Domestic pet ranking

       Top 5 domestic dogs ranking:

       The Golden Retriever is one of the friendliest, most reliable and loyal dogs. Because they are gentle and patient, they are good companions for children of almost all ages. The dog is widely believed to be very active, whether it’s on the beach, climbing mountains, or just playing pickup games in the yard. They can not only be good friends, but also very beautiful.

       2. Australian Shepherd dogs are very active and entertaining pets. They focus on their families and like to get attention from their owners. This kind of dog is very brave and intelligent. It’s a good help to watch the door. Because Australian Shepherd dogs like to play, it’s very suitable to be with children. They are also flexible and easy to train, giving parents more time to spend with their children. An interesting, loyal friend, this dog is suitable for any family.

       3. Bode shepherd dog is very popular among domestic pets. They are energetic and like to be with older children. This kind of dog needs space to run and play, and they will repay the family with friendly and affectionate feelings. They are not only easy to train, but also gorgeous dogs.

       4. German Shepherd is a very loyal and reliable dog. They are bigger, but don’t let the size fool you. They are very loving. This kind of dog is very smart and has a lot of trust in his family. German shepherd dogs like to be close to their owners and protect their families. They are eager to be liked and very friendly to family members.

       5. Pugs are famous for their charisma and lively character. This kind of dog is easy to get along with, lazy, and can get along with other pets and children. They also like to be noticed and play. Pugs are great home dogs. They give a lot of love, friendship and fun.

       It doesn’t show the dog’s strong possessiveness of territory, does not have too much doubt about strangers, and does not attack other dogs. Samoye, I don’t know why? So many people have little SA. I don’t think SA is suitable for family. He is like the free big exercise Dog Labrador puppies are loyal, calm, smart, and reassuring with children, always self-sufficient and happy, wary of intruders, suitable for suburban life. I used to be a porter, but now I’m very popular. Labrador dogs have an excellent sense of smell. They were used in World War II to search for drugs. Now they are used to sniff out illegal drugs. The big white bear is gentle and intelligent. It’s strange that although he is a big dog, he is even more coquettish than a small one!!! The character is a little bit divine… Pine lion don’t think that the fusion bear man’s hair will be very easy to hold, they will usually disappoint you, because they don’t like to play with the border collie. This is the world’s number one intelligent dog. Its IQ is equivalent to an 8-year-old child. It’s a smart dog that can be learned by doing five instructions. The Border Collie is very friendly to friends, but obviously reserved to strangers and friendly with children. He was also an excellent shepherd, and he was happy to learn and satisfied with it. And thrive in human friendship. It is suitable for living outdoors and needs a lot of sports. The Border Collie is not only the best pet dog and companion dog in life, but also a good home guard dog in the family. ***Silver fox is strange, kind to children, but alert to adults, and not friendly to other animals. This kind of dog looks very much like Bomi, which is similar to Fox’s face. It is a German crossbred (really complicated) Shapi Chinese dog produced in the Republic of China. At present, it is a rare variety. He used to be a fighting dog, so Shapi’s character is very active. I didn’t expect that he would have the temperament of king, ha ha. Butterfly dog puppies butterfly dogs are easy to approach, intelligent, happy, alert and friendly. Physical strength is stronger than appearance, like outdoor sports. He is very exclusive to his master and envious of the third party. Su Mu Su Mu is very intelligent, good personality, approachable, intelligent and sensitive, and has a good response to gentle obedience training. He is friendly and willing to please the master. He is suitable for careful children. Cheerful and lively personality, strong feeling. Without proper socialization experience, you may be shy or nervous. Mecca is very active and should always give him time for activities. Moreover, the cat on the ear is easy to knot like a hot roll, so it should be taken care of frequently. The mini Schnauzer is German again. The typical mini Schnauzer should be smart, lively, obedient, alert, brave and obedient. It’s friendly, smart, happy to please the director, strong, energetic, loyal and trustworthy. The sitz is similar to the Maltese, but the fur in the middle of the forehead is white and the top of the tail is white. Xishi dogs like to communicate with people, strong attachment and tolerance, self-confidence, smart, love children and animals, life is very long, can live about 15 years. Gu Mu Gu Mu is gentle and intelligent, bold, alert, easy-going and friendly. He doesn’t like to run and jump when he grows up, but he is naughty when he is young. Be loyal and friendly to people. Excellent qualifications to lead sheep. German shepherd, German shepherd, black shell is it. He is often called a wolf dog. In fact, the scope of wolf dog is very large. German animal husbandry is German animal husbandry. Tibetan mastiff, Tibetan mastiff, everyone knows very fierce, is very fierce. But he can protect, or even protect. Unlike shepherd dogs, they might eat. But the smell of this big dog is very heavy. (not recommended as a PET) spotted dog, also known as barley Town. It’s cute when you’re small, and huge when you grow up. It’s a kind of lively dog. Take him out for a walk every day because he is a gregarious dog. Golden retriever, made in Russia. Originally used in circuses (really smart)

