Don’t cats eat vaccine – do cats need an empty stomach before they get sick

       It is suggested to test CAT plague and other gastrointestinal problems with a test paper board at home. If there is no abnormality, vaccine response and stress response should be handled. For the time being, it is recommended to fast first and feed Smectite Powder (Smecta) or probiotics.

       During this period, do not feed cat strip or cat food, just drink some water and feed some medicine.

       If there is a problem with the test, it is not very good. It is recommended to see a doctor in time. It is considered that there is a virus outbreak after the vaccine, which has nothing to do with the vaccine. There is no need to seek responsibility, indicating that it is carrying the virus. In this way, medical treatment can be carried out as soon as possible.

       If it is slightly better, feed some liquid food such as goat milk powder in the early stage, and transit from half a day to one day. Do not feed solid food directly. When there is obvious desire for food, you can start feeding staple food slowly.

       My kitten was also given the second shot of the cat triple and rabies vaccine. There was nothing wrong at that time. She also observed in the hospital for 15 minutes. The nurse said that there was no problem and then took it away. But when I called at noon, I began to vomit at 7:00 p.m., and I vomited yellow water in the back. I thought it was a vaccine problem and called the pet hospital. The nurse asked me to go to the hospital immediately. I thought they had experience and would have information plan. Well, I quickly took a taxi and sent it to me, and told me that it was just vomiting. I couldn’t judge what the problem was. They said that they couldn’t do anything, so they just took an anti emetic injection and asked them to shut off water and food for one night. The next day is not good, do not eat or drink. Usually can be healthy and lively, can eat a cat that can sleep, feel a little let it go to vaccinate, although know must hit.

       During the growth of a cat, the owner will find that one day, the cat suddenly eats a lot, and then finds a dark corner to start vomiting, spits out all the food it has eaten, and then goes to eat it again. If it is repeated once or more, it will be vigorous again. This phenomenon is often caused by excessive hair in the cat’s body, the owner need not worry. Just give it more water and let it rest quietly. When the cat vomits, the owner should pay attention to the observation. If the cat does not show any obvious abnormality after vomiting, he can rest assured. If the cat shows extreme depression after vomiting, does not like eating and does not like sports, he should contact the veterinarian in time. The cat is likely to be ill and should be treated. If a cat has not been vaccinated and has recently begun to vomit persistently, it is better to take him to his veterinarian and suggest that the veterinarian should test the blood in his ear. If the doctor finds that there is cat plague after examination, the treatment will become more complicated. It needs to be injected with serum and given antibiotic adjuvant treatment. After nearly two weeks of observation, the cat is still alive. The disease can be said to have been cured. After two weeks of rest, the cat triple vaccine should be injected immediately. Source: Cool Pet


       It’s edible. As long as you are healthy before you play.

       The following points should be paid attention to in cat vaccination:

       1. Do not vaccinate when sick. At this time vaccination, because of the vaccine reaction and aggravate the disease.

       2. Physical and nutritional status. Poor health, malnutrition of the cat, the best way to improve the physique, strengthen nutrition, health after vaccination.

       3. The reaction of attenuated vaccine was strong after injection. Generally, it is not suitable to inject pregnant female cats, especially pregnant female cats can not be injected with feline pan leukopenia (cat plague) vaccine.

       After vaccination, the intestines and stomach and resistance of the cats are relatively weak, and may have a little anorexia. At this time, don’t worry. Keep plenty of water to protect the intestines and stomach. It usually gets better in two or three days. Slowly give the cat some nutritious cat food. My cat was eating the Champions League cat food at that time. It was very good. The cat ate very healthy.

       It should be noted that the cat can take a bath one week after vaccination, because the cat’s resistance is weak, bathing may catch a cold.