Dogs have feelings from childhood – have you ever had feelings for dogs?

       Dogs have feelings for their owners, because they have been together for a long time, dogs also have a strong memory, can recognize the master’s voice, and know the meaning of each action after training, which is very spiritual. Therefore, dogs are not our pets, and we hope to treat them as intimate friends. As people who have raised cats know, many cats are very cold. They either eat or find a place to lie down quietly and have little interaction with their owners. Compared with dogs, cats can be said to ignore their owners. This is why many people call Cats Cats Cats Master, because in people’s eyes, there is really little interaction between cats and humans. So now many people will ask, do cats really have feelings for their owners? It can’t be that I didn’t treat myself as the master at all, but I just stayed in this family. Because the cat’s performance is really a little cold. But in fact, cats still have feelings for their owners, and they are not inferior to dogs at all. It’s just that the way of expression is different. Dogs express more warmly, while cats express more quietly.

       Animals are also flesh and blood. In fact, just like human beings, we need our care and care. We also have a little dog (Xiaobao). I had a superficial understanding of pets in the past, and I only thought it was fun. Only when I really raised dogs did I know that they would be unhappy, angry, sick and happy. It really needs patience and time, and I think Once a pet is kept, it is not only loving, but also more responsible than others. So when my dog is sick, it is really sad. I feel worse than it. This is the relationship between people and pets. No matter how stupid a dog is, it is a dog. This is a pet.

       I always have a dog. I have a good feeling for a dog. A pet dog is very familiar with our language. He knows everything you say. Like a seven-year-old child, I like this pet dog very much in my heart, because it is very conversational and obedient. It is my lifelong companion. I will take this pet with me when I walk at night Dog, the heart is not afraid at all

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