       There are eight subject classifications for domestic pets. namely:

       1¡¢ Mammals

       Dogs, cats, rodents (including chinchillas, pet rabbits, hamsters, Dutch pigs, white mice, gerbils, chipmunks, squirrels, flying squirrels, chipmunks, porpoises, octopus, etc.), Martens, hedgehogs, alpacas, cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, deer, elephants, rhinoceros, etc.

       2¡¢ Birds

       Parrots (including Macaw, sunflower parrot, peony parrot, budgerigar, etc.), songbirds (including bailing, thrush, Canary, etc.), pigeon, carrier pigeon, chicken, duck, etc.

       3¡¢ Reptiles

       Lizards, iguanas, snakes, turtles, crocodiles, etc.

       4¡¢ Amphibians

       Frog, toad, salamander, earthworm, salamander, etc.

       5¡¢ Fish

       Tropical fish, goldfish, koi, Pipa fish, dragon fish, etc.

       6¡¢ Insects

       Ants, crickets, butterflies, dragonflies, grasshoppers, silkworms, bamboo insects, beetles, etc.

       7¡¢ Arthropods

       Crystal shrimp, scorpion, spider, centipede, Malu, etc.

       8¡¢ Others

       Electronic pet (for example: QQ pet) and other electronic models of pet breeding.

       Extended data:

       In the past, pets were just animals that people kept for the sake of loneliness or entertainment.

       Today, pets are defined as animals and plants that are kept for non economic purposes. Pets are animals and plants kept for spiritual purposes. In order to eliminate loneliness or entertainment, pets used to be mammals or birds, because these animals have developed brains and are easy to communicate with people.

       Nowadays, in addition to the well-known living pets, there are many virtual pets.

       Among all kinds of animal pets, dogs and cats are the most popular, and birds, fish, insects, hamsters, rabbits and so on are more widespread.

       Plant pet

       Plant pet is the modern people’s love name for plants full of vitality and enlightenment, especially those plants that can be carried around people at any time, or often appreciated and felt in the living room. Plant pets with vitality can relieve the pressure of modern people and improve the unhealthy psychology of individual in society.

       Quiet plants have always been the best partners of meditators. Few people who like plants will have mental illness. In the concept of human beings, plants are the symbol of silence, rationality, tenacity and endless life. If we communicate with plants, we can draw great power from them.

       At present, the plant pets cultivated by high technology are not only more beautiful in appearance, but also change the traditional method of planting in pots. They start to use transparent and nutritious substrates such as crystal mud and nutrient solution, and even many plants realize the lively scene of flowers on the pots and fish swimming freely under the pots. Its unique shape is popular among many family and office workers Purchase of home furnishing supplies.

       Tea pet

       As the name suggests, “tea pet” is a pet nourished by tea. It is mostly ceramic handicraft made of purple sand or clear mud. When drinking tea, it is dipped in tea soup and smeared or the remaining tea is directly drenched. With age, the tea pet will be warm, moist and fragrant. Common tea pet, such as Golden Toad, black, evil, small animals, characters, etc., implied to attract wealth, good luck.

       Some of the tea PET production technology is exquisite, has the extremely high collection value. In addition, tea lovers make use of hollow structure, which makes it interesting to spit bubbles and spray water after pouring hot water. But it has a common feature, that is, only mouth, no sex. This determines that it can only eat in but not out. In this way, people express the traditional Chinese concept of “making money in a wide range of sources without leaking any water”.

       Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia pet

       The types of domestic pets are as follows:

       1. Pet dog

       The more famous pet dogs are: Chinese garden dog, * hound, Tibetan mastiff, husky, songlion, golden fur, German shepherd dog, Chenery, Dalmatian, Bomei, Chihuahua, Scottish shepherd, Samoye, Koka, Labrador, Jingba, bixiong, VIP dog, Maltese, Belgian hound, teddy bear, border collie, Alaska, Fox Terrier, etc Etc.

