Dog nose dry no spirit – Dog spirit is not good, nose dry?

       Dry nose is the basic manifestation of dog disease. The most common cause may be a fire. If the dog is on fire, it can be in water

       Add some minerals, or glucose, and drink plenty of water.

       If the dog’s nose is dry, accompanied by diarrhea, do not eat (but sober), and pull the first thing for chocolate, stench; then pull for white, bloody, sticky. This is the most terrible parvovirus. It’s usually fatal. If you find it early, you can save it. The general use of serum injection treatment, small dogs do not recommend treatment, only annual vaccination against epidemic.

       If accompanied by a high fever does not subside, unconsciousness, walking backwards, biting people. It’s mostly dog plague. It’s an infectious disease. It’s very good

       Can die. The result of treatment is not ideal and may cause brain injury. It’s better to vaccinate against the epidemic.

       So once your dog’s nose is dry, take your temperature. If you have a fever, take some anti-inflammatory drugs. See if there’s one the next day

       There is a reaction (activity, eating), if not, it is necessary to see a doctor, it is best to have a fixed pet doctor.

       When the owner thinks the dog’s nose is dry, he must not panic that the dog must have some serious disease. He can try to wet the dog’s nose with a little warm water, and then judge and diagnose according to the situation. Of course, the dog has a cold and the nose is easy to dry, which is known to all. At this time, you just need to treat him for a cold.

       It’s very obvious that you are ill. The nose is dry mainly because of the condition of the body. Cats and dogs have wet noses, which indicates that their bodies are in a healthy state. Now the situation of the landlord should be the problem of digestive system. It is suggested that the owner should find a professional pet doctor. Pets can’t be delayed.

       When a dog is sick, his nose will be dry, most of which is caused by a cold. You can take the dog’s temperature at home. Put the thermometer on the hairless place between the dog’s abdomen and the inner thigh. Clamp the thermometer for 5 minutes. The dog’s normal temperature is between 38 and 39 degrees. You can also feed the dog a cold for several days. But if the dog’s condition does not improve, or appear runny nose, eye dropsy increase, suggest to do a dog plague examination, in case it is caused by virus infection.

       First of all, pay attention to whether the dog has a fever,

       Then, look at the dog’s feces,

       Third, check the dog’s eyes to see if the white eye belongs to the normal color! The normal dog’s eye white is white or light blue,

       If the eyes are red, it means that the body is definitely wrong!

       Fourth, check whether the dog will vomit if he eats something or drinks water

       Fifth, check whether the dog can produce a lot of saliva,

       Sixth, dogs with no spirit are generally sick dogs. It is better to take them to the hospital for examination,

       Seventh, the doctor will first give the dog a general examination, and then check whether the dog is infected with the virus,

       If a dog with no spirit can secrete a lot of saliva and do not eat, the red eyes show that this dog should have canine distemper, which is the first major infectious disease of dogs

       If the dog has red eyes, vomiting when eating, no spirit, and a dry nose, it means that the dog has the second most infectious disease, parvovirus,

       If you have these phenomena, you should take your dog to the hospital in time. If you delay the treatment period, you will be sentenced to death!

       First, look at your dog’s feces to make sure it’s not the loss of appetite caused by diarrhea.


       Third, pay attention to the dog’s diet, to keep it clean water.

       Fourth, think about whether you give your dog small and fragile bones. Especially chicken bone, it is easy to pierce the dog’s gastrointestinal tract and cause dog death.

       Fifth, observe whether the dog has vomiting phenomenon. In general, dogs will vomit blood and draw blood when turning intestines. In this case, the probability of survival of dogs is relatively small.

       These are my usual dog experience, I hope it can help you. Also wish your dog to get better soon.

       A dry dog’s nose means that he is ill

       If you have a dog in your family, you will find that the dog’s nose is always wet after careful observation. Why? Let’s start with a dog’s sense of smell.

       Dogs have an amazing sense of smell. After sniffing the criminal’s footprints, the police dogs of the border guards can track down the criminals until they find them out. Dogs have such a sensitive sense of smell because its nose structure is much more complex than that of ordinary animals. On the olfactory organs of dogs, there are mucous membranes, which often secrete mucous membranes to moisten the olfactory cells in various parts of the olfactory organs, so that its nose often maintains the sense of smell. Moreover, there is a piece of hairless mucous membrane on the surface of the nose tip of the dog. There are many protuberances on it. This mucous membrane often secretes a lot of mucus to moisten it, making it easy to contact the air, so that the dog’s smell can be particularly sensitive.

       As soon as the dog’s nose dries, its sense of smell is not working. When does dog nose just have hair dry phenomenon? When a dog has a fever and is ill, its nose will dry.

       So it’s better to go to the pet hospital

       When a dog has a dry nose, it must be uncomfortable. Dry nose may be some cold, if it is because of a cold, dog laxity may be due to the cold, this needs the dog owner to do a good job of keeping warm for the dog. When the dog laxity to observe the dog’s mental state, take corresponding measures to solve the dog’s physical discomfort. Dogs may catch a cold after a cold, dry nose is one of the manifestations of cold, if the stomach is cold, there will be diarrhea. So when the dog nose dry and loose, to do a good job of keeping warm for the dog. Put on the dog’s pet clothes to keep the dog warm, and prepare a warm dog’s nest and cushion. If the weather is hot, try not to blow air conditioning and electric fan to the dog. If the weather is cold, you can also put more heaters for the dog to keep warm.

       If the dog nose hair is dry and hot, occasionally cough, it may be a fever. A normal dog has a wet nose. If he has a runny nose, he will catch a cold. You can also look at the feces. When you feed dog food, the normal feces are solid. If it is in strip or thin shape, it may be enteritis. If the dog is less than half a year old, do not feed it with leftover soup. It is easy to eat bad stomach and meat, and it is easy to turn the intestines. You can also see its spirit is good, holding it in the front leg armpit temperature measurement, the right medicine, dogs can take medicine, Shuanghuanglian, dry yeast tablets (3 yuan, 80 pieces), lactobacillus tablets, etc. In addition to regular deworming.

       If the fur is not very bright, eat some nutritious tablets. Dog just brought home have stress reaction, do not give him a bath, especially prone to cold disease, let him adapt to the new environment for a few days before washing.

       If you do have symptoms, you’d better take a look at the pet hospital

       Your dog is sick, the dog nose dry, fever, and like to sleep in the dark place, do not want to come out to play is a sign of illness, the best is to go to the hospital in time for injection, my dog used to be like this, three days do not eat or drink, no spirit, also vomit and diarrhea, the last shot is good, my brother is a veterinarian, so the cost is very low, a few dollars, to the pet hospital Words should be dozens, but for the sake of dog health, go to the hospital as soon as possible

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