Dog nose dry vomiting – dog nose dry, vomiting.

       Don’t eat for a day. Drink a small amount of water. After that, slowly increase the amount of water. If you don’t vomit, you can feed a small amount of food to adjust the stomach and intestines. If you don’t vomit, you can add some cold medicine now. Don’t feed other irritants when you vomit. If you want to treat together, please go to the hospital for injection or infusion At the same time, you can stop eating and drinking for a day. Also, you must observe the dog’s eyes, nose, body temperature, urine and stool to see the specific situation, analyze what the problem is, and don’t treat it blindly

       If it’s just a cold, it’s very simple. If it’s just a cold, you should go to the veterinarian’s station as soon as possible. If it’s just a cold, give him some cold medicine. If you have diarrhea, take some medicine for diarrhea on an empty stomach. If you have diarrhea, you can’t eat something (it should be like enteritis), and he can’t eat anything (vomiting as soon as he eats), the best thing to do The law is to get some drops! Go to the veterinarian station and hope it gets better soon!

       Immediately cut off water and food for a day, you can feed virilin (Moroxydine Hydrochloride Tablets), my boyfriend’s father said, he is a senior veterinarian, used to treat pandas. Feed Shuanghuanglian oral liquid two a day. If you have diarrhea or vomiting, you should also feed mumai AI. Twice a day, do not feed water, but glucose water or normal saline. For a few days, when he’s in a good mood and wants something, he’ll order porridge first. It should be light, light and greasy. It depends on whether his stool is thin or bloody. If it is not good, continue to cut off food and water and take medicine. This will be OK in a week. My family will be OK in 3 days, and I will resume my diet. This method can treat cold, can also treat small and enteritis. My family suspected it was small at that time, but I think it was enteritis. It is also said that enteritis is a small prophase. That’s how it’s cured. The house should be disinfected every day. Don’t take him out.

       A dry nose is an obvious symptom of a fire and disease. First of all, has your dog been vaccinated? In other words, there are many diseases that can cause these symptoms. If it is a simple cold, there will also be vomiting, no spirit, dry nose, runny nose, no special treatment, a little under the dog with anti-inflammatory drugs can, if infectious diseases, you have to go to the hospital, small, canine distemper are infectious diseases, or go to a large hospital for examination.

       Let it quiet rest, this time do not force it to eat, do not tease it to play. People feel carsick and want to stay for a while. The same is true of dogs. Just prepare water for it. But you should always observe its state. If you find that the spirit of the dog is more withered, the tip of his nose is not cold, and there is snot, it is cold. It is suggested that you can give him half an exclamation point. Other cold medicines are not recommended. Because my dogs eat exclamation marks when they have a cold, they don’t feel any burden, and it’s effective) let them rest after taking the medicine. About two or three days. You have to be patient. Don’t let the dog catch cold in the future. They should be dried with a hair dryer after bathing. Or you’ll get skin disease.

       Dry nose vomiting may be a gastrointestinal problem, or it may be small, coronal and other diseases.

       Specific need to observe the dog’s vomiting and mental condition in detail

       Mental condition: if the spirit is better, it may be gastrointestinal problems, so don’t worry too much. If the dog has a fever (Anal temperature 37-39 is normal over fever) nose dry spirit is not good, yellow eye dropsy cough sneezing vomiting diarrhea, it may be canine distemper, feel sent to the hospital!

       Vomiting: when a dog vomits, first of all, we need to see what the vomit looks like. Food, may be indigestion. White, yellow, it can also be caused by indigestion or stomach problems. Red, obviously bleeding. The frequency of vomiting is also an important diagnostic basis. For example, if you throw up after eating, you may have indigestion. Eat well and then vomit, it may be food poisoning. (foam) keep spitting, may be caused by infectious diseases, small, coronal and so on.