       2. Cats

       Cats, divided into many kinds, are the natural enemies of rats. There are livestock everywhere. There are yellow, black, white, gray and other colors; the body is like a beaver, the appearance is like a tiger, the hair is soft and the teeth are sharp (there are almost hairless varieties). Long tail, short waist, eyes like gold and silver, and more palatal ridges are the best. The body is small and attractive. Curiosity.

       3. Hamster

       Hamsters mainly feed on plant seeds, as well as young stems and leaves, fruits and occasionally insects. No hibernation. In winter, they live on stored food. In addition, some species are omnivorous, including frogs and other vertebrates. They tuck food into their big cheek bags and store it in their burrows. Up to 90 kilograms of hamster burrows have been found to store food.

       4. Tortoise

       The egg shell of tortoise is gray white, oval, 2.7-3.8cm long and 1.3-2cm wide. Under natural conditions, after 50-80 days of hatching, the young turtle will break its shell and emerge. However, the natural hatching of turtle eggs is easy to be affected by external conditions such as temperature, light and other natural enemies such as snakes, mice and ants, which makes the incubation period long and the hatching rate and survival rate are low. In order to improve the hatching rate of turtles, artificial hatching can be used.

       5. Pet snake

       The so-called pet snake, is generally a non-toxic snake after artificial cultivation, mild temperament, very small attack on people. Of course, in addition to the high price, most also need to order from abroad. As pet snakes are divided into domestic and imported, the requirements for raising them are also different. Of course, you should be careful when raising to prevent being bitten.

       Pet species


       Animals, such as hamster, hamster, hamster, hamster, hamster, hamster, hamster, hamster, hamster, hamster, hamster, hamster, hamster, hamster, hamster.


       Budgerigar, sunflower parrot, Macaw, other species of parrot, Canary and other species of songbirds (including bailing, thrush, carrier pigeon), pigeon, grey sunflower bird, chicken, duck


       Lizards, iguanas, snakes, scorpions, turtles, crocodiles (including alligator latissimus, alligator, Indian fish eating alligator, alligator)


       Frogs, toads, giant salamanders, salamanders, and earthworms


       Goldfish, koi, tropical fish, piranha (singer Zhou Huajian raised), parasitic catfish, electric eel, dragon fish


       Ants, crickets, spiders, butterflies, dragonflies, cockroaches, strong

       Plant and pet

       Angel greenhouse, mini potted plants, hydroponic flowers, magic beans, magic eggs, family garden


       Electronic pets, such as: QQ pets and other electronic simulation of pet breeding

       Ranking of large domestic dogs: Labrador, border collie, golden retriever, samoyer

       1. Labrador Retriever

       The Labrador Retriever is smart, alert and understanding. He is gentle and steady, neither dull nor too active. Personality loyalty, atmosphere, simple and honest, gentle, sunny, cheerful, lively, friendly to people, loyal to people. Like to play, especially like to play games with others.

       2. Border Collie

       They are good at communicating with their masters, gentle, loyal and obedient. Their loyalty can be described as follows. Because of its gentle and loyal character, it was once the most popular pet among urban population. It is neither vicious nor shy. It is characterized by intelligence, strong learning ability, high understanding, easy training and favorite Frisbee. It is the most competitive dog breed and the main character of frisbee dog world cup.

       3. Golden Retriever

       It is a well-balanced, powerful and lively breed. It is characterized by stable, reasonable coordination of various parts of the body, not too long or clumsy legs, friendly expression, warm personality, alert, self-confident and fearless of life, and pleasant personality. Golden Retriever was originally a retriever, and now it is mostly used as a guide dog and pet dog. Be very friendly to children or children. Golden Retriever is the fourth most intelligent dog in the world.

       4. Samoyer

       Samoye dogs are smart and learn things quickly, but the degree is also very different. We should pay attention to different situations and treat them differently. It is gentle in temperament, loyal to its master and adaptable. Alert, energetic, friendly, not conservative, not timid, not suspicious, but not aggressive.

       The top dogs for domestic use are Border Collie, poodle, golden retriever, Labrador, Teddy, Beagle and Eskimo.

       1. Teddy

       Teddy is a great choice if you want to be a pet parent for a dog that doesn’t shed hair at home. And Teddy dog itself is a very popular dog, so don’t like the dog’s pet parents, will like it more. Teddy dog is lively in appearance, lovely in character and loyal to its owner.

       2. Poodle

       Poodle also known as “Lady dog”, also known as “curly dog”. For many years, it has been considered the national dog of France. According to the size of the poodle, it can be divided into three types: standard, mini and toy. This kind of dog looks like marshmallow. The feeling is excellent. Although the hair is fluffy and double-layer, the dog has little hair loss.

