Dog’s eyes are always wet – why do dog’s eyes get wet?

       Please read the following materials patiently and carefully!! It’s all about the detailed answers to your questions and some of my personal experiences!! I hope it will help you a little bit!! ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£ Many people are very emotional, they say dogs cry and cry. Of course, sometimes dogs cry because they are afraid or sad. They will cry, but they will be silent. I remember that one summer morning, I went to study. It was still very early. I could see that there was a pickup truck near our residential area. Several people were wearing the same color of clothes and holding a long object in their hands, which was like an iron bar. But because it was too far away to see, there were several middle-aged women in pajamas shouting. I don’t know what happened. Out of curiosity, I ran up to see it. It turns out that there are several iron cages at the back of the car, and there are many dogs in the cage. This reflects that they came to catch the dog in the early morning. The hands of those wearing the same clothes are long and large iron pliers, which are specially used to clamp dogs into the cage (this is not evaluated). When they were quarreling, I stood close to the dogs, watching them make a “Gugu” sound, some huddled in a corner, and some shivered with fear. I was particularly impressed with one dog, lying on his stomach, looking hopelessly at a direction, and still crying. At that time, I couldn’t say how sad I was when I saw it. I was stupid. I didn’t expect the dog’s emotion to be so rich. We must be kind to dogs. They are our friends! Of course, sometimes the dog tears does not mean that the dog is crying! There are many reasons why dogs cry! Maybe I’m sick. I’m!………………………. ¡¡ Dog eye droppings: dog eye droppings can be found in dogs with normal and problematic eyes. Just like human eye droppings, dog eyes and lacrimal glands also have secretions. Usually, dog eye droppings are light colored and turn brown after drying. Sometimes, the inner corners of the eyes form a hard mass and are very tolerant Easy to clean. 1. When a dog produces a large number of brown eye droppings, it shows that there is something wrong with the eyes: if there is something wrong with the dog’s eyes, there will be more dog eye droppings, and the color is very dark and turbid, which is not only concentrated in the corners of the eyes, but also around the eyes. There are many reasons for dog’s eye problems, which may be due to diet, such as eating too much viscera, getting a little angry like a human being, eye inflammation caused by stimulation, and of course, more serious diseases. These health problems can be reflected in eye dropsy, so dog eye dropsy is also a problem that can not be ignored. 2. You can have a small treatment: if the dog’s eyes suddenly increase, you need to pay attention to see whether the dog’s eyes are in tears, to see whether the eyes are particularly red, think about what causes it. You can give it a little bit of chloramphenicol eye drops to try, generally for small irritation caused by inflammation, will work. Usually one day, the dog’s eye dropsy, tears, red eyes will soon improve, if used for a day or two, there is no sign of improvement, then you need to take the dog to see a doctor. 3. It’s important for long haired and light colored dogs to clean their eye droppings in time: of course, there is also such a situation. Dogs have more eye droppings, and there is nothing abnormal. It is more important to clean up dog’s eye droppings in time, especially for light colored dogs. Long haired dogs have more hair, so it’s easy to get hair into their eyes. Although, you will find that the sensitivity of the dog’s eyes is much worse than that of the human. Sometimes when you see a hair in the eye, it will not show any discomfort. But hair into the eyes will certainly have certain irritation to the eyes, so long haired dogs are easy to produce brown eye droppings, or more eye droppings. For this kind of dog, cleaning eye droppings is more important than short hair and dark dogs. If you don’t clean it in time, the eye poop will dye the hair under the dog’s eyes to reddish brown like a dye. If you want to wash off this color, it can be said that it is more difficult than going to the sky. Dogs that are prone to tear marks due to eye droppings: bixiong, lady, ancient shepherd dog, bearded shepherd dog, Polly, komon, Xishi, light colored pine lion (easy to cause eye inflammation due to inner eyelashes), etc. This kind of dog is characterized by big eyes, long hair around the eyes and light coat color. Second, dog eye tears: first of all, you need to know what is the reason for your dog’s tears? 1. Diet: if your dog’s food tastes very strong, you should pay attention to it. Tear marks are likely to be the reason for this. Change the light and salt free ones as soon as possible. Note that dogs sometimes have too much tear secretion due to food sensitivity (dog food is very important, sometimes you will find unexpected effects by changing dog food, depending on your home What kind of dog food is suitable for dogs. 2. On fire: if your dog urine is very yellow, usually do not want to drink water, tears are likely to be the reason for this, usually drink more water, add apple vinegar in the water can also play a certain role, brand is not limited, add a bottle cap each time, if the concentrated is less, add a few drops. 3. Beauty problem: This is the easiest to find. If you find that the hair around the dog’s eyes is always pricking into the eyes, and the hair around the eyes is too long and irritating to the eyes, it is that the hair is not repaired well during the beauty, you can cut it yourself. 4. Lacrimal gland blockage: This is more troublesome, need a little bit of treatment, eye drops must have, can use “Lambert zaciwellen – dispel tear mark liquid”, 25 yuan a bottle, very good, in addition also useful Weidi and so on. (massage the corners of your eyes. This is very important. Don’t finish the eyedrops. Massage them). 5. There is also the need to often dig ears, pluck ear hair, ear dirty things are easy to shed tears; or there are people smoking in the home or living environment is not good; there is also a reason that dogs are born with more tears.

