Dogs always eat leftovers – how can dogs never be full

       1¡¢ Why does the dog appear always to eat not full circumstance?

       Why does the dog always not have enough to eat? In fact, the main reason is that dogs generally don’t feel that they are full, and the puppies of 2-4 months are not satisfied with the self-control consciousness. Therefore, the owner must control the amount of food the little dog eats at this time. Don’t eat too much, as long as you eat 7 or 8 points full. Wait until about 5 months, the little dog can almost know: already very full, do not eat again!

       2¡¢ Scientific feeding of dogs

       1. Feeding times of dogs at different ages:

       (1) From weaning to 2-3 months: 3-4 times a day, if you have time, 4 times is the best

       2) 3-6 months: 2-3 times a day, 3 times is the best;

       (3) After 7 months to 1 year old: twice a day;

       (4) Over 1 year old, depending on the dog, once a day, or a small amount of 2 times

       2. Standard of daily feeding amount:

       If you buy dog food in bags, there is a list of feeding amount by weight, age and body type on the package, which is very clear. Generally, 2-month-old dogs begin to eat puppy food, such as 105g / D (2-month-old), 150g / D (3-month-old), 200g / day (6-month-old).

       Another experience is to observe the dog’s feces, feed a certain amount, if the dog’s stool can be formed into a strip (soft point doesn’t matter, sometimes drink more water, stool is soft) means that the amount of feeding can be. After a period of time can be added to observe, if the thin can not be formed, it is necessary to reduce the amount of points.

       The best feeding amount is eight points full, the standard is to lick dry and eat clean, can’t leave anything. If the dog does not eat in half an hour, take it immediately to prevent the dog from eating too much and causing indigestion.

       3¡¢ Other precautions:

       1. Clean water should be always available; clean water should be replaced every day

       2. It is not recommended to chew any bone. If the dog is 6 months old and has changed its permanent teeth, you can give it big bones of pigs and cattle to grind their teeth and remove the tartar. Don’t eat chicken bone, which is easy to break and sharp skeleton, and easy to stab the dog’s mouth and stomach.

       3. The puppies within two months can be soaked in soft dog food, which can be brewed with hot water or milk replacer powder (sheep milk powder for pets), which is more nutritious; dogs over 3 months can also be fed with some dry dog food, which is helpful for oral cleaning.

       4. Puppies should pay attention to calcium, you can buy some pet calcium powder, such as pet Da instant calcium vitamin, because it is three in one, can supplement a variety of calcium, vitamins and trace elements at the same time. Try not to drink milk, easy to have diarrhea, to give and pet special kitten cat milk powder (some dogs exception);

       5. You can’t give the dog what you eat, especially leftover soup. High oil and high salt can easily lead to obesity and gastrointestinal diseases, as well as hair loss and discoloration. Some seasonings such as pepper and ginger will stimulate the dog’s fragile stomach and cause diseases;

       6. Egg yolk is a good snack (except for spotted dogs), but egg white is easy to make dogs indigestion. Occasionally, a boiled egg can eat protein.

       7. If you make it for your dog, corn flour and millet porridge are good staple food. You can match some minced meat (beef is the best) and vegetables (carrots, vegetables and sweet potatoes are good ingredients and must be boiled). If it is meat, it is best not to put salt, vegetables can put a little salt, which will affect the health of dogs.

       8. Try not to give the dog often eat snacks and fruits, especially sweet and cold, which is bad for the dog’s mouth and stomach, and easy to diarrhea. If you really accidentally give it too much to eat, you can eat some pet probiotics to regulate the stomach and intestines.

       9. Don’t eat animals often and seafood. If you eat too much, it will lead to less calcium and more phosphorus, bone dysplasia and tooth deformity.

       10. The food is too hot for the dog’s mouth, too cold is easy to have diarrhea, and the temperature is just right.

       Many parents always ask their dogs how much they should eat several times a day, and how much they should eat. Xiaobian will provide you with some data for reference to uncover why they feel that their dogs are always hungry. I hope it can help you.

       Dogs generally can’t feel that they are full, because the puppies of 2-4 months have not had enough self-control consciousness, so at this time, the owner must control the amount of food the little Labrador eats. Don’t eat too much, as long as you eat 7 or 8 points full. When it was about five months old, little Labrador almost knew: it was full, don’t eat any more!

       The reason why dogs are always hungry and the solutions are as follows: the feeding times of Labrador dogs in different age groups are as follows:

       From weaning to 2-3 months: 3-4 times a day, if there is time for 4 times, the best: 3-6 months: 2-3 times a day, 3 times the best; 7 months to 1 year old: 2 times a day; over 1 year old depending on the breed of dog, once a day is OK.