       3. Beagle

       Beagle dog, although small, has a lot of personality, lively nature, love freedom, can bring endless fun to the owner. The Beagle dog has a soft, curly coat. Besides its beautiful eyes, the round features of its body and head are also beautiful and need to be combed daily. Beagle, the living environment requirements are very high, it needs to be accompanied often.

       4. Eskimo

       It has a variety of colors of fur, ears erect, long tail curled on the back; it is very cold resistant and heat-resistant, and the thick fur can resist the temperature below freezing point. Eskimo is a kind of friendly, alert and intelligent dog. The house keeper is a very good guard dog. It can tell the family that there are strangers visiting by warning barking, which can protect the family, but it does not bite people and has no aggressive risk.

       1. Labrador Retriever

       Personality: mild temperament, intelligent and obedient, easy to train, lively and active, loyal to the master, obey the command.

       The Labrador is a trustworthy family. One of the charms of the Labrador Retriever is its love of swimming. The water Hound is a Labrador who likes to play with water and is very good at swimming. In summer vacation and holiday, the whole family takes it to camp together, lets it do the sea bath is most suitable. In short, the Labrador Retriever is the first of the large domestic dogs that can become our good companions. It has been No. 1 for many years in the world’s most popular dog breeds.

       2. Golden Retriever

       Personality: smart, friendly, reliable, with a handsome and extraordinary appearance.

       The golden retriever ranked second to the Labrador Retriever. The golden retriever has a gifted and intelligent mind, coupled with a handsome and extraordinary appearance, which is very pleasing. The Golden Retriever is a reliable, friendly and reliable breed with well-balanced body shape and personality. However, it also inherits the keen sense of smell, vigilance and self-confidence of hounds.

       Golden Retriever has high genetic immunity, strong body and medium wool, so it is very easy to raise and daily care. To pay attention to often help it bath, comb hair, and avoid making it too fat. Jinmao is also looking at a very gentle dog, is suitable for domestic large dogs of modest gentleman type.

       3. German Shepherd Dog

       Character: strong, agile, muscular, alert and energetic. Warm and alert. The Bode Collie is very popular among domestic pets. They are energetic and like to be with older children.

       Suitable for domestic large dogs are big white bear, Labrador, golden fur, husky, caslow, English ancient shepherd, St. Bernard, Alaskan sled dog, Scottish shepherd, Samoye, etc.

       1. Great white bear

       The great white bear dog is strong and harmonious, beautiful and elegant, solemn and majestic. It has an imperial manner, is very friendly and obeys the orders of its owner. The great white bear dog is very alert, very suitable for watching the house. It will try its best to bring safety to the owner, and the thief dare not mess around when he sees the big white bear. The big white bear is usually very quiet at home and won’t talk about furniture. When training the big white bear dog, you can do it well with some molars snacks (chicken jerky, chicken around French fries).

       2. Husky

       I believe that in most people’s impression, husky dog is a kind of dog with low intelligence quotient and stupid enough to make people cry. Husky dog is friendly and independent. Although it is very alert, it lacks the sense of attack and defense of guard dog in many cases. Husky’s clumsiness just comes from their own excessive trust in themselves. Their owners accompany them more and take them out for a walk It’s very rare to demolish a house.

       3. Caslow

       Compared with the fierce and irritable temperament of other large fierce dogs, the caslow dog is very quiet and easy to train. It is a compact mastiff with explosive force and more endurance than ordinary mastiff. Caslow is a lovely companion for human beings and can get along well with children.

       4. St. Bernard

       The St. Bernard dog is lively and likes sports, so it should have a certain amount of exercise every day. It is also a very good training dog. As long as the master’s password and gesture are correct, and snacks are used as rewards, it can do better and faster. It is very loyal to the host, but also very kind and friendly, easy to get close to, especially like to play with people and children, for children have good patience.

       Big dogs suitable for family use include great white bear, Labrador, golden retriever, husky, Castro, Old English shepherd, St. Bernard, Alaskan sled dog, Scottish shepherd, samoyer dog, etc.

       Great Pyrenees Dog

       The great white bear dog is strong and harmonious, beautiful and elegant, solemn and dignified, has the imperial demeanor, is very friendly, obeys the master’s order, this big white bear dog is very alert, very suitable for watching the house.

       It will do its best to bring security to the main characters. In addition, the thief did not dare to do this behavior when he saw the big white bear. The bear is usually quiet at home and doesn’t talk about furniture or anything. When training a big white bear, you do well with ground snacks (dry chicken, chicken around chips).