Eager for foreign price of dog food

       Emmm, the list of a certain dog food, but I really haven’t heard of this website,

       whatever~let’s go

       It seems that there is no dog food in China, just… Pass

       This dog food claims to be the world’s first single protein diet for dogs, and it’s true

       What’s special about this grain is that it uses eight kinds of fruits, eight kinds of herbs and eight kinds of plant materials. Then I guess the boss of this company is a Virgo?

       If the grain comes out of China, the domestic manufacturers will smile rotten, too good to counterfeit it? A piece of paper on a plastic bag??? China’s excrement shoveling officials are also going to sell a lot. Which one is more vicious than faking British goods to come to us, but this ugly appearance is really British goods, and this China has not sold, pass

       This food is not sold in China. Interestingly, it is a cold pressed dog food. It is said that the loss of nutrition is relatively small, and there is no need to add additional chemicals, minerals and vitamins

       It’s a new cold pressed dog food. I haven’t seen it sold in China, but I seldom hear of cold pressed dog food in America and Canada… Study it next time, and see what the routine is

       There’s nothing wrong with choosing the best dog food in the UK and choosing a British brand

       That’s all for today. I’ll translate the Australian dog food assessment later

       When it comes to eating fish, people always subconsciously think of “big face cat, big face cat loves to eat fish”. In fact, eating fish is not the patent of meow. Fish rich in protein is also of great benefit to Wang Xingren.

       As we mentioned earlier, fat kids like sesame need comprehensive dog food with low protein content to regulate their healthy diet. So, what should a lean dog do?

       You need to understand the desire

       Longxiang has always been famous for its high-end grain free high-quality natural food, and is highly praised all over the world. On its official website, it has the slogan “the world’s best pet food”. Moreover, it has been certified by Canada and meets all international pet food regulations and standards.

       WDJ: whole Dog Journal, an American magazine, selects high-quality dog food fairly and strictly every year

       Gri: glycemic Research Institute, the American Institute of blood sugar, evaluates a dog food of the year every year

       Pumpkin from Xuteng farm

       You need to know what you want more

       What are the ingredients of desire?

       The six kinds of fish include salmon (salmon), herring, COD, flounder, drum eye fish, and white spot pike. The top ten ingredients are different forms of these six kinds of fish. They are all animal protein that dogs can easily digest and absorb. When you see this, you can safely take a large part of them.

       Protein is an important component of animal muscle, and is also the seven major elements to maintain life activities. Therefore, the six kinds of fish formula desired are especially suitable for dogs with weak physique and need to be supplemented.

       However, it should be noted that although the fish is rich in egg quality, it is seafood, cold in nature and not suitable for puppies.

       Feeding advice

       Our products are amazing. It smells fresh and has a strong smell of seafood. After eating the craving, the dog’s hair becomes soft and smooth, I will buy it back. Great formula, the protein content is the highest I have ever seen in dog food!

       The coolest dog life guide in China

       A perfect match

       Make concerted efforts

       Make a big splash

       The above data are collected and sorted out


       I don’t understand what you mean

       The fragrance of poetry

       I don’t understand what you mean

       I don’t understand what you mean


       Other people sent to you, you refuse, deduction fees should be reasonable

       Kaifeng cuisine

       There is no activity on Douban, only good intentions to release the car.

       The fragrance of poetry

       Other people sent to you, you refuse, deduction fees should be reasonable

       Other people sent to you, you refuse, deduction fees should be reasonable

       The other order was refunded in full


       Oh, my God, can’t you just tell me what’s wrong with Douban’s driving activities in the business

       The moon is beautiful tonight

       For Mao to refuse It’s normal to refuse to deduct your fees. After all, they have to pay for the transportation

       Want to join the group!!

       Can you stop saying that Douban and your reputation have been damaged

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