look like a cartoon image – teddy bear. But this kind of modeling VIP usually does not meet the standard. A poodle’s correct face is unnecessary to cover. From a commercial point of view, this is indeed a very successful “selling point”, turning the original disqualified VIP into a cute pet. But there is no race Teddy, because it does not meet the breed standard description of the poodle’s head.

       Strictly speaking, the more a dog meets the breed standard, the higher its own value. Of course, poodles are no exception. The excellent poodle that meets the standard should have high value regardless of its color and body shape. However, according to the market demand, as a more ideal family companion pet, Teddy’s price has been hyped by many businessmen and families, and many of them are even higher than the standard poodle. This also reflects the love and recognition of Teddy by family pet owners. But in terms of breed value, Teddy is limited. The individual who meets the standard and has excellent quality is always the most valuable one.

       Dog house (pet shop) experience in buying dogs

       When you come to a kennel or pet store, you should observe the following aspects:

       What kind of environment the dog comes from is very important. If a dog used to live in a dirty and narrow environment, where activities, defecation and urination are all the same place, and no one cleans them up in time after excretion, and the stench is high, then he must not have good hygiene habits. It is almost impossible to train his outdoor defecation habit when he comes to a new family.

       On the contrary, if the dog farm you see is clean and bright, there are kennels and activity areas, and every dog is regularly taken out of the kennel to exercise and defecate every day, and someone will clear it immediately after defecation, then the dog will not be willing to dirty his sleeping and living places. When he comes to the new owner’s house, it is easy to teach him to defecate outdoors or in a fixed place.

       If it’s a pet store, most dogs are kept in cages. Also, you need to see if the dog cage is always clean, and if someone cleans the dog immediately after defecation. Whether the dog is led out to outdoor activities and receive light. Don’t just look at whether the shop signs are beautiful, whether the decoration is elegant, but also pay attention to whether there is an intolerable odor in the store. In addition to the reasons for uncleanness, it is more likely that the smell of sick dogs can not be removed by general cleaning.

       In addition, due to production and preservation reasons, dogs eating this food are more likely to suffer from digestive tract diseases, which can be seen from the shape and color of dog’s stool.

       What’s more, the dogs raised with this kind of food are very greedy. They will like to look for garbage and even eat it. Because they eat human food for a long time, they are not likely to receive anti food training. Therefore, they will not resist the food given by strangers. If someone poisons them, they will not be immune.

       The regular and scientific management of the dog farm must be feeding dogs with special dog food. The dog food is dry fed regularly and quantitatively, and water is placed separately, which is clean and does not waste. The dog food is specially formulated according to the growth and sports needs of the dog. The nutrition is comprehensive, which is conducive to digestion and healthy growth of the dog. As long as the dogs grow up from snack dogs, they will have nothing to do with them as long as they are trained to resist food.

       If the dog you see has knotted hair, no one combs the dog’s hair, and there is stool or other dirt on the hair, then they must have no special person to comb the dog’s hair.

       Also, see if there are sick dogs. As long as a dog is sick, especially bacterial or viral infections and skin diseases, and the dog he lives with is likely to be infected, then you should not buy a dog from this dog farm or pet store. When selecting a dog, check whether the dog has eye dropsy, nasal mucus, whether the ear is clean, whether the nose mirror is moist. As long as you find that there is an abnormal item, you should pay special attention to carefully consider whether you should buy it.

       In addition, if the dog is afraid of strangers, if he hesitates, his eyes twinkle and his tail is clamped, such a dog must lack environmental training and have problems adapting to the new living environment.

       If you use a vaccine, you have to see what kind of vaccine they use and whether it is effective? Because of technical reasons, the quality of domestic vaccine is not stable, so it is not the most effective method. Imported vaccines are produced in the Netherlands and in the United States. Because it is imported, the insulation measures during transportation are very important.

       As we often say, dogs are the best friends of human beings. I hope you can choose a really good dog by the right method of dog selection, so as to add a happy member to your family and make your life full of fun and beautiful memories.

       The difference between Teddy and bixiong

       It seems that many friends confuse bixiong with VIP, so I move this post to let those who don’t understand understand understand it. To be honest, I used to think that bixiong and Teddy are the same kind of dog. At first glance, white VIP and bixiong are quite similar! It’s really hard to distinguish dog owners with poor skills, especially when they are young.

