Dog’s ears have the smell of feces – what’s the reason for the smell of dog’s ears?

       It may be caused by not cleaning the ear regularly, forming earwax, or infection with ear mites and ear inflammation. First of all, to see whether there is brown secretions in the dog’s ear canal, most of the dogs infected with ear mites will be accompanied by brown and brown earwax, and send out a peculiar smell! If there are more earwax, it is better to clean the ear canal first, and then erjingkang can be used to treat ear mites, ear inflammation and ear odor.

       When the dog’s ears stink, first check the dog’s ears to see if there are brown, dark brown dirt inside. Secondly, pay attention to observe whether the dog has frequent head shaking, shaking head, scratching ears, if the dog has these symptoms, it is enough to show that the dog’s ears are ear mites. Isolate the dog as soon as possible and disinfect the environment; then use Wang Xiang ear drops to clean the dog’s ears every day to remove the ear mites.

       First, check whether the dog’s ear is caused by trauma and infection, or whether there is yellow brown secretion in the dog’s ear canal with a bad smell.

       If it is the odor caused by trauma infection, this is best to go to the hospital for anti-inflammatory treatment, and then a dog daub the wound to avoid re infection.

       If it is the second kind, this is the dog has ear mites. The reason is that there is no regular ear cleaning and hair plucking for the dog’s ears, which leads to the breeding of bacteria in the dog’s ears. The treatment of ear mites is as follows: go to e-pet and buy Erkang to wash the dog’s ears. If the ear mites are not so serious, they should be used for about three days.

       In the future, you must remember to clean his ears. Oh, he is too lazy.

       It’s ear mite. You go to buy a medicine called ear bleaching. It’s imported and dripped into the dog’s ear canal. Cover your ear, massage it for a few minutes, and then wipe it with a cotton pad or tissue. After that, it will shake its head and throw out the dirty things on the facade. Use more days. In the past, Teddy had ear mites in our family. He smelled in his ears. Later, he was cured in this way.

       Two days ago, my dog also got ear mites. He always shook his head and his ears were black. I checked a lot of information on the Internet and asked the veterinarian. As a result, there were many different treatments, so I chose the simplest and effective method after analysis

       There are only two steps

       1. Go to the pet hospital to buy “big pet” this kind of medicine is very effective on the external parasites of dogs (recommended by doctors and dog owners). Buy it for dogs, drop it on the neck, and don’t let the dog lick it.

       It will take effect soon. It can also be used every 2-3 months in the future. It is very convenient.

       2. Pfizer is a professional ear mite remover. After cleaning the ear, drop it into his ear and knead it. After about a minute, if you let go of it, he will throw out the excess liquid by himself, and there will be ear mites in the ear canal~~`

       I have used it for a week. Now my left ear is almost gone, and my right ear is still a little bit. I’m still using it. It’s really effective. I hope I can help you. If you don’t know, you can continue to ask me~~

       The reason is that there are too many dirty things in the dog’s ear. First, wipe the ear with a cotton swab, and take out the inside of the ear, but don’t dig it too deep until there is no greasy dirt after the cotton swab is wiped. Then, apply the special ear drops for pets. Don’t drop it into the ear socket. Just drop it into the ear socket. Knead the dog with your hands The dog’s ear, ear drops near the ear, about 10 minutes, and then wipe clean with cotton swab. The above methods are only limited to daily cleaning and protection, because dogs who do not clean their ears for a long time or do not clean their ears after bathing are likely to suffer from ear mites. See if dogs feel itchy ears and often scratch their ears with their claws. If the dog scratched the ear, it means that ear mites have grown. Go to the pet hospital to buy some medicine to treat ear mites, and it will be good soon! The dog’s ears should be wiped clean with cotton swab after each bath. If time permits, it is better to drip ear liquid after each bath, which can effectively prevent the dog from ear diseases. The golden hair in my house is better than your ears, so I suggest you do a good job in daily protection

       The dog’s ear canal will secrete grease. If it is not cleaned up, earwax will accumulate and gradually become a hotbed for breeding “mold” and “parasite”. Once you find that the frequency of scratching ears increases, or there are a lot of secretions, or obvious lacrimal gland traces and body odor, you should pay more attention

       You can prepare a bottle of ear drops and a bottle of ear powder, because after cleaning the ear drops, it is not very good in the humid environment in the ear canal, so you should clean it with the powder. Be careful when cleaning, don’t hurt the dog.