       The standard of daily food quantity: if you buy dog food in bags, the list of feeding amount according to weight, age and body type is generally on the outer package, which is very clear. (the following is for reference only) small dogs: 60g / day (1 month old) 105 g / day (2 months old) 150 g / day (3 months old) 200 g / day (6 months old); 100 g, 180 g, 320 g and 380 g for medium-sized dogs; 170 g, 300 g, 530 g and 850 g for large dogs.

       Another experience is to observe the feces of Labrador and feed a certain amount. If the stool of Labrador can be formed into a strip (it doesn’t matter if you drink too much water, sometimes the stool is soft), it means that the feeding amount is OK. After a period of time, you can add some more and observe it; if it can’t be shaped, you should reduce the amount. The best feeding amount is eight points full, the standard is to lick dry and eat clean, can’t leave anything.

       Other should pay attention to: water should always be prepared; do not advocate eating any bone, if Labrador puppies 6 months old after changing permanent teeth, you can give it pig, cattle big bone grinding teeth, can also remove tartar; puppies can soak soft dog food to eat, can also feed some dry dog food, help oral cleaning; puppies should pay attention to calcium, try not to drink milk, easy to diarrhea (some diarrhea) Brado is the exception); you can’t give a dog what you eat.

       In particular, leftover soup is high in oil and salt, which is easy to cause Labrador obesity and gastrointestinal diseases. Some seasonings such as pepper and ginger can stimulate the dog’s fragile stomach and cause disease. Egg yolk is a good snack, but egg white is easy to cause Labrador poisoning. However, many police dog bases feed Labrador with egg white and egg yolk. If you make it for your dog, corn flour and millet porridge will be used It’s a good staple food. It can be served with some minced meat (beef is the best) and vegetables (carrots, green vegetables and sweet potatoes are good ingredients, so they must be boiled to a pulp).

       A little salt is enough, too much will affect the health of Labrador; try not to give Labrador often eat snacks and fruits, especially sweet and cold, which is bad for the oral cavity and stomach of Labrador dogs; animals should not eat too often, and seafood should not be eaten, which is not good for the body; too hot food is not good for the mouth, too cold is easy to have diarrhea, and the temperature is just right. Wish your dog health and happiness.

       This friend’s situation is quite special.. Like the above said, when the dog is full, it will not eat.. You can try to halve the amount of dog food to see if the dog is left after eating. If there is no problem, the dog just has the habit of not eating the dog food. There are no other problems, so it doesn’t need to be corrected,. Dog food won’t go bad in a day or two… Such dogs have the same characteristics as some clean dogs. ha-ha.

       It is suggested that when you feed the dog, it is better to eat less and more meals a day.. This is the most scientific feeding method.

       When the dog is full, he won’t eat any more. The rest is because he can’t eat. Just a little bit next time. Do you mean Labrador, or do you eat less and pull more?

       If you eat less and pull more, it means that the food absorption of the dog is not very good now, or the stomach itself is not good. If the stomach is not good, you can eat the development treasure and calcium stomach energy, which has the effect of whole intestine.

       After eight months, the dog’s skeleton is basically shaped and mature. Don’t worry about his lack of food. The dog is now a mature dog, but the skeleton is still very fragile. How many meals do you feed a day? Now, two meals a day in eight months is OK. Lado and golden hair are both easy to get fat dogs. It is better to eat less. Put your hand gently on the dog’s ribs. If you can touch the ribs, it means that the dog is not fat. If you can’t touch the ribs, you should give the dog less food. If you are too fat, it’s a burden on the dog’s joints.

       Does your dog eat dog food?

       Anyway, there is little kirky left in my family every day. She eats dog food. I don’t think that dogs are full and hungry animals. When she is full, she won’t eat more

       But when my little dog was little, she didn’t have any leftovers and ate all the food, but she was too full to vomit

       So if she doesn’t eat nothing, she’s full

       Why do dogs eat little

       1. Doggy picky: some dogs always like human food, and the more they eat, the more greedy they are. If you give it dog food or can dog food, you don’t eat it.

       2. Eat too much in the past few days: sometimes the dog has a good appetite for several days, and then he will suddenly stop eating.

       3. The dog ate indigestible food the day before: this situation is a little similar to the above, but not because of eating too much, but because the food stays in the stomach for a long time, such as a large number of bones. These things will increase the burden of the dog’s stomach and easily cause poor appetite in the next few days

       4. Gastrointestinal problems: for example, the gastrointestinal reaction caused by eating something you don’t often eat, and some are accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting.

       5. Anorexia caused by other diseases: this kind of situation is often in addition to not eating, there are other symptoms, fever and wilting, stool with blood, etc., this situation is more serious.