       Body structure of teddy bear

       Bixiong body structure

       Take a closer look at the difference between a teddy and a bear

       Difference 1: eyes

       Beagle: round, triangular with outer eyes and nose

       Teddy: oval with wide eye distance

       Difference two: ears

       Beagle: the ears are slightly higher than the level of the eyes

       Teddy: located at eye level or slightly lower

       Section 3: body structure

       Teddy: equal in height and length, square

       Difference 4: Kiss part

       Teddy: the snout is more slender and the length of the snout depression is equal to the distance from the snout depression to the occipital

       Difference 5: coat

       Beagle: slightly rough and soft

       Teddy: naturally rough

       Life span of toy poodle:

       On health issues:

       The most common health problems of the poodle breed are skin (seborrhea) and ear infection. However, these two problems are relatively simple to treat. The other health problems of this breed include: bone fracture, dislocation, cataract, retinal atrophy, hypoglycemia, upper jaw or jaw protrusion, because their body shape is relatively thin, and their metabolism is very fast Mainly timely for them to supplement energy, then avoid some dogs will appear hypoglycemia and shock phenomenon.

       History of toy poodle:

       Intelligence and intelligence quotient of poodle:

       Poodle’s IQ is the second highest among all breeds, second only to border collie. If we use small dogs to distinguish them, he is the first dog with the highest IQ!

       Amount of exercise:

       Loneliness is the greatest pain

       Poodle is very fond of being close to human beings or cuddling up to you. If you leave it alone at home for a long time, it is a great pain for them. When you plan to leave it alone, you’d better have other dogs or poodles with you. For it, loneliness is a long wait!

       If there are children at home:

       They like children very much. They don’t threaten or attack them. Instead, they must teach them how to take care of them! Poodles are very vulnerable.

       Carding and grooming:

       Poodle coat color:

       The color of poodle is very changeable, including white, gray, blue, silver, coffee, apricot, red, and so on. The depth of poodle varies in different positions of the body. For example, the hair on the ears is darker, and the color on the chest is lighter. In the United States, many breeders will breed poodles with different colors.

       Let’s get to know the relationship between VIP and Teddy VIP

       First of all, understand their logical relationship.

       So Teddy is a way of grooming poodles.

       Q: Can only red dogs keep Teddy?

       A: All VIPs can keep Teddy suits, but only the red ones look like teddy bears, because teddy bears are red.

       Q: Is there any difference between the aesthetic standards of Teddy VIP and international standards such as AKC?

       A: There is a difference.

       Is there a competition class Teddy VIP?

       The standard of a VIP is to have a sharp mouth, but it is inevitable that there are several thick and short mouths in a nest. Therefore, for the sake of commercial interests, I don’t know which “smart man” deliberately keeps the hair on the edge of the small VIP’s mouth, making it look like a cartoon image – this is “Teddy Bear VIP”!

       From a professional point of view, there is no “Teddy VIP” at all. It is just one of the many colors of the VIP coat. Known as the “Teddy Bear”, it is often the “thick short shape” with bad head among VIP guests.

       From the business point of view: This is a very successful “selling point”, which makes the quality that was eliminated become the advantages and selling points!

       Teddy VIP is just a lovely pet. There is no competition class! Because it deviates from the variety standard for VIP’s head and face description.

       Learn to choose teddy bears (Advanced)

       In the basic chapter of learning how to select a teddy bear dog, we introduce the method of selecting a teddy bear dog from the aspects of coat color, hair weight, body shape and health. Now we can have a deeper understanding of the key parts we need to know when selecting Teddy puppies.

       Choose one of the Teddy parts: teeth

       Selection of Teddy Part 2: shoulder height

       Selection of Teddy dog Part 3: miscellaneous hair

       In addition to white teddy dogs, many other colors of Teddy dogs have white mixed hair. Teddy’s common parts of growing white hair are belly bottom, sole of feet, jaw, and chest. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the selection. It is best to turn the hair over and check carefully. Of course, white hair has no effect on the Teddy dog itself, which is a genetic problem.

