Dry nose and dry ears

       Some kittens have dry noses when they go to bed or just wake up. This is a normal phenomenon. Cat owners should correctly distinguish the difference between depression and rest. Some kittens sleep 20 hours a day. If the nose is dry at this time, it is easy for the owner to mistakenly think that the cat is sick, but in fact, it is not. Therefore, we should take the cat’s overall state into consideration Judge the health of the cat.

       When a cat has a cold or a fever, its nose must become dry. Sometimes, however, it’s not the disease that makes a cat’s nose dry. Sometimes it may be due to the indoor environment. The cat’s environment is dry and hot, so the kitten’s nose is easy to dry.

       If it has been very dry, then it may have a little cold or a little fire, you can touch it, whether the ears are hot, and when the nose is dry, it is not hot, the stool is normal and abnormal, whether the mental state is good, and if there are no other symptoms, you can rest assured.

       If only from the nose, there should be no problem. It is said that a dog’s nose is dry, which means he is sick. In fact, it is wet and cold because he is always licking. Cats are the same. When sleeping, because did not lick, so is the normal body temperature. The key is whether he is wet and cold when he is awake. Put in the landlord said no spirit, the landlord need to pay attention to it. Cats are not supposed to be afraid of normal outdoor temperatures. You see, the Wildcats out there are also very active. But I’m not sure whether it’s because of the better conditions at home, so the constitution is slightly delicate. The landlord might as well observe to see if his appetite is good today. Then continue to observe to see if after a period of time will restore the spirit, whether there is laxity, whether the nose will even become dry when awake. If the symptoms are obvious, it may be ill. It is suggested that the owner take it to the veterinary hospital. If you wake up after a while, in addition to the spirit before or after a bit lax, the spirit is good, appetite is also very good, it may be that it is frozen a little bit cold, but nothing serious.

       The cat’s gastrointestinal tract is more sensitive, digestive and absorption function is not good, gastrointestinal discomfort, cold, eat foreign bodies or irritating food, virus infection, it is easy to have soft stool, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems. Can give the cat to feed a few days of gastrointestinal treasure to see, can repair gastrointestinal tract, vomiting, diarrhea have good effect. When the cat laxity, try to let it empty, or less feed some good digestion food, so as not to increase the burden of the stomach and intestines! If it doesn’t get better, you have to take it to the hospital.

       God, cats can’t be fed with milk. They will die. Stop!

       Discharge the special cat food for young cats, soak the glucose in boiling water, and then feed the food after all cooling. It is good for three times a day.

       Go to the drugstore to buy montmorillonite powder and mix it with cat food and feed it to them. The dosage is to divide each bag into six parts. The dosage is two days. Put one part into the food each time. Try it quickly. There are no serious side effects. My cats and dogs use this powder. It works in two days. Pay attention to keeping warm and drinking water with cats. Human food and animals can’t eat it,

       When a cat has a cold or a fever, its nose must become dry. Sometimes, however, it’s not the disease that makes a cat’s nose dry. Sometimes it may be due to the indoor environment. The cat’s environment is dry and hot, so the kitten’s nose is easy to dry.

       The study found that the most suitable environment temperature for pet cats is 15-25 ¡æ, the most suitable humidity is 45% – 55%, the temperature range is 38-39.2, the number of breaths is 20-30 / min, and the heart rate is 120-140 / min. Of course, when a cat is sick, even if the environment is this standard, the cat’s nose will still dry.

       Therefore, parents must pay attention to it. When the environment is normal, if a cat’s nose stays dry for a long time, it means that it has been sick or unwell. In addition to a cold and a fever, there are many other reasons that can cause a cat’s nose to dry. For example, getting angry, constipation, etc.

       I don’t think your cat is sick

       Cat cold will also run nose, from the nostrils out of yellow water, it will lick from time to time

       And the voice is hoarse, not the same as usual, oh, also don’t like to cry. And love drinking water.

       If your cat has a cold, you break the cold medicine (VC Yinqiao tablet is better) and put it in the water it drinks. For example, if a person wants to take three tablets at a time, you can get half of them. It won’t take two days

       The general cat nose is dry, and the ear is hot, in most cases will have a fever. First, measure the temperature of the cat. It is normal to keep it at 38 ~ 39 ¡æ. If the body temperature exceeds 40 degrees centigrade, it should be sent to the hospital immediately. It may be a bacterial infection caused by a defective immune system, or an infectious disease such as Toxoplasma gondii.

       What should I do if the kitten is too thin?

       There are mainly several cases of feline emaciation. Cats are very picky and anorexic, and their bodies can not get enough nutrition, and they become sold. At the same time, the influence of parasites, diabetes, chronic gastroenteritis and other diseases are also the main reasons for cats’ body weight loss

       Should be. Once a cat gets sick, it usually has a fever. Therefore, once the cat is found to have abnormal performance, it is necessary to measure the cat’s temperature first. The normal body temperature of cats is slightly higher than that of human beings, which generally maintains 38-39 degrees Celsius, which is why people hold cats in their arms and feel warmer. The correct way to take a cat’s temperature is to take it at * *. But if the cat struggles against it, it can be measured under its armpit or at the root of its hind leg. To choose a fixed place to measure, in order to grasp the cat’s temperature in a healthy state.

       When a cat has a fever, even the tip of its tail and ears, which are usually very cold, will feel exhausted and collapse on the cold floor. Even if you don’t take your temperature, you can see that it has a fever. If the temperature measured by the cat exceeds 40 ¡æ, it should be sent to the hospital immediately. This may be due to the cat’s immune system is not sound and caused by bacterial infection, or Toxoplasma and other infectious diseases.

       If the cat only has a low fever, but is always listless, this is mostly the early performance of high fever, we must pay attention to it. In addition, if some part of the cat’s body fester, it will continue to have a low fever. The loss of energy source or abnormal metabolism of the cat will make the body temperature lower than normal. This is a terminally ill condition and must be sent to the hospital immediately.

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