       Appropriate measures:

       1. Because picky food: hungry it a day, or just put dog food in the rice pot, it will eat when it is hungry, just need you to be cruel. But during starvation, never give any snacks. (don’t worry, the dog can be hungry or not. There will be no problem if you are hungry for a day, but make sure your dog is healthy. )

       2. Because a few days ago, he ate too much: he could starve him for a day and let him recover. If he was still a little worried, he could take some digestive medicine, lactase and so on.

       3. The day before the dog ate indigestible things: sometimes it is not easy to distinguish, you need to use some mind. If the dog has vomiting or diarrhea, take a careful look to see if it is normal color, with blood, sticky, has a special odor, or the dog is also particularly wilting, fever and so on. Even if there is at least one of them, you have to go to the hospital and take your dog’s poop or vomit with you for testing.

       Extended data:

       In ancient times, they were carnivorous animals, mainly preying on small animals. Under the domestication and long-term influence of human beings, the eating habits of pet dogs have changed greatly, and become omnivorous animals mainly based on meat. Some pet dogs even have a wide range of animal food, such as meat, eggs, animal blood, internal organs and so on.

       The products processed by various food crops, beans, vegetables and fruits can be eaten. However, when raising pet dogs, it is best to feed on meat. More animal protein and fat should be added to the feed, supplemented by vegetarianism, which will easily lead to malnutrition and the normal growth and development and health can not be guaranteed.

       Dogs have the physiological characteristics of eating meat. For example, the canine teeth and molars are sharp and strong, which are conducive to tearing and cutting. The content of hydrochloric acid in the stomach is the first in domestic animals. The intestinal wall is thick, and it is easy to digest meat food. However, it is not good at chewing and “gobbles” when eating. Understand these characteristics, so as to prevent the dog from stabbing the mouth and esophagus when eating. As the saying goes, “dogs can’t change to eat excrement”. Dogs eat not only human excrement, but also men’s excrement. This is a bad habit of dogs and must be corrected.

       Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia – pet dog

       When the dog has anorexia and little food, and other conditions are good, we should consider that the dog is fed up with the food he eats every day. At this time, the feed must be adjusted as necessary. You just need to note the following points:

       1. The internal organs of animals must be kept clean, not those of dead animals.

       2. The viscera should be fully cooked. Only salt should be added in the process, and no other seasoning should be added, because many seasonings are harmful to the dog’s body.

       3. In addition to * *, other viscera can be consumed every day, and the intake of * * should not exceed 30g per week, because overeating animals will lead to excess vitamin A, diarrhea, and even poisoning, and will affect calcium absorption, especially in young dogs.

       4. For a different taste of dog food, you can feed dog food and dog food alternately, one meal of dog food and one meal of dog food. Because the nutritional components of dog food are relatively balanced, it is the most scientific to feed dog food for golden fur, a more valuable dog species. You can also soak dog food in boiling water and mix it in dog rice.

       In addition, it takes 21 months to become a dog. Puppies don’t need too much exercise to avoid affecting bone development. Especially in hot weather, the best exercise is to let them run freely on the grass. You can take it for a walk from four to six months (don’t run with a bicycle or a motorcycle), but don’t walk too far in the beginning, and gradually lengthen the walking distance.

       Dogs are not allowed to eat the following food:

       1. Fish and milk just taken out of the freezer. (easy to cause diarrhea)

       2. Squid, octopus, shellfish, shrimp, crab and other seafood. (not easy to digest)

       3. Chicken bone and fish bone sharp and hard, easy to stab the mouth and digestive organs, also can not be fed. (sometimes causes intestinal bleeding)

       4. Desserts and preserves. (can be a major cause of tooth decay and obesity)

       5. Ginger, curry powder, pepper and other irritant spices, too much to stimulate the stomach.

       6. Food with high salt content.

       7. Non digestible food such as Lentinus edodes and fresh grinding may cause diarrhea or vomiting.

       8. Onion contains the toxicity of dissolving red blood cells, and it is easy to cause hematuria or anemia after ingestion.

       9. Chocolate, may also produce toxic substances and cause urinary incontinence, spasm, vitiligo and other symptoms.

       10. Some dogs will cause diarrhea as soon as they drink milk. In such cases, they can be fed yogurt.

       11. Puppies should not be fed with food containing preservatives and pigments, such as sausages, sausages and shredded fish

       Extended data:

       The origin of the dog can be compared with the pyramid, which is listed as six major mysteries in the history of human civilization. The standard legend of the origin of dog is: human beings found that dog is a useful partner, so they introduced it into their families. The idea that “dogs and humans settle at the same time” has been well-established, but genetic research has found the opposite.