       Basic knowledge of teddy bear dog purchase

       One of teddy bear’s pick: coat color

       Selection of teddy bear dog (2): wool weight

       For Teddy dogs, the more hair, the better, the thicker the better. The thicker the hair, the better the effect of beauty. So when you choose Teddy, you must use your hands to turn the hair from the tail root to the neck root of the dog’s back, and turn the hair in the opposite direction to see whether the hair is thick. Also, turn the hair on the head, and the thicker the hair on the head is, the more dense the hair is Well, Teddy, with thick and sparse hair, will have a very different feel when he’s stroking his hair.

       Teddy bear dog selection 3: body shape

       Teddy bear dog selection 4: Health

       Health is an important aspect. First of all, check whether the dog’s ears are clean and smelly. If there are dark brown secretions, it may be ear mites or other diseases of the ear. Then turn over the hair on the inner and outer ear of the ear to see if there are scales. If there are scabies or mites, you can pinch the ear with your hand to make it thicker, Scales also appear in the hair roots of the limbs. If the nose is not cold, it means that the dog is sick. If the nose is cold, but there are transparent water droplets, it means that there are cold symptoms. If there is fecal adhesion in the part of * *, it means there is laxity. The most important thing is to see the dog’s mental state, in general, healthy puppies should be very lively, if there is mental depression, it should be carefully considered. It’s not a good thing if you want to lure your dog with food.

       The selection of teddy bears is basically these. In addition, there are many details about the selection of teddy bears, which will be gradually released to the website. Finally, he told his friends to look at, choose and compare more when they buy Teddy. After all, it’s not buying a dress. If you regret it, you can’t wear it. But a little life like teddy needs you to take care of them with love and a lot of energy. If you don’t like them when you buy them, they will be miserable

       How to tell if a teddy bear is purebred

       When you are going to buy a cute teddy bear, are you worried about its purity? It doesn’t matter. Now I’m going to give you some advice on how to identify the authenticity of teddy bears.

       All poodles can be called “Teddy VIPs” in principle. However, in fact, only VIP can be called “Teddy VIP” if it can be trimmed into teddy bear style and looks like a cute bear toy after being trimmed. Therefore, it is better for a dog to meet the following requirements when purchasing:

       A good amount of wool and good curl — generally, when we buy a dog, we will ask for a good amount of wool, especially for Teddy VIP. Moreover, the best way to wrap the wool is to wrap it in a small roll like a sheep cake (when you buy a dog, you can observe the hair at the end of the dog’s ear. The more you roll, the better); you don’t want your bear to feel like a mini Afghanistan instead of a hairy one

       The mouth should not be too long – poodle has the standard of poodle, but as an ideal “Teddy VIP”, the mouth should be shorter and smaller (not too wide). In this way, it will look like a small ball after the fur is left. Of course, the purchased dog and the longer mouth can also be trimmed by shaving, which we will talk about below

       Dark color is better – red and chocolate are good, but because of the high price, black or apricot is also a good choice, which actually involves more personal preferences; but it should be reminded that white guests with long mouth hair will be more like Bichon than bear cubs (especially the “short legged VIP” on the market nowadays) – that is, their body shape is obviously inclined to rectangular shape VIP, as a pet VIP, it doesn’t matter if they are slightly rectangular.)

       Toy Teddy vs teacup Teddy

       Comparison of Toy Teddy and teacup Teddy. If you are considering whether to raise a Toy Teddy or a teacup Teddy, consider the following factors

       Toy Teddy price: the price of pure breed Toy Teddy is 4000 yuan or more; the price of tea cup poodle is 10000 yuan

       Toy Teddy color: Toy Teddy poodle is mostly red, black and gray, while teacup Teddy poodle is mostly red and white

       Color table for breeding and breeding of Teddy dogs

       Red with red basic red or Xiangbin or red hanging white

       Red with black chocolate, Xiangbin with iron and gray with gold (not recommended)

       Red and white is generally the chamois with white out of the possibility of pure red

       Red and Xiangbin are apricot or red with white or Xiangbin with white

       Red and gray cast iron and gold (I think they have something in common with snow, but not as good as snow)

       Chocolate and white out of black or chocolate with white

       Chocolate with chocolate can be chocolate or black

       Chocolate with red gives out black or vanilla

       Chocolate with black gives out chocolate or black

       Black with black

       The misunderstanding of teddy and VIP

       As a matter of fact, there is no “Teddy VIP”. The so-called Teddy VIP is a way of stir frying by businesses, and “Teddy Bear” actually refers to a kind of pruning state of VIP. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, Teddy VIP generally refers to the poodle with dark fur (mostly red) and smaller body!