       The dog’s ear canal is covered by rich ear hair. If it is not cleaned regularly, it is easy to produce dirt. If it is serious, it will cause ear mites. The normal ear canal should be clean, no smell, no dirt. It is pink. If the dog often does not naturally shake his head and scratch the ear with his claws, it indicates that his ear is uncomfortable and needs cleaning

       My method is: first use alcohol cotton ball to wipe the dog’s external ear canal. Observe whether there is dirt in the deep of the ear. If there is dirt, gently wipe it out with a cotton swab. If the dirt is hard and hard to wipe out, put it first. Pay attention not to insert it too deeply, so that the dog will shake his head if he is uncomfortable, and hurt the dog’s inner ear if he is not careful Put 2 drops of ear oil into the dog’s ear. Cover the ear and gently massage the ear for 1 minute. Then look inside the ear. At this time, the hard earwax will become soft and can be wiped out with a cotton swab.

       Ear cleaning should be done once a week. If the dog’s ears have already begun to be red, swollen, itchy, smelly, and has a lot of earwax, then clean them once a day. If you insist on 3 days, you will get better. Then gradually reduce the frequency until the ears are completely normal

       In addition, when cleaning the ear canal, the dog will resist because it is not suitable. At this time, the owner should not give up. Two people should hold the dog’s head and keep it from moving. The other one should clean and comfort the dog with a soft voice. When massaging the ear, you should also speak to the dog gently. This can calm his mood. For a long time, the dog enjoys it very much Of

       If the ear hair is too dense, it will cause inflammation in the ear. The “lady’s eyebrow knife” is a very practical coat. As long as you hold the ear with your hand, then put the eyebrow knife on the inner ear hair and trim the hair off the ear skin

       One, two, three There is a lot of hair coming down. When trimming the edge, you should pay attention to slow hand gestures, layer by layer until the skin is shaved. At this time, the dog will cooperate with you very well, because it will never hurt the dog

       The outer side of the ear, that is, the appearance can’t use a eyebrow trimmer, and it’s not expensive to use a special grooming knife for dogs. The reason is that if the shaver sticks to the trimming knife, the hair will be too short, which will affect the appearance. Because of its special structure, the trimming knife can trim the dog’s hair very well. That is, the scissors with serrated side and knife face on the other side

       1. Open the dog’s ears to see if there are foreign bodies in the ears. Gently wipe them with cotton swabs. Then smell whether there is a peculiar smell on the cotton swabs. If there is a peculiar smell, it is ear mite.

       2. If there is such a situation, use huichong drops in time. Ear mites, also known as ear scabies, are common ear tract parasites in cats and dogs. Most of the cases are parasitic on the ear canal, and a few cases can also appear in the head, neck and tail.

       The dog’s ears are dirty. It’s possible that there are ear mites

       In fact, it’s very easy to treat. My dog always uses it. It’s pure plant. There’s no side effect. It’s very convenient. You just need to spray it on the dog’s ear with the spray nozzle. Then the dog will shake his head and throw the dirty things out. It’s really good. And it’s good for preventing ear mites

       VIP does not have any body odor, if the ear odor is not good, may cause ear inflammation. Ear drops should be used for ears. They are available in dog shops. When you take a bath, you block up your ears with cotton balls or napkins. After washing, you take them away. After washing, you can gently tie your ears behind your head with a rubber band. Like a little girl’s whip, let its ears dry. My VIP has always done this before..

       It may be caused by ear mites, water in the bath or untimely cleaning. This has happened to my dog.

       The dog that keeps in the home, can often smell a smell that sends to the ear.

       This phenomenon is more serious in long hair dogs than in short hair dogs, and it is more serious in long eared dogs than in short eared dogs.

       This peculiar smell may be caused by parasites in the ear, which may cause inflammation and infection by biting the wall of the ear, resulting in the accumulation of pus and blood giving off abnormal odor. It may also be that the ear is infected by a parasitic fungus, which gives off a sweet and sour taste like when fruit is rotten. Long ears of dogs are due to the long ears hinder blood circulation and easy to accumulate ear secretions, resulting in bacterial breeding.

       The way to prevent this is to clean the ears of dogs more often. You can dip cotton swabs with alcohol or eucalyptus oil every two weeks to clean the ears for dogs. If the situation is serious and cannot be dealt with by oneself, it is better to take the dog to the veterinary clinic for examination and treatment by the veterinarian. As long as the ears can be kept clean, the smell on the dog can be greatly reduced.

       This is the ear canal ear mite, ear mite can cause dog ear canal inflammation, itching, ear odor, black earwax, ear debris and so on. You can use jieershu to clean the ears of dogs, and then drop some erjingkang. If the dog has ear hair, but also pull out the ear hair, medication will have effect. In order to effectively prevent ear canal diseases, dogs should clean their ear canal regularly. Keep the environment clean and dry.

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