       To the dog’s tears: ¢Ù pet shop has to sell tear stains of the potion, to try it. ¢Ú Cut the yellow hair. ¢Û Insist on washing face with warm water sooner or later and blow dry after washing. ¢Ü If the inflammation is serious, you can use chlorphenamine, but don’t use it every day. ¢Ý Removing tear marks is not a day or two can be removed, the most basic is to pay attention to diet, the best is dog food, do not give it to eat people eat too salty food too heavy, salty eat not only will appear tear marks, but also will appear dog skin (that is, equivalent to human scalp scraps), abnormal hair removal phenomenon, serious will cause liver hydrops and liver edema. ¢Þ Or use cotton gauze to dip in the tea you have drunk and wipe it gently. After a period of time, you will get better.

       There are many reasons for your dog’s tears

       One reason: too much salt in diet or too little water.

       Treatment: change dog food, or add VC and summer mulberry chrysanthemum to drinking water when it is hot.

       Cause 2: obstruction of nasolacrimal duct and stenosis of lacrimal duct

       Methods: lacrimal duct was dredged.

       Reason 3: eyelash stimulation

       In some dogs, the eyelashes next to the eyes will fall into the eyes, stimulating the eyes to secrete too much liquid.

       How to deal with it: trim off the eyelashes that irritate the eye

       Cause 4: eye inflammation

       The eye is inflamed, the eyeball is red, there are bloodstains, and there are a lot of secretions, which cause the eyeball to secrete too much liquid.

       Treatment: eye drops can relieve inflammation

       Five reasons: bad gut or too greasy diet

       Some dogs eat too greasy diet, coupled with bad intestinal tract, easy to indigestion, cause intestinal harmful bacteria abnormal fermentation of excess food, lead to fire, stimulate eye secretions increase, and block the nasolacrimal duct, leading to tears, usually pay attention to diet, do not eat too greasy, and can properly supplement probiotics and development treasure to regulate the intestinal tract to help absorption.

       Cause 6: internal infection

       When the ear canal bacterial infection, will cause the dog to scratch the ear frequently with the hind foot, sometimes will stimulate the lacrimal gland secretion.

       Treatment: ear drops can be used.

       Many owners may think that the dog’s tearful eyes are a kind of affectionate expression. However, as a kind and conscientious person, you can know that it is likely to suffer from eye disease if you have been crying all the time!

       * cause 1: ear canal infection

       Many people will inevitably doubt the relationship between eye tears and ears when they hear this. In fact, the relationship among them can be very big, and this is also the most common cause of dog tears.

       When the ear canal is infected by bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, or swelling, pain and itching of the ear, dogs often scratch their ears with their hind feet. Because the auditory nerve and facial nerve are interlaced on the face, it is a very sensitive area, and the pain in the deep part of the ear canal will extend around the eyes and stimulate the secretion of lacrimal glands, When too much tears can not be discharged from the nasolacrimal duct, it will overflow from the corner of the eye near the nose. After a long period of accumulation, the brown tear stains on the hair will be very obvious.

       Treatment method: you can ask a doctor to diagnose the cause of ear canal infection, and then choose the right treatment method. Do not buy ear medicine at will, which will lead to drug resistance of ear disease and make it more difficult to treat ear diseases. When the treatment of ear canal disease is completed, tears no longer secrete vigorously. At this time, the tears will disappear automatically.

       * cause 2: obstruction of nasolacrimal duct

       Because the nasolacrimal duct is inflamed and swollen due to infection, the whole pipe is completely blocked or not completely blocked, so the tears can not be discharged from the nasolacrimal duct normally, and will naturally overflow, and then form ugly tear marks.

       Treatment: Generally speaking, the veterinarian will recommend antibiotics for treatment, combined with the implementation of small surgery to smooth the nasolacrimal duct, which should be improved. This treatment method and frequency will vary according to the degree of symptoms. It may take several rounds to dredge the nasolacrimal duct to solve the problem of obstruction of nasolacrimal duct.

       * cause 3: entropion

       Eyelid entropion, also known as the condition of inverted eyelashes, can cause eyelashes to stimulate the cornea all the time. This situation will make the eyes feel very uncomfortable, and then frequently scratch the eyes with their forelimbs. As a result, they are often seen to have watery appearance and also cause very serious tear marks.

       Treatment: for entropion, surgery is usually performed to solve this problem, which is also known as “double eyelid cutting” plus electric burning of eyelash follicles.

       * cause 4: lacrimal gland inflammation

       The main reason is that the lacrimal gland which secretes tears is infected, which causes abnormal large amount of tear secretion, and the nasolacrimal duct has no time to dredge so many tears, which will lead to the outflow of tears, and over time will form ugly tear marks.

       Treatment: the common way is to use drug control, and the treatment period should be based on the severity of the situation, which may vary from five days to four weeks.

       * cause 5: genetic problems

       Primary excessive tears, is a hereditary disease, tears often secrete too much, it is easy to cause tear stains.

       * reason 6: special breed of dog and cat

       This phenomenon usually occurs in dogs with short noses (e.g. pug, Xishi, and hound dogs) or flat faced cats (such as Persia and jinjila). Because such dogs and cats have a large curvature of the nasolacrimal duct, the amount of tears discharged is limited. Even if the normal amount of water secreted by tears can not be loaded, it will cause unsightly tear marks and even black eye frames.

       The above situation is often judged as the cause of tear stains, and it is only provided to the owners who have the same troubles for reference. However, we would like to remind you that if you want to know the problems and factors causing dog and cat disease, you’d better seek the help of professional veterinarian. After correct diagnosis, the treatment time of dog and cat disease will not be delayed!

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