       It can be said in principle. But in fact, only VIP can be called “Teddy VIP” if it can be trimmed into teddy bear style and looks like a cute bear toy after pruning. Therefore, it is better for a dog to meet the following requirements when purchasing

       B enough wool and good curliness – generally, we will require good wool when we buy a dog, especially for Teddy VIP. Moreover, it is better to wrap the wool in small rolls and similar to sheep cake (when you buy a dog, you can observe the hair at the end of the dog’s ear. The more you roll, the better); you don’t want your bear to feel like a mini Afghanistan instead of a hairy one

       C the mouth should not be too long – a poodle has the standard of a poodle, but as an ideal “Teddy VIP”, it is better to have a shorter mouth and a smaller mouth (not too wide). In this way, it will look like a small ball after the fur is left. Of course, the purchased dog and the longer mouth can also be trimmed by shaving, which we will talk about below

       D Dark color is better – red and chocolate are good, but because of the high price, black or apricot color is also a good choice, which actually involves more personal preferences; but it should be reminded that white guests with long mouth hair will be more like Bichon than bear cubs (especially the “short legged VIP” on the market nowadays) – that is, their body shape is obviously inclined to rectangular shape VIP, as a pet VIP, it doesn’t matter if they are slightly rectangular.)

       The difference between Toy Teddy and mini Teddy

       Teddy bear is generally suitable for young girls. It is small and cute. It’s very light to hold in your arms. When you go out to play, you won’t be tired. It’s especially suitable for young white-collar women. Because the activity of this kind of dog is very small, you can run in the house every day, so you can avoid the trouble of walking the dog every day. Mini teddy bear is suitable for the elderly. Children are not at home from work. Having a dog as a companion can not only relieve boredom, but also increase the opportunity to go out and walk every day by walking the dog, breathing fresh air and exercising~~ Because the mini poodle needs to use the dog chain when walking the dog, while the toy poodle does not apply to the dog chain. If the elderly and Teddy go out, it will not be a walk, it will become a dog chasing game.

       About the color of teddy bear

       Now the common toy poodle teddy bears are red, white, black and so on. Many friends ask, which color is good for a dog. In fact, it has nothing to do with the color itself. Choose the color according to your own preference

       Red and black teddy bears have a drawback, that is, the color of both male and female dogs will degenerate after breeding and breeding, that is to say, it is obviously lighter, but if it is not bred or mated, its color will gradually become lighter in the dog’s old age

       In addition, during the period from birth to half year old, the hair color of red and black teddy bears will change from deep to light, and then from light to deep. Therefore, when choosing teddy bear puppies, do not care about the color of the body, but pay attention to the color of the ears of the puppies, because the fur color of the adult teddy bears will be the same as that of the ears of the puppies

       How to distinguish teddy bear stain?

       When choosing a teddy dog, you should pay attention to the following points in terms of color

       Teddy bear puppies must pay attention to the right amount of feeding

       I’m a crazy teddy bear dog lover. I’ve had at most three Teddies. It’s great. Then, the little dog is sometimes free.

       The following thing is my own experience. My carelessness almost killed my baby Teddy for more than a month. I was scared to death at that time.

       Sort out the selection and value standard of Teddy red VIP

       Second, buy pure toys teddy

       3. Five essentials for purchasing pure toys teddy

       How to please teddy bears.

       What to do if the dog is not happy? This question may be ridiculous for people who don’t own dogs, but it’s really an important issue for dog slaves like you and me. Please the Teddy dog and make it happy, because the dog is not happy, we will not be happy, so today we must discuss: what to do if the dog is not happy?

       1¡¢ First understand why dogs are unhappy

       Sometimes we can clearly understand the reason why the dog is not happy, such as he just made a mistake and was severely scolded by us, he likes to eat things not to eat, he wants to go out to play, but we refused, you will find him listless lying on the ground, you call his name, it does not pay attention to you. In this case, the dog is not happy, you can ignore it for a period of time, and then consider whether to make him happy. Because if you just criticized it or didn’t make it happy according to its meaning, you immediately coax it to be happy. It’s easy to make it feel like the boss, which is not helpful for future discipline.