       Cold can have this kind of symptom, spitting, nose and hair dry, pay attention to heat preservation, eat some mummy love, or smecta, if you pull the belly, it’s all for children, and it’s not good for dogs. If you’re in a good mental state, you don’t have to worry. If your essence is also depressed, you’d better go to the hospital for routine monitoring. The small temperature is above 40 degrees. The owner can measure the anal temperature, The thermometer inserted into the dog’s butt, the dog will not have any too big reaction, the small main condition is bloody stool, stool sparse, fishy smell, canine distemper should not be, canine distemper dog will not walk, limb stiffness, circle in place, I said maybe not complete, the landlord can go to Baidu for canine distemper

       I hope it can help you

       There are many reasons for vomiting, to find out exactly the cause of dog diarrhea, symptomatic treatment. 1¡¢ Indigestion is the most common cause of vomiting, especially in puppies under half a year old. Simple dyspepsia is also called loose stools. 1. For food, the stomach of the dog is very delicate, because the digestive system is very delicate, and also lack of a lot of digestive enzymes, when the dog is less than three months, eating canned or pure meat is easy to cause indigestion. If you don’t digest well, you will vomit and loose. If you don’t care, you will get thinner and thinner, causing dehydration, which will be very dangerous. Therefore, parents of cats and dogs must take care of the situation of the little ones. On the premise that they are sure that they are not infected with any diseases (the family environment and food can be kept clean, and the dogs have been immunized), they can stop feeding food that is not easy to digest, such as canned food and meat, and feed two pieces of lactozyme at a time, two or three times a day. This will work in one day. If you need to control your diet, you can starve for about one day, and don’t overfeed each meal later. Let her stomach and intestines be well prepared first. Don’t be nervous about this kind of diarrhea, but focus on regulation. 2. When catching cold and changing seasons, the temperature alternates, many dogs are prone to loose phenomenon. Generally speaking, as long as its spirit, appetite and usual no different can be considered is a sudden change in the weather, cold causes vomiting laxity, to give the dog appropriate warmth and adjust his digestion. 2¡¢ Enteritis symptoms are in addition to vomiting and laxity, the dog’s mental state is not good, temperature rise. In this case, the dog’s symptoms and canine infectious enteritis (canine distemper) are very similar, after confirming that the dog has been immunized, you can treat it according to the following methods, otherwise please go to the hospital for examination and diagnosis as soon as possible. Gentamicin injection can be taken orally. Drugstores are often filled with 80000 units of 2ml, each time drinking 20000 units, twice a day. It should be noted that after taking Qingda for half an hour, the dog needs to be fed with some digestive drugs of live fungi, such as lactamase and mamillai, to help restore the digestion ability. 3¡¢ Parasites need to take medicine to fight insects, it is best to go to the hospital to do a stool test, and then targeted medication. In addition, blood may be seen in the BB due to parasites. Conversely, if you see such a BB, you’d better test it. It is suggested that the insect repellent should be conducted once every three months to completely eliminate this phenomenon! The most important thing for dogs to vomit and laxity is to observe his mental state and appetite. If there is no difference between them, it is OK to regulate their intestines and stomach. If they have fever and poor spirit, they should have inflammation. You can refer to the above treatment of enteritis or go to the hospital for examination and treatment. You see what is the cause of the dog, it is recommended to stop feeding and only drink water. Go to the drugstore to buy a packet of Smecta (1-2 yuan for a package), 2 times a package, and 2 times a day. It is good for the dog to vomit and protect the stomach. It’s good for my Jinmao to take this medicine before, and I don’t need to see a doctor. If it doesn’t get better, you’ll have to take it to a doctor. It’s purely personal experience. I hope it can help you.

       A dog’s dry nose does not fully represent the health of the dog. For example, when a dog is sleeping or the weather is dry, his nose will be dry.

       Generally speaking, dry dog nose is a disease, mainly because high fever will lead to dry nose, and fever is a manifestation of serious disease. But the dog does not necessarily have a fever, so many dogs in the sick, the nose is still wet, so whether it is healthy, or depends on the condition of the whole body.

       If you don’t get sick, you have to buy a humidifier

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