       Fourteen thousand years ago, dogs and wolves were “one family.” fourteen thousand years ago, they parted ways. According to an article published in science, most dogs come from wolves in East Asia 15000 years ago. This may be due to the smaller size and easier domestication of East Asian gray wolves, which then spread throughout Asia and Europe. Later, as humans participated in the colonization of the new world 14-12 million years ago.

       In the latest issue of nature published in December 2005, American scientists published the canine gene map, which shows that there are more than 300 human genes than dogs; there are more than 360 genetic diseases in dogs, which are the same as human beings. Due to the long-term selective breeding, many dog breeds are prone to the same genetic diseases as human beings, such as cancer, heart disease, deafness, blindness and immune nervous system diseases.

       Although 99% of the genes in all dogs are the same, the remaining 1% of the genetic differences determine the breed. In terms of genetics, it is precisely because of the great differences in the appearance of different kinds of dogs and their common genetic basis that dogs become the best objects for genetic research. At the molecular level, there is little change between wolves and dogs: their DNA composition is almost identical.

       reference material:

       Baidu Encyclopedia – dogs (canine mammals)

       In fact, dogs like to eat everything. As long as you eat, let it see, it will slander.

       There is usually to pay attention to the dog’s diet.

       Don’t feed meat, chicken liver, chicken bone, milk and so on. If you eat too much, you will get loose,

       Chicken bones are softer than other bones. So it’s easy to get stuck in the dog’s throat or gut.

       If you really want to feed, feed fresh goat milk. Goat’s milk is similar to dog’s milk. It’s the most nutritious and can increase resistance

       The food for the dog should be light, do not give food with salt, because salty food will cause the dog’s taste to decline, easy to get angry

       If on fire, it is easy to make dog’s eye dropsy increase.

       I suggest you feed some dog food or roughage and fruit. The dog’s food is five to three. Always eat one kind of food, the dog will be fed up with it.

       Dog food is rich in vitamins, protein and so on. It’s definitely good for the growth of dogs.

       So your dog will be healthy.

       If your dog doesn’t eat dog food, you can feed it with beef soup, chicken soup in dog food. That’s easier for dogs to eat.

       To remind you, it is learned to soak dog food in soup. Don’t use soups with salt. It’s better to have clear soup.

       Use hot soup or hot water (soak for half an hour) use cold soup or cold water (soak for more than 1 hour) so that the general dog will eat.

       Remember to use less water or soup for dog food. Never give too much water. In that case, the dog will be easy to loose.

       Feed your dog less water. But you can feed it several times a day. (5 ~ 7 times / day)

       If you don’t eat it yet, you can buy some chicken breast meat to feed it, because chicken breast meat is easier to digest

       But you can’t give more meat. To chicken breast meat is just to prevent dogs from eating dog food.

       If you have the conditions, you can go to the pet hospital to buy an imported nutrition cream, feeding 3 cm each time. Twice a day. You can give it with dog food. The price of nutrition cream is generally 80 yuan a piece.

       If you give the dog soaked dog food, or loose, you should immediately stop. You can change it to dry dog food with a little minced meat.

       What’s more, they usually take more dog sports. At least three to four hours a day.

       However, when you take it out, you must bolt the traction rope to avoid accidents. It can also prevent dogs from sniffing other dogs’ urine.

       Because the dog’s urine and stool are the most likely to spread small bacteria and other infectious diseases.

       Do you want to check whether your dog caused this problem or what

       You go back to see if your dog’s hair is up!

       Pay attention to dog poop! Is there any insect in the stool

       Generally, the dog of 6 months is only 3 kg. What a big problem!

       Do you suggest to see if there are Ascaris in the stool

       No suggestions to drive insects! And with a drop of the whole stomach to eat together to ensure that your dog will be fat in a month

       There are also dogs do not feed too much will support bad, a day of dog 2 meals can adult (1-year-old dog) one meal a day can!

       Whole intestines and stomach (can be dog food + mammy love) do not feed dog food can be chicken + carrot + mamillai + calcium tablets

       This will strengthen the skeleton and then take it out for a walk (stronger as an adult dog)

       It’s hard to say. I raise two at the same time. One is really delicious. It’s described by the reincarnation of starving ghosts. I just didn’t find out that the body shape everyone saw was that they could kill to eat. If you gave it more food, it would stop eating when it was full. Of course, its body shape is very standard. There is a fast food restaurant nearby. One of his two dogs is called thin. It is skin and bone when touched by the hand. It’s not that the owner doesn’t feed him, but he really doesn’t eat much. But if you keep it, he will be in good mental state. If there is no special situation, it will be fine

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