       2¡¢ How to make dogs happy without knowing why they are happy:

       Sometimes the dog inexplicably unhappy or listless, will make us a little worried, because its mood will affect our mood a lot, in order to make everyone happy, we can take some small steps.

       Last but not least, the above is aimed at the situation that the dog has no health problems but only mood problems. If the dog is accompanied by fever, cough, diarrhea, vomiting and other diseases, you should not think about how to improve his mood. The first thing you should consider is to cure the dog’s illness first. When he is comfortable, his natural mood will be better.

       Food that dogs can’t eat

       The higher the purity of chocolate, the more salty it contains, the more dangerous it is to dogs

       Poisoning symptoms

       -Severe drooling – frequent urination – dilation of pupil – rapid heartbeat – vomiting and diarrhea – extreme hyperactivity, vigorous muscle tremor – coma

       Raw or cooked onions contain disulfide, which is harmless to human body, but can cause oxidation of red blood cells in cats, dogs, sheep, horses and cattle, and may cause hemolytic anemia

       Poisoning symptoms

       -Weight loss – fatigue, laziness – frequent wheezing – Depression – rapid pulse – weakness – membranous secretions on the gums and mouth

       ***It’s one of the favorite foods for dogs. Many snacks or dog food contain it. It’s good for the dog to eat a small amount of it, but if you overdose it, it may cause nutritional problems. Because the liver contains high units of vitamin A, taking too much vitamin A may cause vitamin A poisoning or vitamin A hyperactivity, However, I have seen that the instructor guides the dogs to train with chicken livers. Maybe they think that all the dogs in the competition can eat. What can’t our dogs eat? To understand, when the dog race, the instructor only uses chicken liver as an attractant. In fact, it’s very rare to give the dog a stomach. It’s never imagined that chicken liver is taken as the main food in ordinary times.)

       Symptoms of vitamin A excess

       -Malformed bones – rapid development of bones in the elbow and spine – weight loss – anorexia, loss of appetite

       Don’t eat broken bones such as chicken bones. Bone fragments may pierce the dog’s throat, or cut the dog’s mouth, esophagus, stomach or intestines. Even large bones of pigs or cattle should not be eaten by small dogs. In addition to calcium, bones also contain magnesium, which can absorb moisture in the gastrointestinal tract, causing constipation. It is more painful for dogs to constipate than for dogs with diarrhea!

       Note: all antidiarrheal agents in its ingredients are marked “magnesium” content, you can refer to it!

       The phenomenon of suffocation

       -Pale green gums – panting – mouth breathing – scratching face – shallow weak and slow breathing – unconsciousness, pupil dilation

       Note: if you want to eat bone, use pressure cooker to boil bone

       Raw egg white contains a protein called avidin, which depletes the body’s vitamin H (present in vitamin B group). Vitamin H is an indispensable nutrient for dog growth and fur health. In addition, raw eggs usually contain bacteria, such as Salmonella. They eat raw chicken eggs, and eventually they are misfed with toxins, It is more likely to cause vitamin H deficiency

       Symptoms of vitamin H deficiency

       -Hair loss – weakness – growth retardation – skeletal deformity

       Note: cooked eggs are an excellent snack for dogs. It contains high protein and other nutrients. Only raw protein contains ovalbumin. If you want to eat raw eggs, please only use yolk, but you should be careful of bacterial infection

       Although dogs can hunt animals in the wild, their immune system cannot adapt to the poultry and meat raised by artificial science

       Symptoms of Salmonella poisoning

       -Poor appetite – high fever – dysentery, diarrhea – dehydration – lower abdominal pain – energy dissipation, no spirit

       Symptoms of Bacillus poisoning

       -Vomiting – stomachache – dysentery, severe bloody shock – paralysis

       Fat globules in pork are larger than other meats. They may block the microvessels of dogs. Avoid pig products, especially those containing sodium nitrate

       Many dogs have lactose malaise. If your dog has symptoms such as farting, diarrhea, dehydration or skin inflammation after drinking milk, you should stop eating milk. Dogs with lactose intolerance should eat milk without lactose, either dog food or human food, but the ingredients eaten by people may not fully meet the needs of dogs

       It is harmless for dogs to eat Lentinus edodes and Lentinus edodes in the family. However, the dogs should be avoided t

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